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“Like Having 3 Trees In Your Home”; New Air-Purifying Hardwood Floor First-of-its-Kind in World - 2014 April #5-3

Pure Genius technology can be compared to a tree, because in addition to generating O2 from the breakdown of CO2, trees also degrade nitrous oxides (NOX coming from car exhausts) via photosynthesis. Flooring with Pure Genius breaks down NOX as well, by its photocatalytic action. Under standardized lighting conditions, 10,000 square feet of hardwood flooring with Pure Genius removes 7.8 pounds of NOX per year, which is the equivalent purifying power of 22 mature trees. This corresponds to 1 mature tree per remove each 454 square feet of hardwood flooring. So, based on the North American home sizes, this leads to correlate the Pure Genius effect to 3 mature trees per average home (Statistics Canada and Census).

This Product is Pure Genius
March 10, 2014: A new product recently launched on the North American market makes living spaces healthier from the ground up, literally. The first of its kind in the world, Pure Genius® smart hardwood flooring by leading North American manufacturer Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring, improves indoor air quality of a home while beautifying the decor.
Activated by natural or artificial light, and by the movement of air, the unique, high-quality intelligent flooring - which comes in a wide range of styles and finishes - continuously breaks down airborne toxins, creating a constant supply of pure air in the home. In fact, studies show that the air in rooms installed with Pure Genius is up to 85 percent cleaner than spaces without the flooring.
“Many people don’t realize the extent to which the air-tight environments in today’s homes contain pollutants and toxic contaminants, such as formaldehyde emitted from furniture, building materials and common household products,” said Priscilla Bergeron, Communication Manager of Lauzon, explaining that indoor air is often five to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. “Poor air quality in the home causes build-up of bacteria, viruses and molds, and may lead to allergies, fatigue and respiratory problems like asthma.”
Pure Genius is specially-formulated using a patented titanium dioxide technology that decomposes bacteria, viruses and molds, and reduces potential carcinogens, by constantly transforming toxic airborne particles into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules, Bergeron explained.
She added that, after 30 days, rooms installed with Pure Genius flooring have been shown to have a formaldehyde level of only five parts per billion (ppb), compared to 16-32.5 ppb found in a typical home. What’s more, Pure Genius helps reduce household odors such as cigarette smoke, pet urine and lingering cooking smells.
Highly washable and resistant, the flooring enables hardwood cleaners to disperse better, so “not only is the atmosphere cleaner, but the actual floor itself is cleaner,” Bergeron said, adding that the technology works for as long as the finish lasts. The Pure Genius Titanium® finish has a guarantee of 30 to 35 years, depending on the collection.
“Pure Genius gives new meaning to feeling good in your home décor,” she said. “The purifying effect is so strong, that for an average 1,377-square-foot home installed with Pure Genius, it’s like having three trees in your home.”
Pure Genius flooring is available at specialty flooring retailers across the U.S.
A built-in feature of Lauzon’s new Authentik oak flooring and Organik maple flooring series, it’s also an option on most Lauzon Ambiance Collection products and on selected products in the Designer Collection.
To celebrate the launch of Pure Genius, Lauzon is inviting Americans to participate in a contest, for a chance to win a trip for two to a destination of the winner’s choice. Each purchase of Pure Genius flooring from April 1 to July 31, 2014, is eligible for the draw.
For more information or to locate a dealer, visit:
Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is one of the leading hardwood flooring manufacturers in North America. Its state-of-the-art products, environmental commitment, outstanding service, and highly-qualified staff make the company an undisputed leader in the premium hardwood flooring industry.
More: Anti-microbial
Pure Genius has proven in tests that it is an unwelcoming growth environment for bacterias, diseases and microorganisms. Common pathogens such as:
• “E.coli” (ATCC 8739): known for causing gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections and neonatal meningitis,
• “S.aureus” (ATCC 6538P): recognized as an agent in the propagation of various skin conditions such as dermatitis,
• “K.pneumoniae” (ATCC 4352): being the source of the well known respiratory disease of the same name,
have all been reduced by as much as 99.6% (respectively 99.65%, 99.63% and 99.70%) after being exposed to a Pure Genius flooring for a period of 8 hours in standardized conditions. (ISO 27447:2009)


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