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#10-1 - 2019 February/March - Current

#9-6 - 2018 December/January - NIH Evidence: Legalizing Medical Marijuana Improved Workplace Safety
5yrs after coming into effect MMLs associated with 33.7% less expected workplace fatalities

#9-5 - 2018 October/November - Blueberry Intervention Increases Positive Mood
Study adds to case for natural alternative for depression

#9-4 - 2018 August/September - Thin Solar Cell Efficiency Record: 97% of Theoretical Max; “We think we have provided a path forward to better harness the sun’s energy.”

#9-3 - 2018 June/July - U.S. Now Lead Producer Of Natural Gas & Oil; Production surpasses Saudi Arabia with an eye towards Russia next

#9-2 - 2018 April/May - Device Harvests Water From Desert Air; Field tested system could provide drinking water in extremely arid locations

#9-1 - 2018 February/March - Stunning Report: Blood Cancer Halted By Turmeric;
Patient eliminated Stage-3 Myeloma Cancer using only Curcumin supplement

2017 {#8-1 to #8-6}

#8-6 - 2017 December/January - History Suggests Years Of Economic Growth Ahead; Millions of Millenials entering workforce, already effecting data

#8-5 - 2017 October/November - Breakthrough Device Heals Organs With A Single Touch;
Repairs injured tissue, restores function of aging tissue, organs, blood vessels, nerve cells

#8-4 - 2017 August/September - 'Smart' Microgarden Aims To Revolutionize Growing;
SproutsIO system boosts efficiency 6 times; cuts growth cycle by 50%

#8-3 - 2017 June/July - Systemic Review Reveals Diabetes/Probiotics Link;
Probiotics decrease serum cholesterol levels, prevent insulin resistance

#8-2 - 2017 April/May - Engineers Design "Tree-On-A-Chip"; Microfluidic device generates passive hydraulic power

#8-1 - 2017 February/March - 10 Times As Strong As Steel; Researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known

2016 {#7-1 to #7-6}

#7-6 - 2016 December/January - First Wood-to-Jet-Fuel Commercial Flight;
Proves cellulosic sugars from wood can be used to make commercial jet fuel

#7-5 - 2016 October/November - Moving Medicine Manufacturing From Factory to Front Lines;
To produce biopharmaceuticals on demand, just add water

#7-4 - 2016 August/September - Game-Changing Photosynthetic Solar Cell Engineered;
‘Artificial leaf’ converts atmospheric CO2 directly into syngas

#7-3 - 2016 June/July - Hyperloop Transportation Reality Accelerates ; Hyperloop One forms new partnerships with global infrastructure giants

#7-2 - 2016 April/May - Elegant & Efficient Water Treatment Method Invented; AWS system would reduce energy/chemical usage by up to 75%

#7-1 - 2016 February/March - Instant Removal of Organic Micropollutants From Water; Polymer breakthrough could revolutionize water purification

2015 {#6-1 to #6-11}

#6-11 - 2015 December/January - Antibiotic Alternative To Treat Infections Developed; Electronic ‘Band-Aid’ produces hydrogen peroxide that kills the bugs

#6-10 - 2015 November - Unprecedented Control Over Behavior Of Light Achieved; Direct-write laser scanner allows creation of nearly perfect geometric phase holograms

#6-9 - 2015 October - 4-D Printing Technology Comes To Life; Smart shape memory polymers enable self-folding of complex objects

#6-8 - 2015 September - Researchers Discover “Holy Grail Of Superconductors”; Superconductivity record a historic step towards a room-temperature superconductor

#6-7 - 2015 August - Environmentally Safe Method To Combat Bacteria Developed; Nanoscale particles combine antimicrobial potency of silver with lignin; kills E. coli

#6-5 - 2015 June - CO Researchers Open New World For Scientists; Create laser-scanning microscope allowing for deep brain exploration

#6-4 - 2015 May - UNCC Confirms 1-Year Solar Financial Payback; SolarWindow™: 50X greater power plus 15X the environmental benefits

#6-3 - 2015 April - Entrepreneur Brings Hovercrafts To Western Slope; 100’s of uses including hunting, fishing, exploring, search & rescue

#6-2 - 2015 March - The World’s First 3D Printed Jet Engine; Spectacular proof of concept has aerospace companies lining up

#6-1 - 2015 February - Bio “Waste” Becomes Fragrances, Flavorings, High-octane Fuel; What biorefineries consider waste to be burned now turned into high-value molecules

2014 {#5-1 to #5-11}

#5-11 - 2014 December/January - Nanoparticles Infiltrate, Kill Cancer Cells From Within; Novel designs detect, diagnose, destroy cancer cells using photo-thermal therapy

#5-10 - 2014 November - Glenwood Springs Tourism Booms; Best Summer Since 2008; Committed, consistent marketing efforts during recession years credited

#5-9 - 2014 October - New Device Efficiently Harvests Hydrogen Fuel From Sun; Spectacular performance converts 12.3% through solar water splitting

#5-8 - 2014 September - Bacteria That Protects Against Food Allergies Identified; Represents a new paradigm for preventing sensitization to food

#5-7 - 2014 August - Novartis & Google[x] Join Forces Unlocking “A New Frontier”; Agreement marries Google’s advanced technology with Alcon’s eye care expertise

#5-6 - 2014 July - New Heating/Cooling System Changes The Game; Infinity heat pump w/Greenspeed Intelligence uses up to 65% less energy

#5-5 - 2014 June - Structural Energy Storage Dream Becomes Reality; Robust Supercapacitor Opens Door To “World Of Possibilities”

#5-4 - 2014 May - Star System Probe Discovers Kepler-186f; First validated Earth-size planet found in a possible habitable zone

#5-3 - 2014 April - “Like Having 3 Trees In Your Home”; New Air-Purifying Hardwood Floor First-of-its-Kind in World

#5-2 - 2014 March - The “Impossible” Is Now Possible; New tools enable real-time monitoring of nitrogen absorption in plants

#5-1 - 2014 February - Rosetta Spacecraft Wakes Up From Deep Space Hibernation; “Incredible mission” will take comet exploration to new level

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