2012 February - #3-1
Glenwood Springs Named Top Ski Town;
`Most Fun Town in america'
Glenwood Springs (January 25, 2012) Glenwood Springs is on a roll
To book a Glenwood Springs Ski 7 vacation, visitors can simply call
and its lucky number seems to be seven. On January 17, Rand McNally
1.866.630.5160, or make reservations through
and USA Today included Glenwood Springs on their list of Best of the
The latest award by Rand McNally and USA Today is part of the Best
Road Top Seven Ski Towns, the same series that named Glenwood
of the Road series. Winners of the Top Seven Ski Towns award were se-
Springs the Most Fun Town in America in July. The new designation
lected based on a tally of votes. In July, and also by accruing the highest
comes just after the launch of the resort town's new Ski 7 promotion,
number of votes, Glenwood Springs was chosen as Most Fun Town
which brings together skiing
from over 600 entrants.
at seven mountains, includ-
The mother-daughter Best
ing Aspen, Aspen Highlands,
of the Road team, Travel-
Beaver Creek, Buttermilk,
ingJules and TravelingJoan
Snowmass, Sunlight Moun-
experienced Glenwood
tain Resort and Vail, with
Springs first hand as one of
economical lodging choices
five teams of amateur
in Glenwood Springs and world-class, one-of-a-kind attractions like the
travelers that completed a three week, cross country road trip, for a
combined 25,000 miles traveled, personally visiting the six top towns in
Glenwood Hot Springs Pool and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.
"Glenwood Springs has it all: premier skiing, exceptional attractions,
their assigned category. The team had this to say, "From wild thrills to
award-winning restaurants, entertaining nightlife, and we're afford-
relaxing recreation, Glenwood Springs is mountains of fun." Glenwood
able. It's an unbeatable combination that people respond to," said Lisa
Springs will be listed as America's Most Fun Town in the 2013 edition
Langer, Vice President of Tourism Marketing for the Glenwood Springs
of the Rand McNally road atlas.
For more information about all there is to do in Glenwood Springs this
Chamber Resort Association.
According to the Rocky Mountain Lodging Report, the average daily
winter and all year long, please visit
room rate in Glenwood Springs during the winter months is less than
Glenwood Springs is located between Aspen and Vail, 165 miles west of
$100 a night, compared to $300 - $400 per night in Aspen or Vail. With
Denver or 90 miles east of Grand Junction on I-70 off Exit 116. For more
savings of up to $300 per night, visitors can relax knowing they've
information about Glenwood Springs, call 970.945.6589 or go to www.
saved a bundle, and enjoy attractions only available in Glenwood For lodging reservations, call 1.888.4.GLENWOOD
Springs like the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool and Glenwood Caverns
(The Sunshine Express is now available in Glenwood Springs)
Adventure Park, both open year-round.
Colorado bankruptcy Filings Fall 7.7% In 2011
Bankruptcy filings fell 7.7 percent in Colorado, falling from 32,509 dur-
were filed. December was the eleventh month in a row in which bank-
ing 2010 to 29,994 filings during 2011. According to new bankruptcy
ruptcies declined year over year. The appearance of sustained declines
data, released January 26 by the U.S. District Court, from 2009-2010,
in the year-over-year comparisons reinforces the likelihood that con-
filings increased 16%. 2011's bankruptcy total is the lowest annual total
sumers are beginning to get a handle on debts, now that almost four
recorded since 2009 when filings totaled 27,997. 2011 also showed the
years have passed since the beginning of the national 2007-09 recession.
largest annual drop since 2006.
Recent monthly bankruptcy totals are now on a level similar to what
In Colorado during December, total bankruptcy cases filed fell 11.9%,
was experienced during much of 2003, which was a non-recessionary
year over year, to 2,033 filings. During December 2010, 2,308 cases
period. (source:
Winter excitement
Hot Springs Lodge
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