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2012 February
The Moon Dance
All of the trails on the Mesa Verde Country sys-
tem follow the national standard for signing. All
trails are marked with orange diamonds. If there
is a junction of two trails, the number designa-
tions will appear on the other side of the junction.
If there is a path leading off of a designated trail
or route, only the designated trail or route will be
marked. Trails are marked through the meadow
areas with poles to which diamonds have been
attached. To pick up the trail on the other side of
a meadow, simply ride between the poles to the
other side.
Every time you take out a snowmobile, be sure to
check the following:
Brake Controls; Throttle mobility; Fuel Level;
Steering mobility; Belt drive; Visual inspection for
unsafe parts or damage; Don't forget to check the
weather forecast!
Sled Head's Paradise
Incredible Snowmobiling Conditions and Amaz-
ing Winter Sunshine!
One of the best kept secrets in Southwest Colora-
do is our miles and miles of excellent snowmobile
trails. Montrose is located in a beautiful sunny
valley surrounded by mountains. The winters are
mild and mostly snow-free, with blue skies and
January afternoon temps in the 40's and 50's. But
take a 45 minute drive in any direction and you'll
find great snowmobiling areas with 400 to 500
inches of powder snow.
Steep, deep, 13,000 ft.altitudes of fresh snow,
Wild Humor
sometimes every day. Unbelievable scenery,
Setting Up Camp
temperatures above 10 degrees most of the time
The loaded mini-van pulled into the only re-
and the best part - very little competition for
untracked powder snow. Southwest Colorado is
maining campsite. Four children leaped from
truly a sled heads paradise.
the vehicle and began feverishly unloading
Each riding area has a different level of difficulty,
gear and setting up the tent. The boys rushed
from novice or trail riding to steep and deep,
to gather firewood, while the girls and their
where GPS and avalanche beacons are required.
mother set up the camp stove and cooking
There are groomed trails, however most of the
riding here is off trail. All machines must be pre-
A nearby camper marveled to the youngsters'
pared for high altitude. The lowest riding eleva-
father, "That, sir, is some display of team-
tion is 10,000 feet.
The snowmobile season can start as early as
The father replied, "I have a system - no one
December 1st depending on snow fall. January
1st through April 15th is usually the most reliable
goes to the bathroom until the camp is com-
times to book your reservations.
pletely set up."
Centrally located to several riding destinations,
Snowmobiling Checklist
the Country Lodge in Montrose is the perfect
How do you know if a mountain guide is in the
While snowmobiling in Southwestern Colorado,
place to call home on your next Colorado snow-
room? He'll tell you.
please observe good trail manners and follow
mobile trip. Owners Jeff and Jennyfer Anderson
What's worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing
standard safety precautions for a fun-filled, pleasant
will cater to all your needs with beautiful spa-
taxi cabs!
winter outdoor experience.
cious rooms, ample parking for trucks and trailers
and a loading ramp for those who transport their
Why did the algae and the fungus get married?
Get property owner's consent before snowmobiling
sleds in the back of their trucks. They even have
They took a lichen to each other!
on private land; Check with officials before using
a heated garage for that guy who needs to tinker!
Why do seagulls live by the sea? If they lived by
public land; Drive with caution in areas with pe-
Jeff is an avid rider with over 6 years back coun-
the bay, they'd be bagels!
destrians and other winter sports activities; Do not
try experience and is often available to show you
What's the wettest animal? A raindeer
or your group around. He'll personally help you
Why do the elephants have short tails? Because
choose from a great selection of riding destina-
they can't remember long stories!
Make sure that you check the avalanche potential
tions. Call him at 970.249.4567 or Email him at
What's a rabbit's favourite music? Hip hop!
in the area in which you intend to ride. You may do
Free Kit
so by calling the U.S. Colorado Rockies Avalanche
Information in Durango (247.8187) or by calling the
Free Radon Test Kit
Avalanche Center in Denver (1.303.236.9435). An
Coupons are avail-
excellent online resource for avanlanche conditions
able at Garfield
is the Colorado Avalance Information Center. All
County Public Health
snowmobilers should know how to avoid creating
from Jan 29-Apr 6.
an avalanche and being caught by one. Don't turn a
Radon is an invis-
great time into a tragedy.
ible, odorless gas that
Some of the trails within this system cross private
occurs in the ground
property. It is unlawful to ride on private property
and may be present
without the permission of the owner. Please obey all
in your home. Radon
no trespassing signs and stay on the designated trail.
is known to cause
cancer. Protect your
Riding on the lakes, while allowed, is discouraged.
family by testing
Unless you know where the soft spots are, if there is
your home. For a
open water or not, or know the thickness of the ice,
free kit coupon call
you should not ride on the lakes. In addition, many
970.665.6383 or email:
accidents have occurred on the lakes due to people
not knowing which way someone coming towards
them was going to turn. If you must ride on the Garfield
lakes, keep on the packed areas and let the other guy
County Public Health
do the passing. Use extreme caution.
195 W. 14th St, Rifle