Pg 12 - The Sunshine Express
2012 February
Libra - Health risks increase; a clean envi-
ronment mitigates much danger. A long
Aries - A hectic and busy month, things could
term upside in career matters emerges prom-
become unpredictable or even chaotic. Stay
ising success in areas of intellect and creativ-
focused on details, be flexible, be prepared. Be
ity. Collaboration and communication both
frugal and wise with your improved money
at work and at home can create magic. Do
situation and pay close attention to your
not plod along; be positive and energized.
body's needs.
Scorpio - Pay close attention to and nurture
Taurus - Troubled relations, disappointment,
your immune system. Nurture also your
or loneliness may prevail this month even
relationships; much of your success this
though overall things are improving. Now
month depends on others and your ability
may be an opportune time to focus on con-
to get along with them. Mitigate tensions or
tinued professional development as well as a
clashes by tempering your own expectations.
more humorous outlook. Remember, nothing
Sagittarius - Things may not go perfectly at
good comes easy.
work, be patient and flexible to avoid con-
Gemini - Romance brings happiness, if your
flicts. However, your love life is on fire, or
heart is in it. There cannot be true connection
should be. Sparks fly as love energy intensi-
through walls. A major long term improve-
fies. True satisfaction demands a triad of
ment in financials sparks up; now is a good
the physical, emotional and spiritual. Look
time for serious meditation on your dreams
beyond yourself to reach this harmony.
and future goals. Be ready to live them.
Capricorn - Higher physical energy levels
Cancer - Professional activity picks up this
lead to physical activity. Love allows for
month; demands on the intellect and pres-
transcendance beyond walls, giving oppor-
sure consumes much energy and may bring
tunity for relaxation, freedom, sanctuary not
some stress. Be methodical, calm, and become
sampled before. Go with the flow, at home
a good listener for best results. Recharge by
and at work. Teach what you know. Finan-
eating well. Improved sharing at home opens
cials improve.
new windows of optimism.
Aquarius - Energy increases; a very busy
Leo - Accomplishment is in favor. However,
month. Be careful about investments that
avoid illusions and deceptions that may en-
may snare you later. Inflation of the ego
slave you. Decide slowly, act even slower, use
runs high and can be checked with patience
resources wisely. Clarity enters your emotion-
and leniency towards others. Be generous to
al life leading to stronger chemistry and more
your loved ones.
shared goals/commitments.
Pisces - Avoid extremes this month. Work
Virgo - A shaky month. Beware irritation,
with others and temper irritation and anxi-
aggressiveness, strong desires, harried desi-
ety with creative thought and spirituality.
sion making, hostility, restlessness or anxiety.
Focus on self development. Tap into and en-
Beware also the opposites; listlessness, apathy,
joy your strong sense of humor to win over
depression. Find a peaceful middle ground in
others without a fight. Also, be good to your
all situations you encounter and avoid conflict.
body, eat right, and get plenty of rest.
Focus on spiritual activities.
San Miguel County Democrats Dates to Remember
San Miguel Democratic Party
March 6th - Precinct Caucus - 7pm
PO Box 1890, Telluride, CO 81435
Brian Ahern, Chairman
Statewide - for Precinct Location Contact Precinct Captain
Kara Johnson, 1st Vice Chairman
Dick Unruh, 2nd Vice Chairman
John Howe, Secretary
Ken Olson, Treasurer
Precinct 1:
March 24th - County Assembly - 10am
Jerry Greene
Michael Zivian
Precinct 2:
San Miguel County Courthouse
Salli Russell
Lulu Hunt
Precinct 3:
Dan Chancellor
Jim Botenhagen
April 13th & 14th - State Convention
Precinct 4:
John Bosse
Pueblo, Colorado
Precinct 5:
Precinct 6:
Sarah Landeryou
Rube Felicelli
Paid for by San Miguel County Democrats. Brian Ahern, Chairman
Jonathan Greenspan