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2012 February
2012 Brings New Offerings
State Rules To Be Reviewed
comply with the relevant and appropriate pro-
visions of the State Administrative Procedure
Cool new stuff is opening up all over Southwestern
Governor signs Executive Order requiring
Act for the amendment or repeal of rules.
Colorado in the new year. Below is a short list of
state agencies to review rules and regulations
Colorado Water 2012
some very cool new things to do in 2012:
DENVER -- Thursday, Jan.19, 2012 -- Gov.
~ The OPUS Hut (Ophir Pass Ultimate Ski
John Hickenlooper on January 19, signed an
What once started as a small celebration to
Hut) is a new high alpine backcountry lodge
Executive Order directing all state agencies to
commemorate the major anniversaries of some
nestled on the southern face of 13,666-foot
conduct periodic reviews of all of their rules
of Colorado's most important water organiza-
Lookout Peak in the Northern San Juan Moun-
to determine the need, appropriateness and
tions and legislation quickly spiraled into a
tains of Colorado, halfway between Telluride
effectiveness of their rules.
statewide water awareness campaign called
and Silverton. The solar-powered and heated
The executive order is a recommendation
Colorado Water 2012. Throughout the year
hut, easily accessible via Ophir Pass, offers
from the six-month series of "Pits and Peeves"
2012, Colorado Water 2012 will be connecting
access to some of the best backcountry ski-
roundtable meetings held in all parts of Colo-
Coloradans to their water through resources,
ing in the northern San Juans. The hut will
rado. The Governor and his Cabinet crafted
events, and activities created by seven Colora-
also remain open year round for recreational
the order in consultation with various labor
do Water 2012 Committees and by a coalition
and educational use. Guests can reserve a bed
and business groups.
of over 200 volunteers statewide.
in the Bunk Room from $30 per person, per
The order is part of an ongoing effort to make
The mission of Colorado Water 2012 is to
night, opt for a private room from $60-$150
state government more efficient, effective and
engage Coloradans in a statewide celebration
per night, or reserve the entire hut for $450
of water: past, present, and future. They want
per night. There is also a "Hutkeeper" option
In the order, The Governor states, " I, John
Coloradans to celebrate our unique heritage as
to keep the fire warm and prepare meals for a
W. Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of
a headwaters state and understand the diverse
Colorado, hereby issue this Executive Order
uses and values of this precious resource.
~ Point Breeze Cabin, the newest addition to
to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of
"Here is a land where life is written in water."
the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association,
state rules. Colorado is committed to making
So says the Thomas Hornsby Ferril poem
opened on November 9, 2011. Located almost
its rulemaking process among the most effec-
that graces the rotunda of the Colorado State
on top of the Continental Divide at 10,500 feet
tive and transparent in the nation."
Capitol. How easy it is for modern Colora-
in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado,
According to the order:
dans to forget that our tree-lined boulevards,
the two bedroom Point Breeze Cabin is nicely
Each principal department and state agency
rolling lawns and elaborate city-scapes are an
appointed and accommodates eight guests.
shall conduct a review of all of its rules to as-
illusion of bounty that was created over the
This hut features a gas-fired outdoor grill, a
sess the continuing need for, appropriateness,
last 150 years. From the early beginnings, in
small refrigerator and other comfort amenities.
and cost-effectiveness of its rules to determine
1852, when Colorado's first permanent settlers
Outside the cabin, visitors will find more than
if they should be continued in their current
built the San Luis People's Ditch to today's
15 miles of rewarding beginner to intermedi-
form, modified or repealed.
efforts to keep the water flowing for people
ate cross-country ski trails.
Agencies shall consider whether each rule:
and wildlife alike, providing water has been a
~ Yoga Rocks the Butte (February 10 ­ 12) will
1. Is necessary and does not duplicate existing
feature a weekend of inspiring yoga classes,
The goals of Colorado Water 2012 are to:
live outdoor music, organic food, a yoga
2. Is written in plain language and is easy to
~ Raise awareness about water as a valuable
marketplace and more at multiple venues
and limited resource
throughout Crested Butte and Mt. Crested
3. Has achieved the desired intent and wheth-
~ Increase support for management and pro-
Butte. This new event taps into the area's
er more or less regulation is necessary;
tection of Colorado's water and waterways
health and wellness philosophy and brings in
4. Can be amended to reduce any regulatory
~ Showcase exemplary models of cooperation
experts from around the globe.
burdens while maintaining its benefits; and
& collaboration among Colorado water users
5. Is implemented in an efficient and effective
~ Connect Coloradans to existing and new op-
~ Ouray 2011-2012 Kids Ice Climbing College
manner, including the requirements for the
portunities to learn about water
is a new and free program for kids ages 8-17
issuance of any permits or licenses.
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Each principal
to try the exciting sport of ice climbing. The
Ouray Ice Park features a Kids Wall: a special-
and agency
ly developed 40 foot high, 140 foot wide slab
shall provide
of ice located on top of the ice park with easy
public no-
walking access. It features a dozen different
tification of
routes with various levels of difficulty. Enroll-
its review of
ment is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sea-
rules... and
soned San Juan Mountain Guides will provide
shall provide
harnesses, helmets, boots, crampons, and ice
an appropriate
tools. Participants should bring a fun-loving
adult to sign paperwork, warm clothes, gloves,
for the public
and warm hat (ski clothes work well for climb-
to provide
ing). Sunday, February 12, 12pm-4pm. www.
input. Based
on this review,
~ The Purgatory Plunge Zipline in Durango
agencies, in
offers an entirely new experience this winter
as "Plungers" zip over skiers hanging out on
with relevant
Purgatory Beach and Purgy's patio. Thrill
boards and
seekers soar for more than a football field at
35 mph, and will enjoy an après ski experi-
shall deter-
ence that is unique to most U.S. ski resorts.
mine whether
Crested Butte Mountain Resort also unveiled
the existing
a Zip-Line Canopy Tour this season that will
rules should
be open year-round, enabling guests to ski to
be continued
it during the winter months.,
in their cur-
rent form, be
~ Sidewinder Trail - Western Colorado offers
amended or
3 National Conservation Areas within 50 miles
of each other, the largest concentration of
If the agency
NCAs in the country. Along with this unique
designation, the Gunnison Gorge NCA has
that a rule
just opened up the Sidewinder Trail. The trail
should be
is a multi-use trail that is getting praise from
amended or
mountain bikers, horseback riders and dirt
repealed, the
bikers alike for the challenging and unique
agency shall
features along the trail.