Health & Nurturing
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
2012 February
to suggest
what the
man could
do with his
café, and
out. The
story was
told and
retold by
my father,
uncles and
aunt - my
young ears
were not
privy to the language
used, but my adult
by Sandy Lauzon
imagination has a pretty
The Café
good idea of what was
Bounia had the misfortune of settling in from
the Ukraine to a small city in Rhode Island.
I can still remember my
The languages spoken by other recent immi-
Dad telling her "English,
grants were French, Portuguese, Italian, and of
Ma, English!"
course English. With her 25 words of English
Has anything changed in
that she could mix and match, communication
the last 75 years? What
was daunting and sometimes quite comical.
part of tolerance is miss-
New England winters are cold, icy, snowy,
ing from the current
windy and beautiful, but mostly severe.
political rhetoric?
What will our children
and grandchildren re-
member from the stories
we tell and the example
we show?
How will this generation
thousands of people throughout Colorado and
be regarded in the future?
around the nation.
Hope springs eternal, winter does not last
The initiative - called The Regulate Marijuana
forever, and spring is on the way.
Like Alcohol Act - calls for a constitutional
Bounia had all she could handle with a par-
160,000 Signers Say `Legalize It'
amendment that would allow adults over the
ticular wintery day in February, but necessity
age of 21 to buy and use cannabis for whatever
Perhaps there's more support for marijuana
brought her to Main Street. She had errands
reason they'd like, medical or not. They could
legalization in Colorado than many people
that could not wait until a sunny spring day.
thought. Much more support.
also grow as many as six plants, and individ-
She boarded the local bus and got off at what
ual communities could ban dispensaries and
A group of marijuana advocates pushing
she hoped was the correct stop.
for cannabis legalization submitted 160,000
pot shops.
Upon completing her errands - a stop at the
signatures to the state the morning of January
Attorney Brian Vicente, a major player in the
dime store, drop in to pay the electric bill, pick
4 - nearly double the number needed to get the
local medical pot scene and a key force behind
up shoes from cobbler, get Gege's (grand-
issue on the fall ballot.
the legalization effort, recently said that the
father) suit from the cleaners, all the while
measure would be a boon to the MMJ sector
Election officials now have to validate just
struggling with the piled up snow on both
should it pass. In a guest column that ran in
86,000 of the signatures, which involves con-
sides of the street - cold and tired, she looked
Medical Marijuana Business Daily, Vicente
firming that they are from registered voters
for a shop to get a nice hot cup of coffee.
in the state. There's little to no doubt that the
said that creating a much larger market and
She looked up and saw the sign "Main Street
allowing patients to more easily get their
measure will sail through this part of the pro-
Café". Café in French she reasoned meant cof-
cess, as the buffer of extra signatures is excep-
fee, so she entered.
This could be a key issue for the MMJ industry
tionally large.
She placed her parcels down, hopped up on
this year, as it has the potential to rearrange
"Finishing the petition drive is a huge accom-
the counter stool, and ordered a cup of coffee
the landscape. If the measure makes the ballot
plishment and we couldn't have done it with-
and a doughnut.
and voters give it the green light, Colorado
out the roughly 500 volunteers and more than
The bartender explained that he did not serve
would become the first state in the nation to
150 businesses that signed on to help collect
coffee or doughnuts or women. She would
legalize the use of marijuana for recreational
signatures," the group wrote on its web site.
have to leave.
"This is not to mention the support of
Bounia used her 25 words to mix and match