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2012 November
The National Christmas Tree
U.S. Capitol Tree Tour Kicks Off
in Meeker, Colorado
The 2012 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree will
be harvested here in western Colorado on
November 2 and brought to the town of
Meeker for a community celebration. It will
spend several weeks on the road visiting
communities and military bases across the
country, arriving at the Capitol shortly after
The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree will be on
display as it travels across the country on a
23-day tour of 27 communities across Colora-
do and the country before it arrives in the na-
tion's capital. The truck transporting the tree
will be surrounded by a banner that people
can sign with holiday wishes to the nation.
Many of the locations will have free hot
chocolate and/or holiday munchies available.
Here are the upcoming dates, times and loca-
tions to see the tree in your area:
Nov 3 - Meeker. Downtown. The celebration
begins at 2p and will include fun for all ages.
Kids can enjoy a bounce house, stilt walker
show, and warm themselves by the fire pits.
Nov 6 - Rangely. 9a-11a, Ball Fields at River
Rd & Bell St.
Nov 6 - Steamboat Springs. 6p-8p, Dowtown.
Turkey Stuff
holidays is hosted by Elks Lodge in Telluride. Play
Nov 7 - Dillon. 11a-1p, Downtown.
bingo and win turkeys for your Thanksgiving feast.
Salvation Army Turkey Drive - Drop your
Nov 7 - Glenwood Springs. 5:30p-7:30p, TBD
Get there early; seats go fast. Doors open around 7p,
turkey & holiday food donations off at Nick-n-
Nov 8 - Grand Junction. 10a-1p, Mesa Mall,
November 17. Winner, winner, turkey dinner!
Willy's Pizza (970.245.NICK), Horizon Dr, Gr
Cabela's parking lot
Turkey Day 5K Run - Before you eat too much tur-
Jct, from 4-7p, Nov 15. A parking lot of family
Nov 8 - Montrose. 4p-6p, Downtown.
key, grab your running or walking shoes and head
fun with cotton candy, Western Slope Harley
Nov 9 - Cortez. 12:30p-1:30p, Wal Mart parking lot.
to the Glenwood Springs Community Center for
Owners' Group, National Guard & more! For
Nov 9 - Durango. 4p-6p, Durango Welcome Center.
the Turkey Day 5K race on Thanksgiving morning.
more details contact 970.242.7513.
Nov 10 - Pagosa Springs. 8:30a-9:30a, San Juan Inn.
November 22. 970.618.3794.  (Happy Turkey Day!)
Turkey Bingo - One of the best nights of the
The Moon Dance
Leo- Physical energy, sensuality and open-
ness, and professional achievement on the
rise. A creative and revelatory atmosphere
prevails. Try to relax a little more and enjoy
the beautiful moments.
Virgo- Possibilities for financial gain mani-
fest; meditate on and evaluate your options
carefully. Adventurousness and passion
increase. A vacation or some quality family
time may be just what the doctor ordered.
Libra- Expect change or surprises finan-
cially; planning and discipline become
paramount going forward long term. Your
optimistic attitude, if nurtured, will smooth
many paths and ease much stress.
Scorpio- A challenging yet financially re-
warding period of increased activity. Physi-
cal energy increase nicely coincides, support-
ing efforts. Peace and harmonious energies
Night Time Delights
in the personal continue.
Sagittarius- Vigorous passion and desire;
November 1 - The Moon is at apogee. The
new love possible, stronger existing love
Aries- Communication, organization and
moon is at its farthest distance from Earth;
patience should be your focuses as testing may  even more possible. New social and pro-
252, 308 miles.
occur in all areas. Higher physical energy helps  fessional relationships manifest as well as
November 17 - The Leonid meteor shower
financial opportunity. Moderation is key.
you help others, just don't forget to attend to
peaks. An annual meteor shower that is
Capricorn- Health, morale, courage, oppor-
your own needs.
extremely regular in its timing, the Leonid
tunity, luck, fame and fortune are all in the
Taurus- Possibilities of change or resolution of
meteor shower is named after the constel-
issues increases; take time with any major deci-  positive; you could very well have it all this
lation Leo, which is located in roughly the
sions to meditate on long term effects. Remem-  month. Financials are particularly strong.
same point of the night sky where the Leonid
Soak it up.
ber that people, including you, cannot always
meteor shower appears to originate from.
Aquarius- Communicate with care and all
be perfect. Plan on that.
The source of the meteor shower is actually
Gemini- Opportunities to shine professionally;  will be well this month. Financial energy
debris from the comet Tempel-Tuttle.
effort has it's rewards. A renewed focus on sup- is very high. Passion and love flow. Physi-
This year's shower will begin in the late night
cal energy is very high; exercise the excess.
porting the physical as a habit would be pru-
hours of Nov 16, reaching its peak just after
dent going forward. Positive surprises could be  Sharing blessings brings you much joy.
midnight on the 17th, continuing into the
Pisces- Indecision or worry could cause
in store in the personal.
early morning hours. Expect about 15-20 me-
paralysis of action if not faced with courage.
Cancer- Don't let stress get to you as the pace
teors per hour. A waxing crescent moon sets
continues. Alot is happening both personal and  Honorable actions inspire assistance and
around midnight, resulting in optimum peak
forward movement. Meditation with Spirit
professional; solutions are the most likely out-
viewing. Evening Planets: Mars. Morning
brings much clarity.
comes, so be calm, flexible and smile alot.
Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus.