The Good News
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2012 November
for investment in greenfield sites like Red Metal's
new Colorado Potash Project. Profit margins on
the mining of potash can be very significant and
prices are forecast by many analysts to remain
strong into the future.
For more info and to review the environmental
documents go to
Comments should be submitted in writing by
facturing industry. Potash fertilisers are used
Potash Mining (continued from pg1)
Monday, Nov. 26, to the Tres Rios Field Office,
throughout the world to increase crop quality and
mining are available dependent upon the geology
Attn: RM Potash EA, 29211 Hwy.184, Dolores,
yields particularly in regions with high rainfall,
of the deposit. Most solution mining has involved
CO 81323, fax 970.882.6841 or
leached soil profiles and/or intensive agricultural
extracting potash-bearing solutions from flooded
underground mines or used well designs which
Before including your address, phone number,
The current annual global potassium chloride
access the potash with vertical drill holes (tech-
e-mail address, or other personal information in
production is estimated to be over 52 million tons
nique recommended for the Colorado Potash
your comment, be aware that your entire com-
with supply constrained by two major producing
Project). These extraction techniques are the low-
ment, including your personal information, may
regions in Canada and Russia, which combined
est cost solution mining operations and enable
be made publicly available at any time.
produced about 70% of global supply in 2008.
large tonnages to be mined.
The potash market was once characterised by
Once the solution has been extracted the potash is
stable pricing and supply
crystallised using pond evaporation or more com-
management but a lack of
monly, a forced evaporation method that recycles
investment in new produ-
the water resource. Potash can then be trucked or
ction capacity and growing
slurried along a pipe line to the nearest rail head
global demand has caused
for export.
a dramatic increase in the
Potash Markets
commodity price from a
"Potash" or potassium is the third major plant
base of about US$120 per
and crop nutrient after nitrogen and phosphate.
ton before 2003 to a spot
About 90% of world potash consumption is
price up to US$750 per ton
used in fertilizers, with wide application to fruit
in 2008 and it continues to
and vegetable crops, rice, wheat, corn and other
remain strong at about
grains, sugar, soybeans, palm oil and cotton.
US$340 per ton.
While about 150 countries use potash for their
The growing need for
crops, it is only produced in about a dozen of
potash fertiliser is being driven by the need to in-
San Juan Weavers Big Sale
them. Canada is the world's leading producer,
crease crop quality and yields for food production
followed by Russia and Belarus; the United States
The San Juan Weavers Guild 35th annual Show
as global populations increase, diets in once third
ranks seventh.
& Sale, November 17, at the Holiday Inn Express,
world countries improve and land area used for
Potassium, like phosphate and nitrogen, is an
1391 S Townsend Ave, Montrose, one day only,
agriculture decreases. This coupled with rising
essential element for all plant growth which can
from 9a-5p, admission free. Wheelchair access.
demand from the bio-fuel industry has seen many
not be substituted using other elements. As such,
The San Juan Weavers Guild meets monthly in
market analysts forecast continued strong long
over 95% of global potash production is used to
Montrose from Sept-May and in Delta year-round
term demand for potash. Significant new growth
supply the expanding global fertiliser industry
for informal fellowship. The guild is open to all
markets developing in India, China, South East
with the remaining production used in the manu-
ages and skill levels. More info call 970.249.2981.
Asia and Brazil provide the demand necessary