Health & Nurturing
Pg 6 - The Sunshine Express
2012 November
are treating many
by Sandy Lauzon
more youngsters with
diabetes and other
I cannot recall eating in a restaurant until I was in
diseases correlated to
high school. It must have been a real special occa-
inadequate nutrition.
sion, which for the life of me I cannot remember.
Dolores School has
My father held the menu and asked my brother
implemented a veg-
and I what we wanted to order. My brother spoke
etable garden and a
up first and requested pizza. "Good" said Dad
greenhouse that is
and put the menu down. I spoke up and said "I
planted and cared for
would like spaghetti, please." "Instead of pizza?"
by students, parents
replied Dad. "No, Paul is having pizza, I want
and teachers. The
spaghetti." The poor man looked at my mother
produce isn't nearly
and went pale. It was a real long time before my
enough to feed the
family went to a restaurant again.
children every day of
Mom was a great cook, taught to cook by Bou-
the week, yet, it's a
nia, my Ukrainian grandmother. However, Dad
terrific beginning.
had friends from all walks of life and from every
Changing eating
corner of the map. He was a "foodie" of the first
habits is no easy task.
class. Mom learned to cook foods from many eth-
The garden produce
nicities. Italian, Greek, Irish, Portuguese, French,
is healthy, but how do
even American were slowly added to her recipe
you get people, espe-
box. Food was delicious and abundant.
cially young people to
It was the era when a tomato looked like, smelled
willing to `go healthy' one day a week to start? Do
eat it. Dolores Cafeteria employees have attended
like and tasted like a real tomato. When it was
you have any helpful suggestions?
a week long seminar to `hide the good food' with
sliced, juice went all over the place. It was deli-
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at
tasty recipes more likely to enter the hungry chil-
cious sliced plain on bread, eaten as one would
200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
dren and less likely to land in the trash barrel.
eat an apple, juice running down your arm. I have
Sugar beverages also add to the nutritional nega-
shopped at grocery stores and marveled how
In Harmony
tive intake. An orange contains about 80 calories
beautiful the tomatoes looked. Perfectly round
and provides fiber as well as vitamin C. One
and red and firm to the touch. I shop for produce
by Scott Rollins, M.D.
cup of orange juice may contain the juice of up
with my nose. No tomato smell, cut it and no
Medical Marijuana
to three oranges, but has no fiber, adding 240
juice, eat it and no taste. What the heck!
Marijuana, from the Cannabis plant, has been
calories to the diet. Soda pop and power drinks,
Today the food economy is global; the reason you
used for centuries, at least as far back as 5,000
loaded with sugar, or diet pop, packed with arti-
are able to buy tomatoes all year long is that it
BC, with the earliest recorded uses in Asian and
ficial sweetners and food coloring, have been the
is always summer somewhere, including places
Middle-Eastern cultures. Historically, its value
greatest source of empty calories and who knows
that have much more lax pesticide rules than the
seemed to be in the hallucinogenic properties that
what else. It doesn't take very many soft drinks to
United States.
induce a trance like state, thus being used in vari-
pile on the pounds. Water is a better choice, but
How fortunate are we that live in an area that
ous spiritual and social rituals. In modern times,
less acceptable to most.
has farms that actually grow food and not only
according to the United Nations estimates, about
Are there easy solutions to these mounting prob-
commodities. We can enjoy delicious sweet corn
4% of the world's population use marijuana, for
lems? No. Is the health of our children and our
in season, ripe on the vine tomatoes that taste like
recreational, religious or spiritual, and medicinal
own health worth some effort? I think yes. What
a tomato, endless varieties of squashes, beans,
are you doing to help the change? Do you have
cukes, raspberries and more. Wholesome produce
The intent of this column is to analyze some of
time to volunteer with a school project? Are you
is available in Dolores and surrounding commu-
the medical aspects of marijuana, but a brief
nities. The Farmer
look at the history of marijuana use is in order to
Markets provide
characterize just a bit of the social and political
lots of healthy
circumstances that led to where we are today with
choices, local honey,
current marijuana laws.
garden grown veg-
The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made the private
etables. The local
use of marijuana illegal in the United States.
ranchers provide
Prior to that, hemp (the soft, durable fiber that is
wonderful protein
cultivated from marijuana plants) cultivation was
choices including
encouraged by the government in the production
beef, pork, elk, deer,
of rope, sails, and clothing. In the late nineteenth
chicken, eggs, and
century, cannabis became a common ingredient in
so much more.
medicine and was openly sold at pharmacies. The
The season is
American Medical Association (AMA) opposed
quickly coming to
the act because the tax was imposed on physicians
an end. Now folks
prescribing cannabis, retail pharmacists selling
who have taken the
cannabis, and medical cannabis cultivation/manu-
time to freeze or can
facturing; instead preferring a regulation at the
summer's bounty
state level.
will enjoy whole-
There is much debate as to whether industrial in-
some food for the
fluences of the time were used to improperly force
wintertime. How
the prohibition of marijuana. The paper interests
foolish we are when
of William Randolph Hearst, and the chemical
the good food is
interests of DuPont, backed by influential bankers
passed over for the
such as Andrew Mellon, seem suspiciously linked
fast food that does
to the legislative actions that eliminated com-
not contain nearly
mercial marijuana growth. It seems hemp makes
adequate nutrition.
a better paper than wood pulp, without the need
The state of Colo-
for the sulfur dioxin (a cause of acid rain) used
rado has one of the
to separate the lignans from wood pulp. Refer
lowest incidences of
to for a good review on this, titled
"Legal History of Cannabis use in the United
people in the United
States. You can
The short term psychoactive effects of cannabis
be proud of that.
are mainly a subjective change in perception and,
However, statistics
most notably, mood; the most common short-
indicate that many
term physical and neurological effects include
children enter-
increased heart rate, lowered blood pressure,
ing preschool are
impairment of short-term episodic memory,
already overweight/
working memory, psychomotor coordination, and
obese. Physicians