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2012 November
"When you are
completely focused
on what's wrong
and your symp-
toms, you will
perpetuate it. The
healing will not
occur until you
shift your atten-
tion from being
sick to being well."
"What soap is to the body,
- Bob Doyle
laughter is to the soul." - Yiddish Proverb
Scott Rollins, M.D. (continued)
Apparently, there are some physicians who are
medical conditions" laid the groundwork for de-
evaluating and approving patients on-line or by
fining the proper and acceptable use of marijuana
The medical use of cannabis is well-known to help
telephone. In my opinion, a proper history and
for medical purposes. Statute 18-18-406.3, the
reduce pain, muscle spasm and nausea, increase
examination, in person, along with a review of
"Medical use of marijuana by persons diagnosed
appetite, and control the high ocular pressures
relevant medical records, is the most appropriate
with debilitating medical conditions" further
found with glaucoma. It also has reported benefit
route to insure the safety and effectiveness of any
defined the medical use of marijuana, and in 2009
for use in certain autoimmune conditions such as
drug, including marijuana.
the statute was revised by 25-1.5-106, the "Medi-
Multiple Sclerosis, and mood disorders such as
Scott Rollins, MD, is Board Certified with the
cal marijuana program" which sets forth rules of
depression or premenstrual syndrome.
American Board of Family Practice and the
administration concerning the implementation of
The active ingredients in cannabis are referred to
American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative
the medical marijuana program.
as Cannabinoids, with three major forms; Tetra-
Medicine. He specializes in Bioidentical Hor-
What does this all mean to someone interested in
hydrocannabinols (THC), cannabinol (CBN) and
mone Replacement for men and women, thyroid
using marijuana for medical purposes? In order
cannabidiol (CBD). Of the more than 60 cannabi-
and adrenal disorders, fibromyalgia and other
to get the "medical marijuana card" issued by the
noids, it appears that THC has the most profound
complex medical conditions. He is founder and
state of Colorado, one must get written approval
psychoactive properties. There are endocannabi-
medical director of the Integrative Medicine
from a physician. I recommend patients approach
noids (made by our body), phytocannabinoids
Center of Western Colorado (
their family doctor as they are most likely to know
(from plants) and synthetic cannabanoids (drugs).
Call 970.245.6911 for an appointment or more
the patient medical history well, as well as any
Believe it not, there is a tremendous amount of
social or psychological issues that are relevant.
interest and research looking at the cannabinoid
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system. In the last decade we have found different
The Medicine Cabinet
cannabinoid receptors in the brain, especially in
the parts responsible for cognition and movement.
Some of the receptors are distinct from opiate re-
Less than a week after oral arguments in the landmark
ceptors (e.g. morphine) thus implicating a whole
federal case to reclassify marijuana for medical use,
new class of drugs possible to treat pain. The posi-
plaintiffs filed an additional brief at the rare request of the
tive effects for pain control seem to originate from
court, seeking details on the harm sustained by plaintiff,
the brain but also peripheral nerves.
disabled U.S. Air Force veteran Michael Krawitz, as a
There are also receptors in the immune system
result of the federal government's policy on medical mari-
and the gut. This would explain the noted effect of
juana. The federal appeals court will use this additional
briefing to decide whether the plaintiffs have legal "stand-
suppressing the immune system, and the potential
ing" to bring such a lawsuit against the government. Legal
role for use of cannabinoids in treating autoim-
"standing" is where the courts consider the harm endured
mune disease. The practical effect of immune
by the plaintiffs. If standing is satisfied, the court can
suppression has not been shown to be an issue in
then rule on the merits of a case. The lawsuit argues that
otherwise healthy adults. Receptors in the gut will
the government has acted arbitrarily and capriciously by
slow gut activity, presumably playing some role
keeping marijuana classified as a Schedule I substance, a
in the effects of reducing nausea and increasing
dangerous drug with no medical value. By ignoring the
appetite, although, the main effect may be influ-
overwhelming scientific evidence, Americans for Safe Ac-
enced in the brain.
cess argues that the federal government has kept marijua-
na out of reach for millions of Americans who would oth-
There is some evidence that cannabis will lower
erwise benefit from its therapeutic value. ASA appealed
fertility. This seems likely related to the effects on
the denial last year by the federal government of a petition
the brain and its control of endocrine glands that
to reclassify marijuana that was filed in 2002 by the Coali-
produce sperm. There is conflicting evidence on
tion for Rescheduling Cannabis. ASA got the chance Oct
this, but I simply advise patients to avoid canna-
16 to argue marijuana's medical efficacy before the D.C.
bis use when fertility is an issue.
Circuit. This is the first time in nearly 20 years that the
In 1970, the United States Congress repealed man-
court is hearing arguments on the scientific evidence of
datory penalties for cannabis offenses thus sepa-
medical marijuana. "The court's request for clarification
rating cannabis from other illicit narcotics and
is a sign that this case is being taken very seriously," said
removed mandatory sentences for possession of
Joe Elford, Chief Counsel for ASA, "What's at stake in this
case is nothing less than our country's scientific integrity
small amounts of cannabis. By 1975 several states
and the imminent needs of millions of patients."
followed suit with decriminalization, including
Did you know?
In the mid-to-late 1800's, the 2nd & 3rd most commonly
In a 2000 addition to the Colorado Constitution,
used medications were concentrated cannabis extracts
Article XVIII, Section 14, the "Medical use of mari-
and resins (a.k.a. hashish)?
juana for persons suffering from debilitating