The Good News
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2012 December/January
must be postmarked by December 31, 2012.
The guide material is tai-
"I get so excited to see the entries roll in this time
lored for "small wind"
of year," said Wendy White, marketing specialist
applications which are
for the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
systems with installed
Entries must be submitted to the Colorado
capacity of 25 kilowatts
Department of Agriculture with an official entry
or less, but is relevant
form. All photographs must be taken in the 2012
for larger installations as
calendar year and must relate to Colorado agricul-
well. Produced by Brink,
ture in some way. Prizes will be awarded in five
Inc., an environmental
subject areas: agritourism, crops, livestock, people
consulting company
and open professional. Amateur and professional
based in Erie, Colorado,
photographers are encouraged to enter, however,
the guide follows
New Resource For Landowners
professionals may only enter agriculture-related
the steps involved in an actual wind energy dem-
photographs in the "open professional" category.
onstration project - a 10 kilowatt turbine mounted
Wind Energy Guide Available
Judging will be based on theme, creativity and
on a 120 ft. tower - installed at a feedlot and farm
A new resource created for Colorado agricultural
technical quality. The photographer whose picture
located southeast of Limon, Colorado.
producers and rural dwellers eliminates guess-
best depicts the "spirit" of Colorado agriculture
The video and booklet can be viewed online by vis-
work for landowners interested in harnessing
will receive $150, and category winners will re-
iting and clicking on
wind power. The resource video and booklet, en-
ceive a "Colorado... it's AgriCultural" prize pack.
"Delta Wind Energy" and at Delta Wind Energy (a
titled Colorado Wind Energy Installation Guide for
All winning photographs will be displayed in the
subsidiary of Brink, Inc.) at www.deltawindenergy.
Agriculture and Rural Applications, explains how
Beede-Hamil Agriculture Building at Northeast-
com. A hard copy of the booklet can be obtained
to evaluate a site's wind energy potential, select
ern Junior College in Sterling, CO.
from local conservation district offices or by con-
the right wind turbine and tower combination, and
Visit or call
tacting Brink, Inc. at 720.887.9944.
install and commission a new wind system.
Capture The Spirit of Colorado Ag
303.239.4119 for complete contest rules and an
Partially funded by a Colorado Department of Ag-
entry form. Contest sponsored by the Colorado
riculture's Advancing Colorado's Renewable En-
Deadline For Annual Agriculture Photo Contest
Department of Agriculture, the AgInsights Com-
ergy (ACRE) grant, the guide serves as a "how-to"
The end of the year is nearing, which means time is
mittee and Northeastern Junior College.
resource to help agricultural operators and rural
running out to enter the 15th Annual "Colorado...
landowners through the process of identifying and
it's AgriCultural" photography contest. Entries
installing the most cost-effective system for their
operation, beginning with the most important vari-
able, determining the average wind speed at a site.
The booklet and video cover the three phases of
any wind project: economic feasibility determina-
tion, pre-installation preparation, and installation
and commissioning. Aspects such as site prepara-
tion, soil testing, foundation engineering, grid
interconnection and permitting are also discussed.