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2012 December/January
A World Wide Web, The Sunshine Express'
website, has been viewed by folks in over 65 coun-
tries. By far, most visitors to our website are in the
United States. Here are the top 20 countries from
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1.United States
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20.South Africa
Historic Water Treaty
With Mexico
In a major show of cooperation
between the United States and
Mexico, representatives from
the Colorado River Basin States,
the United States government,
and the government of Mexico
signed an historic agreement
receive surplus water under certain conditions. The
that furthers the commitments
agreement, known in treaty parlance as `Minute
of both countries to the 1944
319', also includes a water conservation demonstra-
Water Treaty between the U.S.
tion project, salinity management language, poten-
and Mexico, while recognizing
tial opportunities for Mexico to release its storage
that increasing water demands
for environmental flows in Mexico and the opportu-
on the Colorado River will re-
nity for Mexico to store some of its treaty allocation
quire creativity and flexibility.
for delivery in subsequent years.
Under this five-year agreement,
Jennifer Gimbel, director of the Colorado Water
Mexico has committed to accept
Conservation Board, called the agreement `monu-
voluntary shortages when Lake
mental' and said it's important to Colorado for
Mead reaches certain levels,
furthering the state's ability to work collaboratively
while gaining opportunities to
with the entire river basin, including Mexico, to use
our water
resources in an
equitable and
manner pursu-
ant to the Law
of the River.
"This agreement
is monumental.
It is impor-
tant because
It's A Wonderful Life
the agreement
The Paonia Players present It's a Wonderful Life, on stage at the
recognizes the
Paradise Theatre in Paonia, ONE WEEKEND ONLY, December
finite resources
7-9. This adaptation of the Christmas classic is a live, radio play,
of the Colorado
set in 1946, in the studios of WBFR in New York City. The story
River but it is
follows the life of George Bailey, a small-town American hero,
whose guardian angel allows him to see what life would have
because it allows
been like if he had never been born. Logan Woods-Darby stars as
both countries,
George Bailey, with Felix Belmont as Mr. Potter and Erica Ochs
along with the
as Mary Hatch. Shawn Larson, Ashley Krest, Greg Peterson, Amy
states and other
Michelle Hoyt, and Frederick Zimmer play the radio actors who
entities in both
take on various characters throughout the show, with Skip Naft
countries to
as the Foley Artist providing live sound effects and David Snider
work together
on piano. Directed by Merrily Talbott. Tickets on sale at KVNF,
and use infra-
the Paradise Theatre and Paonia Farm & Home, plus at The Rose
structure to
in Hotchkiss and online at Brown Paper At Friday's
allow the finite
opening, the audience is encouraged to come in 1940s-wear, and
resources to be
enjoy drinks and dancing to 1940s tunes after the show for only
shared dur-
$20. General admission tickets to all other shows is $15. For more
ing surplus
info, call 970-361-1540 or visit
conditions and
reduced in times
"Love is the master key that opens the
of shortages,"
gates of happiness." - Oliver Wendell Holmes
Gimbel said.