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2012 December/January
treatment but significantly improves remission
partner dances.
rates. It has been most effective against breast, pros-
Classic ballroom
tate and liver cancers.
and modern country
The Reishi mushroom, known as the "herb of
lessons are available
spiritual potency" is regarded as one of the best
and dance parties
for all-around general health support. Used for
every Friday night.
thousands of years in China and Japan, research is
It suprizes me still
showing it enhances the immune system, improves
when someone comes
blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar control.
in and declares that
It has been used for general support by athletes and
they never heard of
mountain climbers.
such a place. Dance
The gourmet Shiitake mushroom gets its name
lessons do a whole lot
from the Japanese chestnut tree or `shiia'. Growing
more than teach dance
wild in Asia and commercially grown here in the
steps. It is an activity
US, the shiitake is one of the most popular mush-
that allows moderate
rooms for eating and for medicinal uses. Used
exercise and social
historically for fighting infections it is well known
interaction. Dance
to stimulate portions of the immune system that do
teaches social skills,
indeed fight everything from bacteria to parasites to
manners, cooperation,
viruses. An injectable extract of shiitake has shown
respect for others, and
positive results in cancer treatment.
it's an opportunity to
Coriolus versicolor is the most widely studied
meet nice people. It is
for young and old, and everyone in the middle.
mushroom with hundreds of research trials dem-
What community activities are you involved
onstrating its profound benefits, particularly in
by Sandy Lauzon
with? How are you keeping physically and men-
fighting cancer. Common to other mushrooms is
tally fit. When do you encounter new people? It's
its ability to stimulate certain parts of the immune
Dance and Longevity
good clean fun; give it a try.
system. Drug companies from Japan and China
Bounia loved to dance. She danced with every
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at
have utilized extracts of coriolus to formulate cancer
one of her seven grandchildren. It was what the
200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
fighting drugs. It not only fights cancer directly
kitchen floor was for. She danced between the
but when used with chemotherapy and radiation it
stove and the sink as she prepared the meals of
helps patients tolerate the conventional therapies.
the day. She danced as if no one was watching,
Codyceps sinensis is found in the high mountains
In Harmony
and most of the time, no one was watching. The
of China, Nepal and Tibet. Called the "caterpillar
only place I saw her in action in public was at the
by Scott Rollins, M.D.
fungus" because it gets some of its nutrients from
church hall.
caterpillars, the fungus is grown commercially here
Once a month her church hosted a dinner and
The Miracle of Medicinal Mushrooms
in the US where specific strains are being studied
dance with a live band. She and her friends would
The humble fungi with its visible fruit called the
and used in supplements. Cordyceps is famous for
prepare Ukrainian food, holupchies and pirogues,
mushroom holds some of nature's most potent
its ability to promote energy and stamina, perhaps
borscht and breads, fried pastries and cookies. All
weapons. Used by the plant to protect itself from
through its ability to increase the adrenal gland's
the food was served downstairs in the dining area.
invaders these natural compounds have been
production of beneficial adrenal hormones. It is
The men would have a beer or two, the ladies and
used for thousands of years to help fight cancer,
well known to help improve sex drive. It has long
children had a soft drink, and sometimes, if every-
boost the immune system, support kidney and
been used for, and numerous studies demonstrate
one was in an especially good mood, a small bag
liver function, and lower blood pressure. Recent
benefit when, treating respiratory conditions such as
of Blackstone potato chips. Life was good.
research is uncovering the specific properties that
asthma and bronchitis, chronic kidney diseases, and
Dad and Mom had given the speech before we
make the mushroom such a medical miracle.
even heart diseases such as (continued page7 >)
entered the hall. No running around like wild
In the 1980s scientists at Harvard University
monkeys, no sliding on the dance floor, eat
made the discov-
what is on your plate, no fighting with the other
ery that spe-
children, and have a good time. Geez, what was
cific compounds
left? My uncles and aunts saved space at the big
within mush-
long table so that the family would eat together.
rooms were able
Bounia never sat to eat, she and her friends were
to stimulate cells
busy serving the food. Gege (my grandfather) was
in our immune
in the band, so he ate beforehand with the other
system. Since
then there have
Then the band would leave the dining area and
been many stud-
head upstairs to tune up, and anticipation was in
ies uncovering
the air. The grownups were in no hurry to leave
more details of
the table and the visiting seemed to take forever.
how mushroom
Finally, folks began to drift up to the dance hall
and the dance was underway. Usually the first
work and how
dances were traditional folk dances. Young and
effective they are
old knew these dances and soon the entire gath-
in treating various
ering were engaged in one after another of these
illnesses. Different
treasured pieces from Bounia's beloved "Old
mushrooms from
Country". Sometimes, at special occasions, the
around the world
young girls would wear traditional costumes
seem to have
and lovely headpieces. I couldn't wait to be big
slightly different
enough to be in their group. I was taking the les-
benefits and here
sons and maybe next year I would be included.
are some of the
After the first break, more contemporary songs
most well known.
were played, lots of polkas and fast waltzes. As
The Maitake
the evening went on, jitterbugs and more modern
or "dancing"
dances were enjoyed. Everyone danced with ev-
mushroom from
eryone. Daddy would always dance a polka with
Northern Japan is
me and Mom would dance one with my brother,
used to help fight
Paul. I was young and totally in love with my
cancer. It increas-
uncle Mickey. I was three years old when my aunt
es the activity of
married and was the flower girl at the wedding.
our own immune
I thought he was the most handsome man I ever
system's cancer
saw. When he escorted me to the dance floor, I
killing `natural
was thrilled.
killer' cells. Stud-
What ever happened to those lovely family times?
ies show it not
Well, they are still enjoyed to some degree right
only increases
on Main Street, Cortez. Yes, there is a dance studio
tolerance of con-
that caters to young and old, teaching modern
ventional cancer