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2012 December/January
with under 40 percent free and reduced-
price eligibility, Ridgway School District
placed second by increasing participation
from 11.7 percent to 39.18 percent among
their schools with the School Breakfast
The district was recognized as a champion
of the Colorado School Breakfast Challenge
with an on-site celebration and check pre-
sentation for their $3,000 award. The event
took place at Ridgway Secondary School.
The Colorado School Breakfast challenge is
presented by the No Kid Hungry Colorado
Campaign, a statewide, public-private ini-
tiative of Hunger Free Colorado, Share Our
Cottage Foods Guidance
Strength and the Office of Governor John
Hickenlooper. Together, the Campaign
What are Cottage Foods in Colorado?
partners are working to ensure that all
A limited range of foods that are non-potentially
children have nutritious food at home, at
hazardous and that do not require refrigeration.
school and in their communities.
These foods are limited to spices, teas, dehydrated
Their comprehensive five-year plan details
produce, nuts, seeds, honey, jams, jellies, preserves,
A Nutritious Start
10 goals to end child hunger by 2015. One is
fruit butter, and baked goods, including candies.
focused on the statewide expansion of the School
Foods produced under this act must be sold only
Ridgway School District recognized as a cham-
Breakfast Program, with a goal to serve approxi-
directly to ultimate consumers and not to grocery
pion of statewide School Breakfast Challenge,
mately 164,000 free and reduced-price school
stores or restaurants; and must be sold only on the
awarded $3,000
breakfasts on a daily average. For the 2010-11
producer's premises, at the producer's roadside
Breakfast champion can be the new moniker for
school year, 108,509 average daily school break-
stand, or at a farmers' market, community-sup-
Ridgway School District. They excelled in the
fasts were served, a growth of 11.25 percent com-
ported agriculture organization, or similar venue
Colorado School Breakfast Challenge, an initia-
pared to the previous year.
where the product is sold directly to consumers.
tive supported by Gov. John Hickenlooper that
"The No Kid Hungry Colorado's hope is that all
This act became a state law on March 15, 2012.
challenged school districts to increase student
children in Colorado will have access to a nutri-
Food Handler Training
participation in their breakfast programs during
tious breakfast that will help them learn and suc-
The Act requires "producers to be certified in safe
the 2011-12 school year. For their second-place
ceed in school," shared Gov. John Hickenlooper.
food handling and processing by a third-party cer-
finish with 60 more students eating school break-
"We congratulate Ridgway School District for
tifying entity and must maintain a status of good
fast, the area's district was awarded $3,000 during
being a breakfast champion and increasing par-
standing in accordance with the certifying entity
a celebration at Ridgway Secondary School on the
ticipation through this challenge."
practices and procedures, including attending any
morning of Nov. 13.
Studies show that breakfast is the most important
classes required for certification."
All school districts were invited to participate
meal of the day, particularly for children. Those
- ServSafeŽ Food Protection Manager Certification
in the 2011-12 Colorado School Breakfast Chal-
who do not eat a morning meal are more likely to
­ a comprehensive food safety training offered by
lenge with one primary goal, to increase student
struggle with poor academic performance, exhibit
Colorado State University Extension.
participation in the School Breakfast Program.
behavior problems and experience poor health.
- ServSafeŽ online certification from the National
The program, funded by the U.S. Department of
Eating breakfast actually can improve math,
Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
Agriculture, offers students who qualify for free
reading and standardized test scores. It also can
- Or contact your local public health agency, who
or reduced-price meals, with a healthy start to
decrease tardiness and suspensions as well as im-
may also offer this training.
each school day. Yet, according to the Colorado
prove memory, attentiveness and overall health.
- National Environmental Health Association's
Department of Education, of the more than 217,000
As part of the Campaign, Hunger Free Colorado
Certified Professional Food Manager
low-income students in Colorado who ate a daily
works with schools and communities to increase
Food Safety Instructor Training
free or reduced-price lunch in 2010, only 87,000
participation in the School Breakfast Program by
Note that only certified food manager trainers (cre-
participated in the School Breakfast Program.
implementing innovative serving models that
dentialed by either ServSafeŽ or NEHA) can offer
School officials in the Ridgway School District
incorporate breakfast as part of the school's morn-
certificates of completion to individuals for either
rallied around the competition by implementing
ing routine. Instead of the traditional method of
of these food manager training programs. Obtain-
innovative serving models and engaging students
serving breakfast in the cafeteria before classes
ing a passing score and a certificate of completion
in the area's schools. For example, Ridgway Sec-
start, elementary to high schools can make it easi-
is a prerequisite for cottage food producers wishing
ondary School introduced "Breakfast After First,"
er for students with Breakfast in the Classroom.
to produce value-added products allowed under
providing sixth through 12th graders with a nutri-
"The School Breakfast Program is proven to
Colorado's 2012 Cottage Food Act.
tious breakfast when they are awake and hungry.
improve children's nutrition, education, behavior
Visit the Colorado Department of Public Health
"We try daily to bring the best and freshest food
and overall well-being, and it's also one of the
and Environment (CDPHE) website for the latest
options possible to the breakfast program, and it's
most effective ways to end child hunger in our
guidance and fact sheets.
a wonderful feeling when the students comment
state," said Kathy Underhill, executive director of
on how they loved the food," said Lori Burgess,
"The secret of staying young is to
Hunger Free Colorado. "Ridgway School Dis-
Food Service Manager for Ridgway School Dis-
trict's success in the Colorado School Breakfast
live honestly, eat slowly, and lie
trict. "We care about what we do and hopefully it's
Challenge shows we can provide more students
reflected in our program."
about your age."
with a nutritious start to the day and ensure that
Ridgway ended the school year as a leading dis-
- Lucille Ball
fewer children go hungry at school.
trict in the challenge. Amongst school districts
For more information
on the No Kid Hungry
Colorado Campaign,
visit co.nokidhungry.
org. To learn more
about Hunger Free
Colorado, the issue of
hunger in Colorado and
how you can be a part
of the solution, visit