Pg 11 - The Sunshine Express
2012 March
Aries- Success and money grows amidst
Virgo- Decision reversals, misunderstand-
uncertainty, turmoil, and persistant stress.
ings, a general communication fogginess
Emotions may be tested; mistakes costly.
may cause problems both professionally
Stay disciplined, take your time and pay
and at home. Clarity in all cases can be
attention to details, stay calm, be careful
achieved with careful and respectful com-
what you say, and above all, nourish your
munication. Take setbacks in stride and
immune system.
avoid dramatic reactions.
Taurus- Feeling adventurous courage,
Libra- Rest well when you can this month
your love life picks up. Financial surprises
as all areas of your life may be jumpy. Fluc-
both positive and negative this month
tuations between peaceful special moments
keep you guessing but overall your en-
and unexpected and spontaneous activity
thusiasm and energy levels carry the day.
may occur. Anything could happen, so re-
Focus that energy on developing or grow-
lax, avoid stressing out & go with the flow.
ing a business.
Scorpio- Collaboration and interaction with
Gemini- Leadership and collaboration call
others rules your month and works to your
you professionally. Appreciate the help
success. Stay focused and calm, and be fru-
when it's available, understand when it's
gal with any increases. Your love life is fa-
not. Angst, restlessness, disappointment,
vorable. Romance, cooperation and mutual
or isolation at home will pass and there
sharing abound at home or, if single, a new
may even be a nice surprise in store for
love could very well enter your life.
you. Rest and eat well.
Sagittarius- Enthusiasm and energy are
Aquarius- Fatigue, irrritation, and/or energy
Cancer- A month of much activity. Excite-
high and carry you far in March. Money
loss could hurt you this month. Make your
ment, confusion, and changes. Be prepared
increases and/or job opportunities arise.
health your number one priority and get plenty
and don't over-react. Eat nutritiously. Stay
Original and creative ideas will be reward-
of rest. Proceed with great care also in financial
open to new ideas and keep watch for
ed; fear or inaction can bring troubles. Focus
matters; refrain from financial entanglements
windows of opportunity. Chances for find-
on the positives and avoid taking extreme
that may lock chains upon you. Expect the unex-
ing a love, or sharing fun times with your
pected this month.
partner, run high.
Capricorn- Good physical energy, plus
Pisces- Use your communications skills and
Leo- Praise, honor, luck, and financial in-
increasing favorable energy at work, plus
stay organized to push yourself ahead at work
crease are yours this month. However, it's
incredible beneficial configurations fuel-
and to take advantage of favorable conditions at
advisable to avoid celebratory toxins. Be
ing love and great passion, and you have a
home. Some divergences may occur, but overall
wary also of slipping into an entitlement
recipe for fantastic and magical moments.
for most Pisces, both your love life and profes-
attitude. Be satisfied with your blessings
A most excellent time for lovers, for finding
sional life will see successes. Defend your high
and events will increase your love and joy.
love, for making choice memories. Enjoy!
morale and spread it to others.
6 Top Spring Gardening Tasks
Springtime is here and what should you be doing in the garden to
take advantage of the season?
Aerate your lawn - Pull small, regular plugs of soil to let more
water, fertiliser and oxygen get deeply into the ground instead of
simply running off.
Trim your trees and shrubs - Trimming in spring can stimulate
healthy growth in most plants and shrubs, plus will help you con-
tain the growth spurt from the Spring weather.
Deal with the pests - Get a handle on the pests now, before they
take over your garden completely. Protect your plants with a coat-
ing of organic pest spray, and consider calling the pest controllers
in like in this story here.
Get the weeds while they're small - It's not a bad idea to get some
professional help here, because having a professional weeding can
often set you up for an easier weed maintenance season through to
Prune the roses - Springtime is time to almost murder your roses.
Treat your rose bushes like you hate them to get the best results.
Divide or transplant - If sections of your garden have gotten out
of hand, Spring's a good time to transplant and give your garden
more room to expand.