Pg 15 - The Sunshine Express
2012 March
35 Words + Picture - Only $15
Mail $15 and text to: The Sunshine Express,
PO Box 267, Norwood, CO 81423 or email
For personal service call 970.327.4196.
located in Dolores,
Enjoy craft shows?
CO., this store caters
Beautiful, handmade,
to several surround-
one of a kind crafts
ing towns including
at Barb's Creative
Rico, Mancos, Cor-
Decor. Special orders
tez and Telluride.
welcome. One of a
Contact Yvonne at
kind pieces, awe-
Summit Vista Realty
some decorations,
Go back in time and
at 970-882-2244 for
holiday treasures,
witness the history
more details.
more! That special
of Delta and the Un-
gift for that special
compaghre Valley,
someone. Open Wed
through wonderful
- Sat 11am - 5pm. 339
old photographs
N. 1st St. Montrose.
cables, rear tire.
from times past.
$600 or best offer.
`Images of America,
The Uncompaghre
For Sale
Valley'. By Theajo
Closing Sale
"Tj" Davis & Royal
50% OFF. Now thru
C. "Whitey" Huff Sr.
April 15. Vintage trea-
Available at Ama-
sures, heirloom gifts, $17.15, or
antiques, collectibles,
call 970.209.2114.
jewelry, movies, CDs
Specialized FSR*HD
and tapes, artwork,
`Ground Control'
Business For Sale
clothing, candles,
downhill racing bike
Need a unique or fun
appliances, gadgets,
for sale. Limited pro-
Gift? How about a
duction, mid 90's. Ma-
customized gift this
Everything goes!
nipulated aluminum
Fun Page Solutions
year? Artistic origi-
Something For Ev-
extrusion, Direct Max
nals by KingDaddy
eryone, 25 N. Cas-
drive, Rock Shox on
on hundreds of gift
Pet Supply Business
cade, Montrose.
front, new rear shock.
items. Shipped fast,
for Sale, Centrally
Needs TLC, brakes,
secure online shop-
ping, paypal or credit
cards. Do all your gift
in comfort and style
at KingDaddy's
World Fine Gifts.
Help Wanted
Make Money Now
Looking for advertis-
ing sales help. Part
time cash or full time.
Set your own hours.
Top level 50% com-
mission to start. Fan-
tastic product. Visit
com/advertising for
info, call 970.327.4196
or email sunshinex@ to
start making money
SELL your goods
Brain Tease Answer:
in `The Good
None, he has a pear tree!
Advertise both
Cryptogram Answer:
"My attitude is never to be satisfied, never enough,
locally AND
never." - Duke Ellington
regionally in
one place!
Riddle Me Answers:
1- The Castle's Shadow, 2- The Pupil of an Eye,
7,000 copies in
3- Haste!
over 11 counties,
plus online!
Find Me Answers: 1 - SUN, 2 - TACO