The Good News
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2012 March
Rural Sisters, World Finalists
man who believed that entrepreneurship and
education should go hand in hand. Nancy Conrad,
Team from Rural Utah Chosen as Finalists in
Pete's wife spearheaded the creation of the SOI
International Science Competition
competition to keep Pete's dream alive and to help
A team of two sisters from Montezuma Creek,
make a difference in the lives of promising stu-
Utah were chosen as finalists in the Pete Con-
dents everywhere.
rad Foundation's Spirit of Innovation Awards.
(Contact: Paul McCarl (
Sarah and Jan McCarl were selected from hun-
Home Solar Financing Available
dreds of high school-aged teams from around
Clean Power Finance Expands Residential
the world. They were chosen as one of five
Solar Financing Products to Colorado
finalist teams in the Health and Nutrition cat-
Clean Power Finance, the online marketplace
egory for their Allergy Watch labeling system.
2012 Daffodil Days
for residential solar financing and sales soft-
The Allergy Watch symbols will bring relief
ware, announced on February 1 the avail-
to the more than 18 million people who suffer
American Cancer Society Daffodil Days
ability of its residential solar finance products
with food allergies by freeing them from the
Inspire Hope For Cancer Sufferers
in the states of Colorado, Massachusetts and
tedious task of reading the ingredients on
Look for daffodils to arrive this year March
New Jersey. Initially only available in Cali-
every product they consider buying.
7-9. Once again local residents fight back
fornia, the solar leases and power purchase
Jan and Sarah are students at Whitehorse High
against cancer and share hope for those fac-
agreements (PPAs) Clean Power Finance man-
School, a small 7-12 school on the Navajo Res-
ing the disease by supporting the American
ages and markets are now accessible to quali-
ervation near Four Corners in San Juan Coun-
Cancer Society's annual Daffodil Days. Ev-
fied solar sales and installation customers in
ty, Utah. Jan is an eighth grader and Sarah is a
ery spring local volunteers offer bouquets of
other states to brand and market as their own
Junior. They are coached by their father who is
daffodils provided by the American Cancer
financing solutions to homeowners.
the physical science teacher at their school. To
Society for a small donation, your contribu-
"We are committed to growing the residential
find out more and support their efforts go to
tion to this worthy cause. Buying daffodils
solar market and believe that making competi-
in the first week of March is an opportunity
tive financing products available to companies
As finalists, the girls will attend the Spirit of
to share hope by supporting cancer research
selling solar is crucial to industry growth this
Innovation Summit at the NASA Ames Re-
and education, and receiving daffodils in
year and beyond," said Robert Prigge, SVP
search Center in Mountain View, CA. The SOI
of worldwide sales for Clean Power Finance.
competition is presented by the Pete Conrad
Betty Favier, 2012 Daffodil Days regional
"Solar PPAs and leases have emerged as the
Foundation, NASA, Lockheed-Martin, and
chairperson, hopes to exceed the $9700
driving force behind residential solar sales.
Pepsi. At the summit they will pitch their idea
raised in the area last year and stimulate
Our expansion into new markets underscores
to venture capitalists, scientists, astronauts,
awareness about cancer prevention, early de-
demand by solar companies for our finance
government leaders, and industry giants. If
tection and the many free services available
products, which they can brand and market to
they are successful there they will win $5000
to those facing the disease.
in seed capital and have the opportunity to
For a donation of $10.00, supporters will
Clean Power Finance entered the residential
present their product at a United Nations
receive a bouquet of fresh-cut daffodils. Get
solar financing market in California in April
Conference on Sustainability in Rio Di Janairo,
your daffodils in Telluride, Norwood and
2011. Since then, the company has expanded
Brazil this June.
Ridgway and help celebrate spring. Pre-
rapidly, and now facilitates as much as $1 mil-
Amazingly, this is not the first time that a
Order by March 5th at or by
lion in residential solar project financings per
team from Whitehorse High School has made
emailing providing
the cut in this challenging competition. In fact,
your name and contact information.
"We entered the market less than a year ago
Allergy Watch is the fifth team in three years
Daffodils are available in our area at the fol-
and have already  (continued on page 4) >>
to be chosen to attend the SOI Summit. The
lowing locations:
first team was select-
Telluride and Mountain Village - Pick up
ed two years ago in
pre-orders and purchase daffodils at the Al-
the Renewable Ener-
pine Bank lobby at 120 S Pine, Wednesday,
gy category for their
March 7, from 1-6 pm, and Thursday and
Native Sun Solar Fry
Friday March 8-9, from 10am-6pm. Daffodils
Bread Cooker. Last
may also be purchased at Telluride Bottle
year three teams
Works, 129 W San Juan.
made it into the
Norwood - pick up pre-orders and purchase
Renewable Energy
at The Happy Belli Deli at 1610 Grand Av-
finals with products
enue on Wednesday, March 7, from 11am-
including a portable
3pm, and Thursday and Friday March 8-9,
parabolic stove, a
from 8am-3pm.
solar desk fan, and
Ridgway - Pick up pre-orders and pur-
a Solar Recharging
chase at Willowcreek Floral, 257 Sherman,
Kiosk for university
Wednesday through Friday, March 7-9, from
campuses. Although
this is Jan's first year
"I encourage everyone to join their neigh-
as part of a winning
bors and friends buying and giving Ameri-
team, this is Sarah's
can Cancer Society daffodils this spring. This
third successful en-
is our commitment to cancer, saving lives
try as part of a team
and diminishing suffering from the disease,"
in the SOI competi-
said regional chairperson Betty Favier. "We
have the power to make a difference for
Pete Conrad was a
those facing cancer and their families. By
high school dropout
giving daffodils, we are sharing hope for a
and the third man to
world with less suffering from cancer."
walk on the Moon
For more information about Daffodil Days,
as the commander
to pre-order daffodils or to volunteer to help
of Apollo 12. Pete
this year's program, contact Betty Favier at
credits his change in or call 970.708.2099.
course from failure
to the stars to a car-
ing teacher who saw
his potential and
helped him make
a new start. After
Apollo, Pete was a
successful business-