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2012 March
Solar Financing (continued)
caught up and overtaken other, more estab-
lished players in the space," said Nat Kreamer,
CEO of Clean Power Finance. "We think we've
hit on the best way to connect capital markets
and solar markets and maximize returns for
investors, installers and homeowners. To-
day's expansion announcement supports that
opinion, and we're looking forward to further
expansion in the near future."
Clean Power Finance allows qualified install-
ers access to a variety of competitive residen-
tial solar finance products through its CPF
Tools software. Clean Power Finance's leases
and PPAs are non-exclusive, so installers can
use them in conjunction with other finance
products, and white label, which allows in-
stallers to build their businesses by branding
and marketing the financing as their own.
Clean Power Finance is driving the mass-
market adoption of residential solar by
building an online marketplace to connect
the solar industry and the capital markets.
The company provides solar professionals,
manufacturers and distributors with access
to a variety of white label residential finance
meeting, MRD will hear feedback and answer
One Hour in the deep theta state is equivailant
products and easy-to-use solar sales quoting
questions on the proposed programming so
to 4 Hours of sleep. Sleep is necessary for the
and design tools. For investors and lenders,
the MRD can be prepared if the CRC earns
body to repair damaged cells and process
the company makes it easy to invest in resi-
voter approval.
wastes, and its when we process thoughts
dential solar projects that provide reliable
Montrose Recreation District, 25 Colorado
ideas and information we've taken in during
rates of return. Founded in 2007, Clean Power
Ave, Montrose, Phone 970.249.7705 Fax
the day. Floating eases the tension of facial
Finance is funded by Kleiner Perkins Caulfield
muscles making face looking younger. When
& Byers (KPCB), Google Ventures and Cla-
the tension is removed, face look smother
remont Creek Ventures. To learn more about
Healing R.E.S.T. In Mancos
and wrinkles become less visible. The effect is
how Clean Power Finance can accelerate the
achieved without Botox or plastic surgery!
growth of your business, please visit www.
Kaleidoscope Offers Bliss Tank
Your body has amazing powers of self regula-
Are you needing a way to totally relax your
tion and healing. You only need to relax to let
body and mind? Well, there is a way and it
Silver Initiative, 60 for 60+
these powers work. This is why your body
is available to you right now at Kaleidoscope
usually repairs when you are sleeping. The
Wellness, 233 E. Park St. in Mancos. It is called
Montrose Recreation District moves to dra-
Problem is once you experience chronic pain
Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy.
matically expand services to Seniors.
you are not able to relax and your sleeping
In the float spa there are 800lbs of Epsom salts
The Montrose Recreation District (MRD), in its
patterns are constantly disrupted leading to
dissolved into ten inches of water. When you
continuing efforts to better the quality of life in
sleep deprivation. So you take toxic medica-
lie back in this mineral bath you will float as
Montrose, is engaging in a "Silver Initiative"
tion to assist you with your sleep and pain,
easily as a cork. Your whole body becomes
to improve recreational services for seniors.
but this puts your body out of balance and
buoyant and fully supported so you'll be able
Passage of Measure A in the April City of
leaves you with the side affects of medication
to let go and deeply relax. In the R.E.S.T. en-
Montrose ballot would enable the MRD to
and your natural powers of self regulation and
vironment harmony of mind and body will be
provide 60 new or expanded programs for
healing just don't work. It's a constant cycle.
easily restored within you.
Montrose's over 60 population. The Commu-
Once you enter a floatation tank you will be in
Floating in a floatation tank creates a level
nity Recreation Center will be a Silver Sneak-
a gravity free environment this will give you
of virtual weightlessness, removes external
ers and Silver and Fit facility, thereby allow-
relief from the constant downward pressures
physical stimuli, and allows your mind to
ing FREE access to the CRC and programs to
on your body and joints, allowing you to relax
drift into the deepest possible level of sensory
seniors with participating health insurances.
and your body will release vast amounts of
relaxation. After an hour in the floatation tank
These health insurance plans include but are
endorphins. You will experience instant relief
you'll feel positively refreshed, rejuvenated
not limited to: AARP Medicare Complete-
from any pain or discomfort. Once you have
and calm. Floatation therapy results in ulti-
United Healthcare, AARP Medicare supple-
relief from pain, floatation therapy will bring
mate stress reduction that improves the im-
ment, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Arca-
you about a state of profound deep relaxation.
mune system. Floating slows down your heart
dian, Well-Care, Health Spring, Physician's
Why use floatation tanks regularly? The more
rate, brain waves and slightly lowers your
Health Choice, Universal Health Care, Huma-
you float, the better it gets! Each flotation tank
blood pressure. Floating reduces your cortisol
na, Kaiser Permanente and Rocky Mountain
session is unique, and two floats are rarely the
level and increases circulation.
Health Plans. This will provide FREE access
same. The use of floatation tanks is accumula-
See what it feels like to have no pressure
to the drastically expanded services for the
tive and can help with the following:
anywhere on your body. Unless you've been
senior population.
Relieves old injuries (especially back aches
to space this will be the first time in your life
Again, a total of 60 new or enhanced pro-
etc.); Ease Arthritis; Release Endorphins, the
without these pressures. It's the Ultimate
grams would be offered at the CRC for Seniors
body's natural pain killer and happy pill;
Space Hammock!
should Measure A pass, which are not pos-
Improve the condition of the skin; Detoxify
Within as little as 15 minutes, floating can in-
sible with the current MRD facilities. These
the system; Useful in pregnancy (for the full 9
duce a meditative state equivalent to that of a
will complement the 25 programs that will
months); Increase creativity and imagination;
skilled meditator with many years experience
continue to be available as the Pavilion Senior
Increase circulation and energy levels; Balance
in meditation technique. For relaxation, one
Center organized by MRD 50+/Wellness Co-
the left and right brain; Improve concentra-
simply floats and `clears the mind'. One may
ordinator Cindy Marino. This Silver Initiative
tion; An aid for addictions, phobias and de-
also perform meditation, mantras, self-hypno-
will ensure the Pavilion Senior Center remains
pression; Regulate sleeping patterns, simulates
sis, etc. The idea of active floating is that, when
a strong social hub while providing new op-
4 hours of sleep; Relieves stress.
the body is relaxed, the mind becomes highly
portunities for physical activity, health and
Kaleidoscope's floatation rates: $70/60 minutes
suggestible and any action taken during these
wellness for seniors in a modern ADA acces-
($52 for members) or only $80/90 minutes ($60
states will enter the information into the sub-
sible recreation center.
for members). Call Kaleidoscope Wellness at
conscious. Floating increases endorphin levels
MRD will be hosting a roundtable meeting on
970.533.1100 to schedule your blissful float or
that can last up to a week, as well as enhances
Tuesday March 6th at 12:45 pm at the Pavilion
book online at
higher learning and aids in visualization.
Senior Center, 1800 Pavilion Drive. At this