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Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
2012 March
three older brothers. I always
volunteered for the privilege.
by Sandy Lauzon
And now it begins again. Spring
Behold, I make all things new. (Rev. 21:5)
is springing, newness is in the
Spring is about to be sprung lose from the
air and we can begin again.
warming earth. Everything will soon bud and
Behold, I make all things new
bloom in rhythm with the universe. The seed
(Rev. 21:5).
catalogs, dog-eared and worn from winter
Challenge: Take some time to
dreaming of what to plant and where it will
visit with old friends and fam-
do well in the garden, soon to be discarded to
ily, your wisdom may someday
the recycle bin, have been well served. Now all
bring comfort and peace to
is well.
Bounia did not have much use for seed cata-
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shak-
logs. She had gathered the seeds in the fall
lee Distributor in Dolores.
from her fall harvest. What she did not save
from the previous season, she traded her sur-
Laughter Prescription
plus seeds and clippings among her friends.
What her friends did not have, was then the
You're from SW Colorado if:
project of the family to find, beg, borrow or
- You go anywhere else on the planet and the
procure in whatever way we could to keep us
air feels "sticky," and the sky no longer seems
all out of trouble with the rest of the commu-
as blue.
nity. Bounia ran a tight ship.
- You'll eat ice cream in the winter.
The most delightful spring project was the
- You think that May is a totally normal month
smoking of kielbasa (Ukranian sausage) and
for a blizzard or ice storm.
curing the Easter ham. Oh, what delicious
- It snows five inches and you don't expect
aromas would come forth from the curing
school to be canceled.
shed. Bounia was not quite 5 feet tall, and had
- When the weather
to ask for assistance to hang the ham to be
report says it's going to
cured. My dad and uncle were pressed into
be 65 degrees, you shave
action with the promise of a feast on Easter
your legs and wear a
Sunday. And what a feast it was. Special foods
enjoyed only in the spring. Of course ham
- "Humid" to you is over
and kielbasa, kreen (beet and horseradish) to
spread on the meats, two breads, one sweet
- You grew up planning
and another buttery, fresh hard boiled eggs,
your Halloween costumes
dyed with pressed leaves then wrapped with
around your coat.
cheesecloth and dipped in strong tea, from
- Your sense of direction
Mrs. Chabanka's farm, riced potatoes, fresh
is: Toward the mountains
egg noodles baked in dill sauce, all served on
and away from the moun-
dinnerware from the old country (Ukraine).
There were two tables set, one for the adults
- You say, "The Inter-
and another for the cousins. Paper plates and
state," and everybody
napkins were never used, only table linens,
knows which one.
even for the cousins. The only difference
- You know what the
between the tables was the Cherry Kiefa Wine
Continental Divide is.
for the adults to toast the day and the season.
- You actually know that
I was the first cousin to graduate to the adult
South Park is a real place,
table and taste this wine. It made me want to
not just a show on TV.
return to the cousins.
- You always know the el-
The conversation usually started with remem-
evation of where you are.
bering Uncle Billy who was killed landing on
- You've gone off-roading
the beach of Okinawa in World War II at the
in a vehicle that was
age of 18 years. Then quickly to who would
never intended for such
help with tilling the soil in the garden, carry-
ing the water barrels up from the cellar and
- A bear on your front
which of the cousins was old enough to pull
porch doesn't bother you.
weeds. That was special, because you got to
- When people out East
spend time with Bounia and hear stories of her
tell you they have moun-
youth in Ukraine, and also how wicked her
tains in their state too,
sons were growing up. Evidently my aunt was
you just laugh.
a perfect child that cleverly survived life with