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2012 March
The Moon Dance
Calling All Fly Fishermen
Earth Day activities include planting trees,
cleaning roadside rubbish and conducting
If your into fly fishing, then you will want to
recycling and conservation programs. Earth
go and check out these way cool fly fishing
day was first observed in 1970.
shows in March:
Other Observances
Black Canyon Fly Fishing Show, Saturday,
The Bahá'í New Year is also celebrated on
March 3, 9a-4p. Friendship Hall, 1001 N 2nd,
March 21, which is the date of the March
Montrose. Fly Fishing Show presented by
equinox in some years, such as 2003 and 2007.
Gunnison Gorge Anglers, Great Youth Pro-
The Hindi Holi celebration, one of India's
gram. Learn fly tying/tie knots, how to cast
major festivals, is also celebrated around this
a fly rod/see bugs that live in our Rivers and
party. The two-day big mountain event attracts
time of the year in 2008.
Lakes. Kids contest for great prizes, door prize
the biggest names in the telemark industry and
In the northern hemisphere the March equi-
for coming to the show. Hourly fishing shows,
is unique to Crested Butte.
nox marks the start of spring and has long
exhibitors and vendors. 40 local & regional
Call Crested Butte Vacations 1.800.810.7669.
been celebrated as a time of rebirth. It is an
fly tyers. Bamboo Rod collection, rod ap-
Vernal Equinox Arrives
ancient Chinese custom to balance eggs ­ a
praisals by Jeff Hatton. Inside casting ponds!
Customs and Holidays around the March Equi-
symbol of fertility ­ on the day of the March
FREE Admission!
equinox to bring good luck and prosperity.
The March equinox coincides with many cul-
According to Jewish tradition, God made
14th Annual Fly Fishing Expo, March 31, 9a,
tural events, religious observances and customs.
the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day of
Free admission. All day fly fishing activities
Usually falling on March 20 or March 21, it is a
creation ­ and once every 28 years the sun
with many youth activities. Programs, fly ty-
time when the sun shines directly on the equa-
returns to the same astronomical position
ing demos, vendors raffles, and more! Double-
tor and day and night are almost equal across
that it held that day. The Talmud says that
Tree by Hilton, 743 Horizon Drive, Gr Jct,
the world. It is also a time when many cultures
the turning point of this cycle occurs at the
observe rituals, customs or holidays, especially
March equinox.
Extreme Championships
in the northern hemisphere where it is spring.
Crested Butte is known for some extreme ski-
Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of
ing and lives up to it's reputation this month
Jesus, according to Christian belief. The Easter
with these two extremely cool events you
date depends on the ecclesiastical approxima-
won't want to miss:
tion of the March equinox. In 325CE the Council
21st Annual Extreme Freeskiing Champion-
of Nicaea decided that the Easter date would be
ships, Wednesday, March 8-11, The Subaru
the first Sunday after the first full moon occur-
Freeskiing World Tour is the largest and
ring on or after the March equinox. Easter is
longest running competitive big mountain
therefore delayed one week if the full moon is
freeskiing tour in the history of the sport with
on Sunday, which lessens the likelihood of it
an unprecedented six stops. Founded in 1998,
A Cold Winter
falling on the same day as the Jewish Passover.
the FWT, created and produced by Mountain
Higan, or Higan-e, is a week of Buddhist ser-
This Winter, IT WAS SO COLD THAT...
Sports International, Inc., is heading into its
vices observed in Japan during both the spring
- The computer store was selling giant key-
15th year. In addition to up to $110,000 in win-
and autumn equinoxes when day and night
boards so people could type with mittens.
nings, the world tour champions are awarded
are equal at length. Both equinoxes have been
- "Hot pants" started selling again.... until
the McConkey Cup, honoring legendary skier
national holidays since the Meiji period (1868-
people figured out they weren't really hot.
Shane McConkey, founder of the IFSA.
1912). Before World War II, they were known
- The Statue of Liberty was seen sticking that
16th Annual U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Tele-
as koreisai, or festivals of the Imperial ances-
torch under her robe.
mark Championships, Thursday, March
tors. After the war, when the national holidays
- When we dialed 911, a recorded message
22-24, Over 100 free-heelers take to the slopes
were renamed, they became simply spring and
said to phone back in the Spring!
to compete in this Telemark freeskiing event
autumn equinoxes.
- The optician was giving away free ice scrap-
complete with welcome reception and awards
Higan is a one-week period surrounding the
ers with every new pair of eyeglasses.
spring and autumn equinoxes. It means the
- Grandpa's teeth were chattering; in the glass!
"other shore" and refers to the spirits of the
- Starbucks was serving coffee on a stick.
dead reaching Nirvana after crossing the river of
- Playboy magazine stopped publishing be-
existence. It celebrates the spiritual move from
cause no women would take their clothes off.
the world of suffering to the world of enlight-
- Hitchhikers were holding up pictures of
enment and is a time to remember the dead by
visiting, cleaning and decorating their graves
- The lights would only go on in the house
and reciting sutras. Buddhist prayers, rice balls
when someone opened the door.
and sushi are offered. This is a time for the Japa-
- When we turned on the shower, we got hail.
nese to worship their imperial ancestors and to
- We didn't clean the house, we defrosted it.
welcome spring.
- When we tried to take the garbage out, it
Nowruz (No-Ruz), The Iranian start of the
didn't want to go!
New Year occurs during the time of the March
equinox, in accordance with the Persian astro-
nomical calendar The No-Ruz celebration of
spring lasts for about 12 days and dates back
to pre-Islamic times. Preparations begin well in
advance and include purchasing new clothes
for all family members and thoroughly cleaning
homes. Wheat or lentil representing new growth
is grown in a flat dish a few days before the
New Year and is called Sabzeh (green shoots).
Decorated with colorful ribbons, it is kept until
the 13th day of the New Year, and then disposed
outdoors. Oil Nationalization Day in Iran also
falls on March 20.
Earth Day, Some organizations schedule Earth
Day for March 20, while others set the date for
April 22. For some, Earth Day is when people
from all nations, religions and cultural back-
grounds celebrate their similarities: living on
earth. For others, Earth Day is observed to
promote the protection the natural environment
from pollution and other destructive forces.