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coordination and disci-
From The Coach
In a study of school-
A few key components for a personal exercise fit-
aged youth, research-
ness plan. To begin a program it is best to choose
ers found that the risk
an activity or activities that you enjoy! Even mod-
of substance abuse by
erate levels of activities hold helpful health ben-
adolescents is decreased
efits. Here are a few key stepping blocks that will
by physical training pro-
help you choose the right type of personal activity
grams that incorporate
to begin.
life-skills. Better school
How physically fit are you?
attendance, lower anxi-
If you have you been inactive for a while, you may
ety and depression and
want to begin walking or swimming at your own
decreased use of tobacco
comfort zone.
and alcohol were all
Beginning a program with less strenuous activi-
reported after a twelve
ties allows you to become fit without straining or
week physical training
injuring your body. Once establishing your comfort
program (Collingwood,
zone, you can gradually increase to more vigorous
Sunderlain, Reynolds &
movement or a different activity when you choose.
Kohl, 2000).
How old are you? If over 40 and have not been
Recreational sport
active, avoid beginning with a very strenuous pro-
activities, including
gram, for example jogging when you begin. For the
gymnastics is a key to
first two months, build on increasing the time and
ideal conditions for ice skating at Curecanti. The
balanced human development and has been
intensity of the activity chosen gradually. Walking
Gunnison River Canyon, east of the Lake City
proven to be a significant factor in reducing alcohol
and swimming are great choices for exercises at
Bridge, is a favorite spot for early season skating.
and drug use (Williams 1994). Many studies have
any age.
Never go skating alone and check ice conditions
reported the benefits of moderate impact activi-
What main benefits do you want to gain from
before traveling on ice.
ties such as gymnastics has on the development of
exercising? (jot these down in a small inexpensive
bone density and the prevention of osteoporosis.
notebook binder for your own personal informa-
Depending on ice conditions, the Iola and Cebolla
Plyometric exercise like tumbling and vaulting
tion begin tracking and reaching your personal
Basins and the West Elk, Lake Fork and Cebolla
have been determined by the American College of
goals). I want the benefits of exercise that will help
Arms may be traveled. Snowmobile travel is lim-
Sports Medicine to be safe, beneficial and fun activ-
my; heart and lungs, my flexibility, strength in my
ited to the frozen surface of Blue Mesa Reservoir
ity for children.
lower body, upper body or whole body, health
and on established access roads to the reservoir
Healthy activities like gymnastics keep our kids
benefits that enhance my endurance and stamina.
only. Maximum gross weight is 1200 pounds
off the couch and engaged in a healthy lifestyle.
All of these choices will lend themselves for other
(machine and cargo). Avoid interference with other
A qualified intermediate gymnastics class teacher
health benefits that just come along with one or
recreationists. Do not disturb wildlife. Snowmobile
is contributing to lower health care costs in the
more of these choices.
access may be limited to reduce stress to wildlife
United States; active children are more likely to
I like to exercise alone? or Do I like to exercise with
during harsh winters.
grow to become active and healthier adults, reduc-
other people? Do you like individual activities such
ing the burden on the health care system. Seden-
as swimming, gymnastics, golf, or team sports such
There are no groomed ski trails, however, several
tary lifestyles have been linked to the development
as tennis, or soccer? What about an aerobics class,
areas offer good skiing to those who enjoy the chal-
of coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus and
stretch & flexibility class?
lenge of breaking trail or following loosely estab-
numerous other chronic aliments. Nurturing the
Ever think about ballroom dancing? Having a com-
lished routes.
panion may help you to get started and keep go-
Iola Basin
of movement and motor skill development at an
ing. Normally you can find a partner easily. If not,
Ski or snowshoe the frozen, snowy surface of Blue
early age will help promote continued participa-
choose another activity until you find a partner...
Mesa Reservoir at Iola Basin located 10 miles west
tion in physical activity.
Do you like to exercise outdoors or in your own
of Gunnison. Watch for wintering bald eagles fly-
Long range, these active and therefore healthier
home? If your first choice is outdoors benefits
ing overhead or perched in dead trees. Check ice
adults are more likely to be more productive at
immediately begin with a variety of scenery and
conditions before skiing, and avoid fishing holes.
work, take less sick days, and have fewer "on the
variable weather conditions with choices such
This area is suitable for all skiing abilities.
job" accidents (Paffenbarger, 1996).*
as; walking, jogging, hiking, or cycling for a few
East Elk Creek
*Michael A. Taylor, `Some of the Benefits of Gym-
simple choices.
Located one mile west of the Elk Creek Visitor
nastics' July 2003
The second choice does offer the immediate ben-
Center on U.S. Highway 50. Ski or snowshoe the
Coach Kirk Snow Shadow Sports
efits of exercise no matter the weather conditions.
level road to the East Elk Creek Campground,
A few choices for indoor activities; stationary bike,
or beyond to the Sapinero Wildlife Area, for a
bench stepping, sit-ups, push-ups, running in place
roundtrip distance of 4 miles. Suitable for all skiing
or jump rope which can
normally be done in the home. These indoor activi-
Red Creek
ties can be replaced for outdoor activities, so not
Begins 4 miles west of the Elk Creek Visitor Center
to break your program structure, and than resume
on U.S. Highway 50. Ski or snowshoe the road
after better weather conditions arise.
which leads to Red Creek Campground or continue
How much money are you willing to spend to
beyond the campground toward the West Elk Wil-
attend a facility or to purchase sport equipment?
derness Area of the Gunnison National Forest, for
There are many activities that require little or no
about 6 miles. Terrain is steep. Suitable for interme-
major equipment. A brisk walk which, one only
diate and advanced skiers.
needs a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Also,
Dillon Pinnacles
many communities offer free or inexpensive
Still Winter At Blue Mesa
This trail begins in the parking area 5 miles west of
recreational facilities and physical fitness activity
the Elk Creek Visitor Center. The 4-mile roundtrip
Winter at Curecanti National Recreation Area pro-
trail increases in elevation 600 feet in 2 miles. It
How can I best fit an activity into my schedule?
vides exceptional opportunities for ice fishing, ice
offers views of Blue Mesa Reservoir, the Dillon
First choose whether you feel more like starting out
skating, snowmobiling and cross country skiing.
Pinnacles, and wildlife such as Bald Eagles and
in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Consider
On March 3, the Cattle in the Pasture Series Ice
Bighorn Sheep. This south facing trail may not
shifting other activities around so you are able to
Fishing Contest will be held at Blue Mesa Reser-
have sufficient snow cover. Suitable for intermedi-
make your choices a fun and regular routine. Also,
voir, Contestants are limited to a pre-marked area
ate and advanced skiers.
exercise routines are spread out during the week
and allowed to measure one fish per hour with a
and do not necessarily need to be more than 15 to
limit of four trout all day.
30 minutes per bout per day. Once getting into a
The Elk Creek Visitor Center at Curecanti National
routine mix it up a bit with other choices of activi-
Recreation Area winter hours are Wed-Sun, 8a-4p.
ties. This will help to keep you active and help pre-
vent boredom and burn-out syndrome. For more
The Iola Basin of Blue Mesa Reservoir offers the
information about burn-out syndrome see: www.
best ice fishing conditions. Anglers must have a .
valid Colorado State fishing license and obey bag
If you are seeking a fitness program for your
and possession limits. Ice fishing shelters must
child here are a few facts about What your child
be removed each day. Maximum hole size is 12"
can gain from gymnastics training. Gymnastics is
diameter or 12" on any side. Check ice conditions
considered to be perhaps the most comprehensive
before traveling on ice.
"lifestyle programs" available for children, which
incorporate flexibility, strength, balance, power,
Winters of cold temperature and little snow make