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2012 April
The Moon Dance
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Aries - Physical improvement and healing
occurs. Love is on your mind. Keep plugging
away professionally, efficiency is improving and
financial liquidity is on track. Stay organized,
de-stress and keep your feet on the ground. It's
getting better all the time.
Taurus - Turmoil, problems, and difficul-
ties evaporate as relationships improve both
at home and work. Be frugal with improved
finances and keep focused on leveraging your
professional value. Keep a close eye on your
Pronghorn Activity
Gemini - Lingering concerns eventually will
Pronghorn to be studied in western Colorado
fade. Attraction increases and love life improves.
DELTA, Colo. - Colorado Parks and Wildlife biolo-
Spirits are high even in the face of professional
gists and managers have started a study in western
Colorado to try to determine why the population
hurdles. Follow your instincts and take advan-
of a small herd of pronghorns is not growing.
tage of opportunities for movement.
In an area of Delta and Mesa counties, just southwest of the Grand Mesa, is a herd of
Cancer - An interesting month, change is in the air on many
about 100 pronghorns descended from animals transplanted to the area in the 1970s.
levels. Flexibility is a must. There may be some necessary sac-
During the last 10 years, agency biologists and managers have noticed that groups of
rifices or disappointments in store. Keep an open mind and a
the animals are getting smaller and the overall size of the herd is declining.
positive attitude. Success is on the way.
"Very few fawns are surviving and we don't know why," said Brad Banulis, terrestrial
Leo - Social activity increasing and happiness grows at home
biologist for the Montrose area. "We hope that this study will help us figure out what's
and at work. More relationships develop; more activity all
going on in this herd."
around. Money also increases. Keep lines of communication
Two operations kicked off the research.
On Feb. 19, the agency captured 19 pronghorns from the herd. Radio collars and ear
open. Your health should be good but don't overdo it.
tags were placed on 10 of them, and neck bands and ear tags were placed on the other
Virgo - Be very careful how you treat your relations this
nine. The collars and bands will allow biologists and managers to track the animals'
month as it could have long term ramifications both emotion-
movements and to spot them from a distance.
ally and professionally. Avoid toxins at all cost; avoid toxic
On March 1, 24 pronghorns were captured south of Limon in eastern Colorado and
communication and actions. Be kind and honest, cautious and
taken to a site near the Delta-Mesa County line where they were released. Nine of the
animals were fitted with radio collars and the others received ear tags and neck bands.
Libra - Prosperous times are coming or upon you. Manage it
All the animals captured also received a vaccine that fends off viruses that cause hem-
with care and focus on organization; trim your to-do list of
orrhagic diseases in ungulates. The diseases can be fatal to deer and pronghorns.
vague goals. Nourish your love life and make extra sure to
The transplanted animals will join up with the existing herd, Banulis explained. Their
nourish your immune system as well.
movements will be tracked and Parks and Wildlife employees will be able to determine
what habitat they are utilizing, if they are having young and if fawns are surviving.
Scorpio - Dissatisfaction comes from high expectations.
"This is the first time we've done any research on this herd," Banulis said. "The ability
Remember, happiness is achievable without perfection. Com-
to track these animals will provide us with a lot of valuable information."
munication and cooperation will serve you well in love and at
No pronghorn hunting in this herd's area is allowed currently.
work. Additional sources of income appear.
"The trap and release operation went very well," said
Sagittarius - Business opportunities arise. Your creative talents
Frank McGee, a district wildlife manager in Grand
will inspire and motivate others and bring success. Relation-
Junction. "The field staff has been working for several
ships emerge and improve and love energy is high. Good
years to identify ways to improve this population. Now
vibes envelope couples, or chances are very good to find true
we have a method that will allow us to figure out what's
going on with these animals."
Capricorn - An increase in sensuality may lead single Capri-
Also on March 1, 74 pronghorns were released
in the Gunnison Basin to supplement that population.
corns to find love this month. For couples, mutual admiration
To learn more about pronghorns in Colorado, see:
and support positively affects professional endeavors, as well
as home
life. Lots of beauty and peace this month, nice.
(source: Division of Wildlife)
Aquarius - Communication is most important this month and
will help push success at work. At home, passion is alive and
well, refreshing existing relations or stimulating hot new ones.
"How cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity
Adventure and fun and lots of loving will keep you smiling.
under roses and violets and morning dew!" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Pisces - Passions continue to run high but do not allow your-
"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside,
self to float away into illusion. Keep clear headed and make
somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God.
calm rational decisions. At work, focus on new ideas, try
Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes
catching up on old chores, and get organized. Also, work to
to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature." ~Anne Frank
improve your diet.