The Good News
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2012 April
24 Tons Donated
Colorado Wheat and ConAgra Do-
nate 24 Tons of Flour to Food Bank
of the Rockies
In honor of National Agriculture
Revenues On The Rise
Week, March 5-9, the Colorado
Wheat Administrative Committee
State revenue forecast improves by $164.5 million
(CWAC) and the Colorado Asso-
for FY12-13
ciation of Wheat Growers (CAWG)
The Governor's Office of State Planning and Bud-
teamed with ConAgra Mills to
geting (OSPB) announced on March 19 that the
donate 24 tons (48,000 pounds) of
state general fund revenue is projected to be $164.5
Ultragrain® flour to the Food Bank
million higher in the next fiscal year than was
of the Rockies. The donation, with
forecast in December. However, the net increase
a retail value of more than $35,000,
to the general fund will be $149 million because of
will provide 9,600 5-lb. bags of the
declining severance tax revenue.
white whole wheat flour for distri-
The overall increase is mainly attributable to
bution to families in need in Colo-
continued improvement in the job market and
rado. This is the fourth consecutive
increased confidence among households and busi-
year for this donation.
nesses. The sustained production of goods, both
This is enough flour to make over
nationally and in Colorado, are building a better
100,000 one-pound loaves of bread.
foundation for growth and loosened credit is pro-
Ultragrain® flour has the fiber and
viding businesses and households new money for
nutrition of whole grain but the
investments and spending.
taste, texture and appearance of
The governor's proposed budget includes approxi-
refined flour.
mately $188 million in cuts to K-12 and higher edu-
CAWG President Randy Traxler
cation and decreased revenue distribution to local
of Otis attended Colorado Ag Day
governments. The budget also included a plan not
activities at the state capitol, where
to restore the senior homestead exemption.
a check for $97,174 in cash and
"There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about
in-kind donations from members
the direction of Colorado's economy," Gov. John
of the Colorado Ag Council was
Hickenlooper said. "We look forward to working
presented to the Food Bank of the
with the Joint Budget Committee to proportion-
ally restore some of the difficult cuts we already
"Agriculture is very important
proposed in the budget. That means taking care of
to Colorado's economy," Traxler
our state's neediest seniors, supporting local gov-
said. "We have heard from
ernments and doing all we can to fund K-12 and
Good Home Jobs Waiting For You
numerous government officials that Colorado's
higher education to their fullest potential."
farmers and ranchers are leading Colorado out of
OSPB projects FY 2012-13 General Fund revenue
Business Wise is Helping America Work Again
the recession. This is our chance to give back and
will grow at a rate higher than projected in De-
Tired of calling customer service and getting
help those who are less fortunate in our state."
cember (3.0 percent compared with 1.1 percent).
someone that does not speak English very well
Mike Martin of ConAgra Mills said, "At ConAgra
The 3.0 percent rate translates to $220.7 million in
only to find out they are in India or the Philip-
Foods, we are proud of our almost 20-year com-
revenue growth in FY 2012-13.
pines? Outsourcing has been a big controversy for
mitment to impacting child hunger. It started with
OSPB upgraded the economic forecast for FY
several years and Business Wise is trying to help
the ConAgra Foods Foundation which is dedicated
2012-13 based on recent economic momentum. The
bring customer service back to the United States.
to making sure children have access to the food
office reports:
Business Wise hires people to do customer service
and facts about food to succeed in school and life.
Improvement in the job market, a loosening of
for several different national companies. The best
We have continued to build on this commitment
credit, continued increases in manufacturing and
part about this is those people work from their
with products and employee volunteer efforts. This
other production activities, and higher confidence
home and can live anywhere in the United States.
donation is part of our national mission to raise
should bolster growth more than forecast in
All they need to get started is a good working
awareness of child hunger in the U.S. It is also a
December. However, while improvement has oc-
computer, high speed internet, a dedicated no-
thank-you to Colorado wheat farmers for doing
curred in some sectors, reasons for concern remain.
frills analog phone line, a good phone voice, and,
business with us through the year."
Persistently high unemployment is indicative of
of course, patience.
Kevin Seggelke, President and CEO of the Food
continued labor market problems, gas and food
The economic value of working from home is
Bank of the Rockies, said that flour is a very
prices are rising again, and the housing market will
great. No gas expense, no uniform or clothing
popular item and is something that the Food Bank
continue to be an impediment to stronger growth.
expense, no lunch expense, and since Business
would normally have to buy, as it is not typically
In addition, European conditions remain uncer-
Wise hires as contract labor, you can write off part
tain, and other major economies, including China,
of your mortgage/rent and utilities on your taxes.
CWAC and CAWG are two distinctly separate
exhibit signs of slowing. Therefore, although the
The employees also choose which company they
organizations with different, but complimentary
forecast improved, OSPB remains cautious, project-
wish to work for and can choose their hours. The
purposes. CWAC is the producer-elected Board of
ing modest growth in 2012 and 2013.
comfort value is also great. Work in pajamas and
Control for the Colorado Wheat Marketing Order
"These trends indicate that the economy is show-
bunny slippers if you wish. No one will see you
whose purpose is to decide how assessment funds
ing more positive activity which is integral to
except your family and pets.
are to be spent for research, promotion and educa-
sustained growth," said Henry Sobanet, executive
New employees will be expected to go through
tion activities. CAWG is a voluntary membership
director of OSPB. "This is incremental good news,
certification classes. Initially to certify as a cus-
association that lobbies on behalf of wheat growers
but risks still remain."
tomer service consultant, then to certify with the
at the state and national
company they choose to work for. After all, it is
levels of government
best to know the systems the specific companies
and provides special
use and what they expect before taking live calls.
programs and benefits
Isn't it preferable to speak to someone that knows
to dues paying mem-
what they are talking about? There are fees for
these classes which vary from company to com-
(source: coloradowheat.
pany, but are generally paid back by the first full
These jobs start out part time which will require
15 to 25 hours a week, with 3 to 5 of those hours
to be worked on the weekends depending on who
the certification is with. The wages are hourly;
however, anyone can get a raise anytime by add-
ing more hours or by certifying with a second
company. Employees can choose to work morn-
ings, afternoons or evenings or any combination
of the three.
If this sounds like something that you or someone
you know might be interested in, Business Wise
is hiring now. Send resume or letter of interest to
Let's Get America Working Again!