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2012 April
New To Medicare Help
Make sure to buy your
produce fresh. Organic is
A free Medicare 101 And More program is sched-
always best. Also remember
uled on Wednesday, April 11, at 6:30 p.m., at the
that juices must be made
Grand Mesa Oncology, Infusion, and Rheumatol-
fresh. Despite what the label
ogy Center, 1501 E. 3rd St., Delta, just north of the
says, anything that comes
Delta County Memorial Hospital building. This
boxed, canned, or in a bottle
program, titled "Are You New To Medicare?" will
is not fresh juice. It has
be hosted by Mabel and Judy, who will help those
been processed and most,
attending understand more about Medicare and
if not all, of the nutrients
the available benefits. This program is presented
have been destroyed by the
by the Colorado West Retired Senior Volunteer
process. The other option
Program, AeroCare, the Colorado Health Founda-
is to buy juice from a local
tion, and the State Health Insurance Assistance
juice bar where they prepare
Program (SHIP). For more information, contact
the juice in front of you for
RSVP Colorado West at 970.249.9639
immediate consumption.
Juice Up Your Body
An important thing to note
Juice Fasting: Why Do It?
is that you may experience
Our bodies accumulate toxins from a variety of
detoxification symptoms
sources, but the most common are the air we
while fasting. These include
breathe, and the food we eat. Pollution is a growing
headaches, feeling like you
problem, and whether we realize it or not, it affects
have the flu, or feeling irri-
our health. Likewise, our foods are processed, or
table. These symptoms will
genetically modified, or both. Pesticides are used in
pass. Don't be concerned if
abundance, and when we eat foods that have been
you don't have them. Every-
treated with these chemicals, we take them into our
one is different, but don't be
bodies increasing the amount of toxins stored.
afraid if you do.
The body works hard to eliminate these toxins, but
While juice fasting for 3
it simply can't purge them all as quickly as we take
days or less is generally
them in. In some people who are heavily loaded
considered safe, long term
with toxins, symptoms such as allergies, and
fasting should be done only
chronic headaches will begin to develop.
after discussing with your
There are ways to help the body rid itself of the
doctor. Likewise, if you have
toxins that it has accumulated. Juice fasting is a
health issues, you will want
safe, and effective means of detoxification. Unlike
to speak to your doctor as
other popular fasts, juicing allows you to continue
well. Juice fasting is quickly
nourishing your body. Fresh fruit and vegetable
gaining popularity, and it
juices contain important vitamins and minerals
definitely does wonderful things for your body;
that your body requires while giving the body a
that doesn't mean it's for everyone, or that there
by Sandy Lauzon
rest from the digestion process, and allowing the
are no dangers. Nothing in life comes with a guar-
April Showers and other Spring Flings
system to focus on the elimination of toxins, and
antee, so please make sure you educate yourself
Music and dance was a tremendous part of Bou-
and speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.
nia's world. Every baby cousin danced around the
Almost any fruit or vegetable that can be eaten
Beckie is passionate about juicing, and loves shar-
big kitchen long before they could walk. It hap-
in its raw form can be juiced. The most popular
ing what she has learned with others. After juicing
pened like magic. The dance was enjoyed only the
include tomatoes, celery, carrots, and green leafy
helped her quit smoking, she started to research
work of the day was completed.
vegetables of all kinds. Combinations such as pear,
and began helping friends and family reach their
Bounia had a hunger for wild mushrooms. My
tomato and celery taste good, but green juices will
health goals by incorporating fresh juices into their
father often accompanied her in the damp New
do the most good for your body. Kale and wheat-
daily routine. Read more about juicing to quit
England woods to seek them out. I got to tag
grass are two of the most popular greens to use
smoking or visit Beckie's juicer reviews at www.
along. My brother was too young, and the cous-
during a juice detox, but don't limit yourself to
ins not interested in walking or mushrooms.
just those. There are a wide variety of fruits and
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.
What they missed was all the rest of the wonder-
vegetables to explore. Experiment with different
ment. First lesson of the day was to watch where
combinations of greens and fruits.. There's no limit
Article Source:
you were going. If you looked up to avoid tree
to the delicious tasting juices you can make.
branches and bushes snapping you in the face, you
"The doctor of the future will give no
Juices made from high quality juicers can be refrig-
faced the danger of stepping on a hornet's nest or
medicine, but will interest his patients in
erated, though I suggest no longer than four hours.
worse. A fallen nest of brand new baby birds with
The longer the juice sits, the less nutritious it be-
the care of human frame, and in the cause
an agitated mother bird flapping about was danger
comes. This is because oxygen will begin to destroy
and prevention of disease."- T. A. Edison
beyond imagination.
the live enzymes contained within the juice itself.
The second lesson was to poke around fallen tree
limbs and stumps to find the mushrooms. Mush-
rooms grow in icky places. Bounia wore no gloves
and she deftly picked the `shrooms and tossed
them into her burlap sack. I did not care for the
The third lesson was to differentiate between good
mushrooms and poison ones. Some mushrooms
have a colored band beneath the top and others do
not. I could never remember which were which.
Bounia was too engrossed in her work to repeat
anything more than once.
What I delighted in were the wild violets and lady
slippers growing in the damp earth. Now that was
something to seek out. Dad and Bounia would be
about filling the burlap sack. I was picking wild
violets. It was against the law to pick lady slippers
because there were so few. I cannot remember if it
was a state law or a Bounia law. But law was law.
Picnic lunches also escaped Bounia's world view.
Food was consumed at the table at home in the
kitchen. The only exception was summer cookouts.
We can explore that ruling next time.
Reflect: What adventures in your youth serve to
bring you peace? What experiences will your chil-
dren or grandchildren recall when they remem-
ber you? How can I improve? What will I leave
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor in Dolo-
res. 970.759.9740)