Nature & Wildlife
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2012 May
and nutrition. Enrich
your well being and
self-motivational drive
for a more fun, and sen-
sible healthier lifestyle.
All `Hike for Health'
sport adventures are
lead by highly qualified
coaches, instructors,
teachers and guides.
Once registered, indi-
viduals are required
to attend Instructional
Safety and outlined les-
son plan in a class room
setting here at Snow
Shadow Gym. This is
the 1st step that makes
this program, an educa-
tional experience. The
2nd step is to actually
physically participate in
the outdoor adventure
From The Coach
scheduled for your group class. Yes! The group is
led by our staff on a real outdoor journey adven-
Snow Shadow `Hike for Health' Sport Fitness &
ture applying the outlined curriculum covered
Education Program
during the instructional classes.
Snow Shadow Gymnastics located in Historical
Learning new methods for fitness and educa-
Downtown Montrose, Colorado has expanded to add
tion is a number one goal followed by safety and
a new Educational and Recreational Sports Fitness
nutrition. Particular `Hike for Health' adventures
program. First established in 1994 as the front run-
include other commercial businesses, associates,
ner for the 1st Women's Gymnastics High Altitude
guides and entrance fees. All of these fees are in-
Cross-Training Program in America. Snow Shadow
cluded in the `Hike for Health' Fitness Adventure
now offers a wider range of educational and sport
fee. Lunch and dinner or additional entrance fees
adventures to experience. Enhance your health and
depend on the activity being a Day or Full Day
sport skills at the same time. Learn more about how
adventure. This is explained in more detail on
the diversity of recreational sports cross-training can
the Itinerary Activity Schedule (I.A.S.). Separate
make a difference in your life. Enrolling in the `Hike
IAS forms are provided for each activity.
Area Dog Shows
for Health' recreational sport
An annual $15 `Hike for Health' Registration fee
fitness and education program offers opportunity
and Registration Form is required for each per-
AKC Agility Dog Show
and healthy self-challenges in various activities.
son and must be on file in our office. In addition
May 11-13, 8a-5p, Free. Grand Valley Kennel Club
Once enrolled in the `Hike for Health' program you
a separate `Hike for Health' Activity Form must
Sanctioned match breed, obedience and rally dogs.
will learn more about team participation and natural-
be filled out for each class any individual chooses
Mesa County Fairgrounds, Lions Park, 2785 US
ly develop educational benefits in what the diversity
to attend. This form must accompany the Class
Hwy 50, Gr Jct, Event Line: 970.255.7100, Office:
of sport cross-training has to offer. You will also learn
Activity fee 7 days in advance of the class lecture.
about other different classes and programs offered at
Your Private business or a Family group may re-
Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials
Snow Shadow Gym.
quest and reserve a `Hike for Health' adventure.
May 11-13, We invite you to be our guest and wit-
Summer High Altitude Cross-Training Camps offer
Great for company staff incentive programs or as
ness truly one of the greatest and most dynamic
a higher level of outdoor adventures and education
an educational family fitness reprieve. (Private
working partnerships. A dog, a handler and the
including camping, bouldering, high altitude aerobic
group rates)
stock (in this case the sheep). With just a few well
hikes, high altitude strength & conditioning
timed whistles, the dog takes charge of the sheep
The Rules and Policies stated are for the
and completes the assigned task. It is important to
safety and well being of all that attend.
note that the dogs are trained but the sheep are not.
Please read and understand these few
Hotchkiss, 970.872.3226
simple guidelines to make your experience
Durango Kennel Club AKC Show
a Great One!
Come and join us for an exciting AKC Licensed All
*All participants must complete a `Hike for
Breed Dog Show and Obedience Trial, plus enjoy
Health Registration Form to be kept on file
the diversity and beauty of the Southwest! This
in our office. In addition, each participant
2012 Licensed All Breed Dog Show and Obedience
must fill-out a `Hike for Health' Adventure
Trial will be held on May 18-20 at the Montezuma
Release Form for
County Fairgrounds, 30100 Highway 160, Cortez.
each class activity and any other forms
The Durango Kennel Club is a licensed AKC show
needed for the sport adventure lesson they
giving club for over 20 years.
have chosen.*All fees must be received 7
days in advance of the scheduled activ-
ity date. Cash, Check or Credit cards are
The Horse Show
accepted. (Do not mail cash) Installment
Steadfast Steeds Grand Opening, May 5, 10a.
Plan is available.
Making Amazing Memories with America's Mus-
*Sport Fitness Adventures must read and
tangs, Steadfast Steeds will "open house" to the
understand all rules and policies and
public to see, hear and experience Mustangs up
abide by them or risk forfeit of any/all fees
close and personal. Live band, demos, and Mus-
including their rights to participate in any
tangs! Glade Park, 1411 S. 16 1/2 Road, 970.241.0939
further studies.
The `Hike for Health' Sports Fitness & Ed-
ucational Adventure program is designed
for furthering educational knowledge of
how sports and specific field of study can
be combined and applied as new methods
for educational health and fitness.
Integrating both indoor and outdoor recre-
ational learning experiences will naturally
expose how these activities become
healthy habits for healthy lifestyle changes.
Ask about the Weekend and 1 Week High
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your  Altitude Cross-Training Over-night Camps
- Coach Kirk / SSGHACT Director, e-mail:
balance you must keep moving."
~ Albert Einstein