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Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
2012 May
An Outside Joke
A preacher was making his rounds to his parishioners on a bicycle, when
he came upon a little boy trying to sell a lawnmower.
"How much do you want for the mower?" asked the preacher.
"I'm just trying to make enough money to buy a bicycle," said the little boy.
After a moment of consideration, the preacher asked, "Will you take my
bike in trade for it?" The boy said, "You got a deal."
The preacher took the mower and tried to start it. He pulled on the cord a
few times with no response from the mower. The preacher called the little
boy over and said, "I can't get this mower to start."
The little boy said, "That's `cause you have to cuss at it to get it started."
The preacher said, "I'm a minister, and I can't cuss. It's been so long since
I've been `saved' that I don't know if I even remember how to cuss."
The little boy looked at him with a smile and said, "Just keep pulling on
that cord. It'll come back to ya!"
Two Chances For Fish & Prizes
Gunnison Kiwanis Club Blue Mesa Lake Fishing Tournament, May 5-6.
The Gunnison Kiwanis Club has earned a stellar reputation for its Blue
Mesa Lake Fishing Tournament, which quickly sells out the 120 team spots
available. Teams of two will start at Elk Creek Marina and all species of
fish taken from Blue Mesa Lake and are at least 12 inches in size may be
entered into the competition except suckers, lake trout (Mackinaw), perch
and northern pike. The entry fee is $125 per team. For information and a
registration form, visit
Weekend Warriors Outdoors & Gunnison Chamber Fishing Tournament,
May 19-20: There are now two chances to compete on Blue Mesa Lake in
May with the second annual Weekend Warrior Outdoors and Gunnison
Chamber Fishing Tournament. A total of 120 spots are available for teams
of two (or teams of three including a youths under age 16) fishing for rain-
bow and brown trout (no kokanee salmon, perch or pike will be accepted).
Four fish can be submitted for competition per day. The cost is $120 per
team, with proceeds benefiting the Gunnison Chamber of Commerce. For
information and a registration form, visit
Tour The Night Sky
Saddlehorn Star Viewing, Saturdays May 19 & June 23, Dusk to 10p. Join
the Western Colorado Astronomy Club for a tour of the night sky. Weather
permitting; you will see planets, constellations, star forming nebulae, and
clusters. Meet in the Saddlehorn picnic area parking lot just after sunset.
Telescopes available. Colorado National Monument, Saddlehorn picnic area
near the Visitor Center, 970.858.3617 x 300
Sagittarius - Clarity comes to personal
The Moon Dance
relationships. Openness and honesty lead
to good times or good breaks. Improved
opportunities professionally leading to
improved finances.
Capricorn - Energy is good, timing is
good, pleasant professional energy and at-
titude, passions and an adventurous spirit
on the rise. Grasp and enjoy the opportu-
nites to play and have fun.
Cancer - Help and support in professional
Aquarius - Passion, harmony and joy
areas is abundant. Make good use of it. In-
encompass your personal life. Clarity and
tellect is high and energy levels are good,
easing of pressures stimulate focus and
leading to financial opportunities. Keep in
energy to your professional. Health im-
mind, your high standards can't always be
proves from increased rest.
met by others.
Pisces - Your intellect and creativity along
Leo - Relaxed and communicative, love
with cooperative efforts bring solutions
and friendships merge. High energy
and drive success. High morale and ener-
physical; channel it into new ideas. Hon-
gy. Obstacles or problems in your personal
ors or recognition come your way improv-
Aries - Your spirits are up and your energy
disappear or get solved.
ing your lot.
is following. You will start to achieve long
Virgo - Active passions continue to fuel a
worked for results in professional endeav-
spirit of adventure emotionally, sexually,
ors. Continue flexible and frugal ways
professionally, and spiritually. Challenges
always keeping open communication.
in store will strengthen you and are op-
Having some fun is important too.
portunities for you to shine. Face them
Taurus - Your creativity and enthusiasm
with a smile.
will take you very far on every level. Like
Libra - Take care of your health this
the sun you are, bright, hot, radiating
month, extra rest and nourishment. Take
energy; very appealing. Passionate, fertile,
care also of relations, be there, be helpful,
strong, and alive it's good to be Taurus.
be creative. Financial energy improves
Gemini - Increased openness and desire
dramatically. Money is coming.
pervade this month. Love flows around
Scorpio - Increased group activity and
and within, accelerating attractions. Busi-
collaborations professionaly. Home life or
ness enthusiasm increases with smoother
love life become more of a focus. A flexi-
operations. Nourish well your creativity
bile, relaxed and unexpectant attitude will
and especially your body.
pay many dividends.