Pg 15 - The Sunshine Express
2012 May
35 Words + Picture - Only $15
Help Wanted
Mail $15 and text to: The Sunshine Express,
PO Box 267, Norwood, CO 81423 or email
For personal service call 970.327.4196.
Make Money Now
loom gifts, antiques,
The Sunshine Express
collectibles, jew-
is looking for adver-
elry, movies, CDs and
tising sales help. Part
tapes, artwork, cloth-
time cash or full time.
ing, candles, applianc-
Set your own hours.
es, gadgets, furniture.
Top level 50% com-
Everything goes!
missions paid. Visit
Something For Ev-
Go back in time and
eryone, 25 N. Cas-
witness the history of
com/advertising for
cade, Montrose.
Delta and the Un-
info, call 970.327.4196
compaghre Valley,
or email sunshinex@
through wonderful and
old photographs from
start making cash
Fun Page Solutions
times past. `Images of
money today.
America, The Un-
compaghre Valley'.
Parts Wanted/For
By Theajo "Tj" Davis
Personalized, cus-
& Royal C. "Whitey"
tomized, one of a
Huff Sr. Available at
Enjoy craft shows?
kind gift treasures. $17.15,
Beautiful, handmade,
Large selection of
or call 970.209.2114.
one of a kind crafts
creative and artistic
at Barb's Creative
items to choose from.
Decor. Special orders
Electronics, cases,
welcome. One of a
For Sale 1961 Plym-
bags, binders, tiles,
kind pieces, awesome
outh Fury tail lights
coasters, business
decorations, holiday
with chrome bezels.
cards, travel mugs,
treasures, more! That
Make offer.
magnets, stickers, T-
special gift for that
Wanted 1964 Mer-
shirts, posters, more.
special someone.
Come meet the new
cury Monterey or
Secure shopping,
Open Wed-Sat 11a-
owners! Mention this
Marauder trim parts
fast shipping. zazzle.
5p. 339 N. 1st St. Mon-
ad for 20% off. Vin-
and lights.
trose. 970.249.2131
tage treasures, heir
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lucky winners.
Win official Sunshine
Express gifts, merchan-
dise, bumper stickers,
t-shirts, travel mugs,
Tease Me Answer:
and collectibles, as
It is not raining.
well as local business
Cryptogram Answer:
prizes, discount cou-
"Happiness springs from the decision to be
pons, gift certificates,
happy" - KingDaddy
and more. Find us on
Facebook at www.
Riddle Me Answers:
1- On a map 2- On their feet
3- Her students were bright!
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in The Sunshine
Advertise both
locally AND
regionally in one
7,000 copies in
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