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2012 May
Smart Boating
Colorado Parks and Wildlife Urges Boaters to
Get Safe on the Water
As the temperatures go up and the ice goes down,
most Coloradans begin putting away the skis and
breaking out the boats! Whether you like to take
your 21' cruiser out to your favorite lake or canoe
down the Arkansas River, here's a few rules from
the Colorado State Parks' boating program to
keep it fun all summer long:
Boat Safe: Remember to check all of your safety
equipment to make sure it's in good condition,
especially your life jackets. In 2011, nine people
drown in boating accidents and five of them
weren't wearing a life jacket. A lot of people
believe they can swim their way out of a bad spot,
not realizing the effect our cold water will have
on them. A great alternative for everyone 16 and
older is a U.S. Coast Guard-approved inflatable
life jacket. They're very comfortable and provide
about twice the flotation as an inherently buoy-
ant vest. Don't be a number. "Wear It Colorado!"
is part of a national boating safety campaign,
Boat Smart: Of all the boaters involved in an ac-
cident last year, only 17% had any type of boating
safety education. In 2012, Colorado Parks and
Wildlife and our partners are hosting 107 boating
New: Liquid Metal Batteries
Waterfall Season Arrives
safety review sessions at 28 locations through-
out the state, April-September. These are open
U.S. Scientist presents drum capable of storing
Ouray's Box Canyon Lodge Announces Waterfall
to the public and encouraged for all boaters, but
liquid green energy
Season - Waterfall viewing peaks in late spring,
required for motorboat drivers 14-15 years old. If
Apr 29 - A battery of liquid metal in the future could
early summer
interested in a class, please look at the schedule
reduce the need for new power plants, said a U.S.
Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs, one Colo-
online and e-mail
scientist at the TED conference on innovation, which
rado's most eco-friendly properties, is also centrally to reserve a spot. Not
takes place through Friday, May 4 in Long Beach,
located the three waterfalls that cascade down the
only can it keep you and your family safer, but it
mountainsides around Ouray. The waterfalls are
can also save you 5-10% on your boat insurance.
"As things stand, the demand for electricity must be
biggest during the spring runoff in May and early
Boat Sober: In 2010, boating under the influence
in constant balance with supply," said engineering
June, when snow from the mountains melts to create
of alcohol was a primary contributing factor in
professor Donald Sadoway, using an old chalk board
a powerful surge of water. So book a room at Box
almost 20% of all recreational boating fatalities.
to write down the formula for this battery.
Canyon, grab a camera and head to Ouray to see and
Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drive a
According to Sadoway, cheap batteries made of liq-
hear the season's best cascades.
car after drinking alcohol, but due to the sun, heat
uid metal could store electricity generated by solar
- The Box Caņon Falls, which has been popular with
and other stressors with boating, these effects are
panels, wind farms or facilities to generate and save
tourists since the Victorian era, is an easy two-block
multiplied. And, boaters are generally less experi-
it for when it is needed. That would be a significant
walk from the Box Canyon Lodge. The roaring falls
enced driving a boat than a car or another vehicle.
change from the current consumption system.
crash into the riverbed 285 feet below. Half a mile up
Boating under the influence (BUI) rarely just
"The battery is a device that would allow it," said
there is a suspension bridge that crosses the gorge.
affects the operator who's drinking; everyone on
Sadoway. "With it we can draw electricity from the
While in the canyon visitors should keep their eyes
the lake is at risk when there's an impaired boater.
sun, even when the sun does not shine."
peeled for the rare black swift bird that makes the
Play it safe on the water, pick a sober skipper!
Sadoway and his team of students from Massachu-
canyon walls its home during the summer. This
Colorado Parks and Wildlife gets everyone
setts Institute of Technology (MIT) are so sure of his
unique creature cannot perch on branches or wires,
outdoors! Attracting more than 12 million visi-
idea that they created the Corporation for Liquid
but can cling to vertical surfaces. The black swift's
tors per year, Colorado's 42 State Parks are a vital
Metal Battery and plan to have models of size on a
presence has earned the Box Caņon Falls Park an
cornerstone of Colorado's economy and quality of
restaurant table in two years. Microsoft co-founder
important bird watching area designation from the
life. Colorado State Parks encompass 224,447 land
Bill Gates is one of the sponsors of the company.
National Audubon Society. There is a fee to enter the
and water acres, offering some of the best outdoor
The company plans to eventually bring to market a
park from May until November, but it is free the rest
recreation destinations in the state. Colorado
liquid battery the size of a container of 40 feet, able
of the year.
Parks and Wildlife is a leader in providing op-
to carry enough electricity to meet the daily needs of
- Located on the east side of town, Lower Cascade
portunities for outdoor recreation, protecting the
200 homes typical of the United States.
Falls Trail provides access to Ouray's most notable
state's favorite landscapes, teaching generations
"You could have these batteries in the basements of
waterfall, Cascade Falls. This beautiful stream of wa-
about nature and partnering with communities.
buildings," said Sadoway. "That means we do not
ter can be seen from nearly every point Ouray. The
Colorado State Parks also manage more than 4,300
build more plants and power lines only for use in
quarter-mile hike will take about 45 minutes and is a
campsites, and 63 cabins and yurts.
the rush hour," he continued.
great place to picnic.
For more information on Colorado State Parks
The main metals in the battery are common vanadi-
- Located about three miles outside of Ouray on the
or to purchase an annual pass online, visit
um and magnesium, said the teacher, writing a basic
stunning Million Dollar Highway, Bear Creek Falls
chemical equation on the board.
shouldn't be missed. A viewing stand was recently
installed, providing a perfect perch from which
The TED conference
to watch the water plunge a couple hundred feet
(Technology, Enter-
tainment and Design)
Visitors are also encouraged to keep their eyes
includes a series of
peeled for the seasonal waterfalls tucked into the
presentations of cutting
cliff walls around Ouray. There are many falls along
edge ideas. Speakers
Red Mtn Pass and along the red cliffs on the way
have 18 minutes to tell
to Ridgway. The Box Canyon Lodge is located in
their proposal.
beautiful Ouray, Colo., nicknamed "Switzerland of
Want To Find Out More
America." Box Canyon Lodge, a hot springs motel
About Green Energy?
boasting four, all natural hot springs tubs, offers
a peaceful location, clean, comfortable and nicely
(source: PRLog.Org)
decorated rooms, meticulously-maintained grounds
and warm, personal service. The Box Canyon Lodge
& Hot Springs has been recognized by a variety of
publications, receiving the "Award of Excellence" by
the Colorado Connoisseur and Travel Holiday mag-
azine and listed as one of Sunset magazine's "Best
of the West." Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs is
one of only 10 Colorado properties to earn the Four
Key rating from Green Key, a renowned eco-rating
program. (