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Pg 9 - The Sunshine Express
2012 May
Bring Your Binoculars
Let's Eat
Ute Mountain/Mesa Verde Birding Festival
Cajun Wings Colorado
May 9-13. Spring migrants and early nesters
attract birdwatchers from across the nation to
4 pounds chicken
the Ute Mountain-Mesa Verde Birding Festival.
Located in the Archaeological Center of America,
1 tablespoon cayenne
many of the birding field trips visit spectacular
archaeological areas such as Mesa Verde National
2 tablespoons paprika
Park and the Ute Tribal Park.
2 tablespoons garlic
Diverse habitats from mountain high country,
to river corridors, and rugged red rock canyons
1 tablespoon dried
provide microcosms of several Colorado Plateau
ecosystems providing opportunities for a wide
1 tablespoon dried
variety of species. Due to the varied habitats
found in southwestern Colorado, there are many
1 tablespoon onion
opportunities to look for raptors and owls, and
both are the focus of special birding tours.
1 tablespoon salt
A sample of other possible species include Lucy's
1/2 tablespoon white
Warbler, Black Phoebe, Wild Turkey, Western
Tanager, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Roadrun-
1/2 tablespoon freshly
ner, Clark's Nutcracker, Green-tailed and Spotted
ground black pepper
Towhee, and many more. Previous festival check-
1/4 cup vegetable oil
lists have totaled over 100 birds sighted.
1. Rinse the drumettes
and pat dry.
Below: Our State Bird,
2.In a food processor or
the Lark Bunting
blender, combine all of
the ingredients expect
the oil and chicken. Pro-
cess until well blended.
With the machine on,
slowly pour in the oil
and process until a thick
paste forms.
3.In a large bowl, toss
the chicken wings with
the spice paste until the
wings are well coated.
4.Cover and refrigerate
At Right:
5.Preheat the broiler
or grill. Grill should be
medium hot.
6.Arrange wings on
Adjust pH For Best Results
Workshops, an art show, and a special dinner
a broiler pan 4" from the heat or on the grill cook-
speaker round out the events for the festival
ing grate. Broil or grill, turning once, until nicely
The acidity or alkalinity of soil is measured by pH
weekend. Join the flock in the land of ancient
browned outside and cooked through, about 20
(potential Hydrogen ions). pH is a measure of the
cultures and modern day Native Americans for an
amount of lime (calcium) contained in your soil,
incredible birding adventure.
7.Serve warm or at room temperature with Ranch
and the type of soil that you have. Soils in moist
General Information
and/or Bleu cheese dressing on the side for dip-
climates tend to be acid and those in dry climates
- Registration is $45, which includes Reception,
ping. (
are alkaline. A soil with a pH lower than 7.0 is
Lectures and Saturday night's dinner and Key-
an acid soil and one with a pH higher than 7.0 is
note Speaker. See individual tours below for their
Different types of plants each require varying de-
- Breakfast items will be available for purchase
grees of soil acidity or pH. Some garden plants will
each morning.
prefer acid soils while others prefer an alkaline
- Welcome Reception on Wednesday is at the Cor-
$6,000 Up For Grads
soil. The soil must be adjusted to suit the plant.
tez Cultural Center.
You can buy an inexpensive pH test kit at a nurs-
2012 Sober Grad Party, May 12, 10p-2:30a. $10 in
- All tours leave from the Cortez Cultural Center.
ery, or hardware stores or many garden centers
advance, $12 at the door. We pump up the fun by
- Don't forget water, jacket, cap, binoculars, scope
will pH test a soil sample for you. Quality pH test
packing the event with new and exciting entertain-
and your cameras.
kits will have a chart to interpret the test result.
ment. This will be a year like no other! Here's the
- Before you leave, please don't forget to fill out
Once you know the pH, you can make any adjust-
entertainment we have planned for you:
and return your evaluation of the bird festival!
ments to the soil.
Hypnotist Chris Mabrey; Lip Sync Music Videos;
For more information please contact: Cortez
It is easier to make soils more alkaline than it is to
Photo Booth; DJs; NASCAR Simulator; Face Paint-
Cultural Center, 970.565.1151, Fax: 970.565.4075,
make them more acid. Because different soil types
ing and Tattoos; Mechanical Bull; Inflatable
react in different ways you will have to add more
Twister; Bungee Run;
lime to clay soils and peaty soils than you will in
Obstacle Course; Cash
sandy soils to achieve the same result.
Vault; Army H3 and
To increase your pH by 1.0 point and make your
Rockwall; Joust; State
soil more alkaline: Add 4 oz of hydrated lime per
Patrol Giant trikes
square yard in sandy soils; Add 8 oz of hydrated
and the beer goggles
lime per square yard in loamy soils; Add 12 oz of
course. Grand Prize/
hydrated lime per square yard in clay soils; Add 25
Cash Prize draw-
oz of hydrated lime per square yard in peaty soils.
ings are held at 2am
The addition of hardwood ash, bone meal, crushed
in JCPenney Court.
marble, or crushed oyster shells will also help to
Six very lucky grads
raise soil pH levels.
will walk away with
If your soil needs to be more acidic, sulfur may be
over $6000 in COLD
used to lower the pH if it is available. To reduce
HARD CASH, includ-
the soil pH by 1.0 point: Mix in 1.2 oz of ground
ing the grand finale
rock sulphur per square yard if the soil is sandy.
of $2000. Other cash
Mix in 3.6 oz per square yard for all other soils.
prizes include $1500,
The sulphur should be thoroughly mixed into the
$1000, $750, $500 and
soil before planting. Sawdust, composted leaves,
$250. Mesa Mall, 2424
wood chips, cottonseed meal, leaf mold and espe-
US Hwy 6 & 50, Gr Jct,
cially peat moss, will lower the soil pH. Always
read and follow the manufactures safety recom-
mendations when using chemical products.