Nature & Wildlife
Pg 10 - The Sunshine Express
2012 June
Into The Wild
with Marcie
Here with soiled feet I sit near the creek to
ponder under the shade of a tree riddled with
moss and spiders webs. The sound of the water
carrying away the dirt of the day, bringing me
back to me. Sitting in this spot I feel comfort and
my thoughts flow free from the troubles of the
world. It is a place that I call my "Kingdom," a
place that I hold dear in my childhood memories
of freedom. It is my "sit spot" as naturalist Jon
Young of Wilderness Awareness School would
refer to it. It is a place that I ,as a mentor, guide
children to find for themselves today. A hop-skip
and a jump away from video games, texting, the
city noise that we drown out and the rush of the
world, they too find freedom. This place in nature
is becoming increasingly important for children
and adults alike and you do not have to go far to
find it.
Doctors, psychologists and environmentalists
have proven the positive effects that being out-
side in nature has on our mental, physical and
picnic with the family or hike a trail. The question is ,
emotion well-being, not to mention the positive
do we stop when nature is calling to take a moment to
effects that forming a true bond with nature has
notice her? Will we walk beyond the beaten path and
on Mother Earth herself. This has sparked the
allow nature to show us something hidden from ev-
Leave No Child Inside movement founded by
eryday view? Do we engage our senses and listen with
Richard Louv, President of the Children and
our whole self? When we do we tend to find more
Nature Network. Our global economy is shift-
than answers to life's mysteries, we find freedom to
ing to a more sustainable and green technology;
just be and encouragement to get us through to tomor-
who better to create this technology than one who
row with our heads held high.
has formed an authentic bond with nature and
Follow me on a journey as I share with you how
understands it's cycles through first hand obser-
simple it is to find your sit spot.
vation and experiences. The sit spot is essential to
Allow your curiosity to let you wander. Whether you
both the human race and earth's healing process.
are in your backyard, a city park, a campground or on
Many of us already go outside to run, walk,
a trail wandering is an essential part of finding your
special place in nature. Pay attention to what attracts
you, how it makes you feel in order to sense out a spot
that calls to you. Be sure to pay attention to signs such
as, "No Trespassing" even though you are wandering.
Once you have found your sit spot under a giant tree,
near a gentle flowing creek or in a wide open field of
long grass swaying in the evening wind, relax and get
comfortable. This spot, over time, will become your
special place in nature if you allow it to open the gate
to it's extraordinary wonder.
Close your eyes and breath, feel yourself becoming
calmer and more relaxed with each breath. Settle your
body and let the tension fade away with the passing
breeze. Upon opening your eyes gaze at your sur-
rounding with a fresh sense of awareness. While sit-
ting still and quit awaken and expand your senses to
truly experience the secret lessons that nature has for
you today. It is her way of welcoming your visit.
With soft eyes notice the abundance of fresh new buds
of spring that surround you and the color that they
"I go to nature to be soothed and
healed, and to have my senses
put in order." - John Burroughs