Nature & Wildlife
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
2012 June
bring, smell the new growth that is brewing in the fertile soil below you,
feel the soft, powdery bark of the majestic Aspen that so kindly shades you
from the summer's heat, and taste the tart flavor of a vitamin packed wild
food like the dandelion. This is your sit spot, a place to feel at home, ex-
plore with child-like wonder and lose your mind to come to your senses. It
is your retreat and natural place for renewal of self. Enjoy it and give thanks
to the rivers, trees and animals that gladly share their stories with those of
us that take a moment to venture beyond the fence at the edge of town.
Here is a list of items that you can bring along in a day pack with you to
your sit spot: Binoculars for bird watching; Field Journal for writing and
sketching; Jewelers Loupe for looking at the detail of bugs, wildflowers and
leaves; Water Bottle.
There are many organizations that mentor people in the ways of a natural-
ist and would be glad to have you join them. If you are not comfortable
going out alone to find a sit spot take a friend or find an organization that
will mentor you and provide you with a deeper education regarding wild
places and your interest in nature.
(Marcie Morgan is Vice President of Frosty Pines Wilderness Education
Program in Valecito.
Team USA Storms Triathlon World
Americans Take 18 World Titles at Second ITU Cross Triathlon World
Americans combined for 18 off-road triathlon world championship titles,
and 50 overall medals, May 19, at the second ITU Cross Triathlon World
Championships, held in conjunction with the XTERRA Southeast Champi-
onships, at Oak Mountain State Park.
Craig Evans (Hendersonville, Tenn.) was the top U.S. elite finisher, placing
second to earn silver on the men's side in 2 hours, 12 minutes, 58 seconds
on the 1,500-meter swim, 30-kilometer mountain bike, 10-kilometer trail
run course. South Africa's Conrad Stoltz repeated as men's champion in
2:12:11. Evans, who was 10th a year ago at Cross Worlds in Extremadura,
Spain, had the lead out of the swim, and rode in front of Stoltz for much of
the bike. However, Stoltz made his winning push in the last 10 kilometers
of the bike and held the lead the rest of the way.
Suzanne Snyder (Fredericksburg, Va.) was the top U.S. finisher on the wom-
en's elite side, placing 4th in 2:29:14, just a second in front of U.S. teammate
Shonny Vanlandingham (Durango, Colo.), who was fifth in 2:29:15.
On the age group side, Team USA combined for 16 world titles and 45 med-
als, 27 for the men and 18 for the women.
In all, 16 Americans claimed age group world titles in Pelham including lo-
cal David Rakita (M60-64, Durango, Colo.), 2:46:18.
Visit for more on Team USA.
Sagittarius- A lot of social activity and collab-
The Moon Dance
orations this month. Although not your strong
point, diplomacy is necessary and will ben-
efit you. Avoid stress and especially conflict.
Health responds to morale; be happy.
Capricorn- Communication is key this month
solving past issues and/or current delimmas.
Cooperation increases at home but at work
mixed energies prevail. Stay focused and calm
knowing that more of what you need is on the
Cancer- Your instincts tend to the quick fix;
beware as that could open doors to prob-
Aquarius- Making yourself shine can be the
lems. Better to be methodical and sensible.
answer to boredom professionally. Love and
The physical is tired and contributes to your
passion energies are strong and are a big
current discomforting emotional feelings;
focus. Sensitivity, sensuality, and eroticism are
some personal pampering helps alot.
swirling. Watch what you eat this month.
Leo- Harmony and clear communication at
Pisces- Professional and personal partnerships
home lifts your spirits. Social activity may
bring both excitement and turmoil. A light
lead to love. Physical energy levels continue
hearted and diplomatic approach is needed.
to rise but must be nourished properly. Big
Be aware of but don't over react to outside
dreams are on your mind, and should be.
negative pressures. Your physical energies are
Go for it!
strong and morale is high.
Aries- Stress and exhaustion could catch up
Virgo- Many new opportunities coming,
with your fast pace, take good care of your
leading to new enthusiasm. Your brav-
body, eat right and get rest when possible.
ery can be rewarding, however beware,
Creative energies and influence grows, with
all that looks golden may not be gold. Be
rewards. An active month; smile and laugh
patient and watch for the signs of truth or
and hang on.
falsehood. Avoid conflict and focus on the
Taurus- Financial activity becomes a prior-
ity; new directions or idea possibilities open
Libra- On all levels, a sense of normalcy
up. Communication and creative thought
starts to return as things become clear and
can help with disjointed or tense feelings.
settled. Financial hurdles start to fade as
Needed fresh air comes from doing outdoor
well as health concerns. Continue nourish-
activities with loved ones.
ing your mind, body, and spirit with good
Gemini- Hurdles and changes won't get
in your way, at home or at work, as morale
Scorpio- Negativity, worry and criticism
picks up and passion and excitement are on
can and will make you less attractive as well
the rise. Be patient, look for new opportuni-
as cause significant professional damage.
ties, temper irrational desires. Keep perspec-
Now is a critical time for a positive attitude.
tive on your priorities; remember what really
Smile and be kind to others and to yourself.
matters to you.