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2012 June
Critical Water Projects Funded
"These new trails will
be a tremendous asset
An important water projects bill was approved
to the Norwood com-
during special session in May by the General As-
The $15,000 Rocky
The legislation will create jobs and protect water
Mountain Elk Founda-
supplies for towns and agriculture through $61
tion grant will be used
million worth of loans and grants from the Colo-
to improve elk winter
rado Water Conservation Board (CWCB).
range in the East Natu-
"These projects are critical to communities and
rita area south of Nor-
regions across the state, and we commend lawmak-
wood. Grant funds will
ers for their broad support," Hickenlooper said.
be used to pay for signs,
"This bill pays for a variety of projects that improve
seed, and the equip-
existing reservoirs, secure and protect water rights
ment needed to decom-
for Colorado and assist in flood prevention, among
mission several existing
other important work. The measure also translates
nonsystem routes. The
to good jobs in many rural communities."
Forest Service road crew
The measure appropriates $6.6 million for grants to
will begin this decom-
11 programs and studies affecting water supplies
missioning work in
and flood prevention statewide and $55 million for
early June, focusing on
water infrastructure projects and water purchases
nonsystem routes in the
in the San Luis Valley, the Animas-La Plata project
vicinity of Stockdale
near Durango and at Chatfield Reservoir southwest
Point and East Naturita
of Denver. Passage of the bill also leverages addi-
tional funds from water providers and other orga-
A key part of the Thun-
nizations necessary for completion of the projects.
der Trails Project is to
Dollars granted for programs and studies in the
improve the manage-
bill account for nearly 50 jobs, while more than 100
ment of dispersed
additional jobs are tied to the water infrastructure
camping within the
project area. This will
"Passage of the water projects bill was imperative
be accomplished by es-
for Colorado. Sustenance of our diverse economy
tablishing a designated
and growing population depends on our abil-
dispersed camping area
ity to continue addressing our needs for water,
along the length of East
whether it be for our strong agricultural sector, our
Naturita Road (FSR 642) and along 2.5 miles of
Hansow that led them to move to Uganda, adopt
world-renowned environment and wildlife or for
Thunder Road (FSR 609). Within these areas, camp-
their daughter, and ultimately realize that, if they
our vibrant cities and towns," said CWCB board
ing will be restricted to specific sites that are identi-
took risks and stepped out of their comfort zones,
chairman John McClow. "We thank state lawmak-
fied with a numbered post and a metal fire ring. The
their lives (and the lives of others) could be
ers and Governor Hickenlooper for ensuring the
objective of establishing these designated campsites
success of this bill, and the investment of severance
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is twofold: 1) to reduce resource damage and distur-
tax and Construction Fund dollars in these abso-
bance to wildlife by focusing camping on existing,
lutely vital areas."
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impacted sites; and 2) to address the proliferation
"It is extremely important to the water community
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of off-road travel routes that are being created to
that the projects bill passed, because of the various
per stickers, t-shirts, travel mugs, as well as local
access campsites. Forest Service crews will begin
components of the bill and their importance to so
business discount coupons, gift certificates, and
designating these campsites in early June.
many stakeholders," said Eric Wilkinson, General
much more.
For more information contact Kathy Peckham
Manager of the Northern Colorado Water Conser-
Find us on Facebook at SunshineXNews and click
970.327.4261 or Judy Schutza 970.327.4261
vancy District. "Those include, among others, the
the `Like' button to enter. If you've already `Liked'
`Moving On' Extraordinary
restoration of the various operating funds for flood
us, you're entered. At the end of each month, from
monitoring and stream gauging, and the landmark
all the names and pages who have `Liked' our
cooperation between Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Facebook page, we will draw 2 lucky winners. En-
and private reservoir owners to better manage the
ter today for your chance to win the next 2 prizes:
water supplies in the San Luis Valley."
Light Gives Heat (LGH), a Grand Junction based
Prize 1: U-Care Health
One major piece of the projects bill includes funds
501(c)3 non-profit and member of the Fair Trade
Screenings `Gift of
for rehabilitation of the Rio Grande and Beaver
Federation, has the unique opportunity to win
Life' discount card,
Park reservoirs in the San Luis Valley. Travis
$50,000 through an online voting campaign spon-
use 3 times for 30%off,
Smith, a member of the Colorado Water Conser-
sored by Cultivate Wines. If LGH wins, the money
40%off, and 2 for 1;
vation Board and Superintendent of the San Luis
will be used to take their award-winning film,
Prize 2: An official Sun-
Valley Irrigation District, said passage of the bill
"Moving On" ( on a
shine Express stainless
was "essential" in acquiring the funding that so-
nationwide tour to inspire youth to take action to
steel travel mug.
lidifies a partnership between the irrigation district,
better themselves and the world.
which owns the Rio Grande Reservoir, and Colo-
Cultivate Wines, a California-based company, has
rado Parks and Wildlife, which owns Beaver Park
initiated `The Give'. Through The Give project,
Cultivate Wines gives away $100,000 each quarter
"It's the model of the public-private partnership
to selected non-profits through a democratic online
in getting existing reservoirs rehabilitated for
voting system. The non-profit with the most votes
multiple beneficiaries," Smith said. "It maintains
during a two-month campaign receives $50,000 and
compliance with the Rio Grande Compact, helps
five runners-up get $10,000 each. To vote, partici-
the agricultural communities and the water users
pants need to go to and log in
and has benefits for recreation, the environment
with their Facebook account.
and sportsmen."
According to Cultivate Wines, The Give is part of
New Trails For Norwood
the "connected capitalism" movement, in which a
company exists not just to make a profit, but also
Forest Service Awarded Grants for
to make a positive difference in the World. After a
Thunder Trails Project
detailed submission and jurying process, LGH was
The Norwood Ranger District announced May 23,
selected as one of 30 non-profits to participate in The
that they have been awarded two grants to fund the
Give from May 1 - June 30.
Thunder Trails Project: a $205,775 Colorado Parks
Dave Hansow, LGH founder and Creative Director,
& Wildlife Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) grant and a
relays that the money will go towards taking "Mov-
$15,000 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation grant.
ing On" to 148 college campuses across the U.S.,
The Colorado Parks & Wildlife OHV grant will
with an audience of tens of thousands of people
primarily be used to construct 18 miles of new mo-
who are the next generation of "world changers."
torized single-track trails and a new trailhead near
Products made by Ugandan women with whom
Thunder Road, just three miles south of Norwood.
LGH works will also be on sale at each stop on the
Trail design and layout will begin this Summer,
tour, generating revenue that will go directly back
with construction to begin in the summer of 2013.
"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet
to ensuring the Ugandan Producers have consistent
"We are pleased to have been awarded this OHV
of those who bring good news, who proclaim
incomes. "Moving On" is a feature-length film docu-
grant and are excited to begin trail construction
menting the events in the lives of Dave and Morgan
peace, who bring good tidings..." - Isaiah 52:7
next Summer" said Judy Schutza, District Ranger.