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2012 June
net carbon emissions by about 80%. The United
Illium's TeaCo Changing
States Navy chose it as the feedstock for their first
test of aviation biofuel, and successfully operated
Agricultural Business
a static F414 engine (used in the F/A-18) in October
Green Equals Go!!!!
2009 at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Mary-
land. The US Air Force also began testing the fuel
The `free market' and the world markets are
in its aircraft in March 2010. In March, 2011, the
changing, rapidly. Consumers are doing every-
U.S. Air Force successfully tested a 50/50 mix of jet
thing they can to consume LESS oil or fossil fuel
propellent 8 (JP-8) and camelina-derived biofuel
based energy everyday. Businesses too. Why?
in an F-22 Raptor, achieving a speed of Mach 1.5.
Because it means more money in the pockets of
On September 4, 2011, the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels
that business owner or consumer.
flight demonstration squadron was using a 50/50
Google or search US gasoline demand online.
blend of camelina biofuel and jet fuel at the Naval
It's at an all time low. Google or search nuclear
Air Station Patuxent River Air Expo. This event
energy demand. It too, is at an all time low. If you
marked the first time an entire military aviation
remove China and India from the nuclear indus-
unit has flown on a biofuel mix. The Navy plans
try metric, nuclear is DEAD in the water in terms
to deploy a `Great Green Fleet' by 2016, a Car-
of private investment. Only special interests and
rier battle group powered entirely by non-fossil
government subsidies can make nuclear look ef-
fuels. The Air Force is also planning on using 50%
ficient and cost effective. Fossil fuels are on their
biofuels in its aircraft by 2016. As such, the U.S.
way out too. Too expensive and too much war/
Air Force announced that by 2016, 50% of the fuel
pollution side effects. It may take a few years, or
it consumes will be from biofuels, as well. (source:
even decades, but the market is deciding! Just
look at the US military as the most important
Why get jet fuel from Saudi Arabia when you can
example. The U.S. Navy has quietly tested 20,000
grow it in SW Colorado for less? Can you say jobs?
gallons of algae biofuel on a
Why fill that John Deere Tractor with diesel when
decommissioned destroyer,
you can use sunflower bio-fuel?
carrying on its mission of
More consumers and businesses everyday are
transitioning to renewable
trying to find ways to be more productive, while
energy. Fossil fuels will be
using less fossil fuel. More homeowners and
with us for a long time to
businesses are trying to produce more power for
come (we still burn wood,
themselves and use less power than ever before.
right?), but with the Defense
This new model (which in turn brings a new
Department giving them the
economic reality for utilities), and other even more
cold shoulder they are on
efficient models are being formed everyday. Which
their way to marginaliza-
of course, have the potential to `level the playing
tion. (Source: Clean Technica
field' on the monopoly that utilities have on our
region's and the world's power supply.
In another example, the state
Food for human consumption and animal feed
of Montana has recently been
will be the same way. Locally produced fresh eggs,
growing more camelina for
alfalfa, hay, sprouts, chicken, pork, and beef are my
its potential as a biofuel and
best examples!
These changes, although slight, are finding their
Plant scientists at the Uni-
way into our daily habits and thus into the daily
versity of Idaho, Washington
economic output of our community. Which brings
State University, and other
us to the title of this article; Green Equals Go...
institutions also are studying
In the not so distant future, and even today, small
this emerging biodiesel.
businesses around the SW region and even all over
Studies have shown cameli-
the world are providing innovative products and
na-based jet fuel reduces