Food & Garden
Pg 9 - The Sunshine Express
2012 June
services that are considered `green', in which the new product or service
will out perform, and cost less than the current status quo choices. There are
numerous examples out there, but the ones I am going to focus on are plant
fertilizer, local soil quality, and food.
The carbon impact to the planet on the distribution of food is enormous. Since
our community is so isolated, the impact is even more. So, I guess the question
is, how do we grow food and energy for our animals and ourselves, all while
lowering the cost of production, increasing the performance, creating jobs, and
lowering the carbon foot print.
Sound difficult? Well, it is. Will it take hard work? Yep, and lots of it. Is it sus-
tainable? No reason to think its not. Is there a `free market' demand for these
concepts and these goods and services? Most definitely, Yes.
As human beings become more aware of our planet's current and degrading
environmental biodiversity (specifically soil quality and food) the traditional
agriculture and farm practices humans currently deem economical and cost
effective are quickly becoming outdated, particularly with respect to plant
Understanding and anticipating this monumental shift in plant fertilizer usage,
TeaCo Biological Supply, owned and operated in San Miguel County, Colo-
rado, is `changing the way the agriculture industry does business'.
With numerous limitations, increasing regulations, pollution side effects, and
increasing costs, the current agriculture industry and chemical plant fertilizer
model is un-sustainable. Which direction is your farm going in?
TeaCo Biological Supply locally produces Living Compost Teas, Proprietary
Plant Enzymes, Vegan Worm Castings, Local Organic Compost, Soil Amend-
ments, and Plant Food Supplements. Teaco Biological Supply specializes in
Organic and Bio-dynamic sustainable agriculture practices. By integrating
sustainable and moral concepts into our modern economic model, and articu-
lating a reallocation of our idea of `progress', it is possible to bridge the gaps
between our societal potential, ecological footprint, and economic expecta-
tions. This is not `environmentalist' propaganda, but a challenge to the lack of
collective will and recognition we have for the calamities we are creating and
our respective place in the natural existence that has birthed us all.
We all, (including myself and TeaCo Biological Supply employees) must real-
ize that this community of individuals, striving out of their own free initiative
toward common human ideals, ideals that can nevertheless be realized only
on paths of completely individual development, have never existed before and
are altogether new. As it gradually takes form, tempered in the fires of indi-
vidual frustration and failure, this community creates an organism of human
destiny that contains the potential for future capacities, just as the plant gives
rise to new possibilities not apparent in the sprouting seed.
(Scott Abrahams is the owner of TeaCo Biological Supply, Telluride Hydropon-
ics & Organics, and Colorado Hydroponics & Organics. He can be reached at
1.888.340.8854 or email to