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Pg 10 - The Sunshine Express
2012 July
90+, you are sweaty,
waters. We sing about them in songs like "Rising
dirty, out of breath and
From The Ashes" by StillTime, and learn about
you have accomplished
them by reading books such as, My Water Comes
your goal of hiking that
From The San Juan Mountains. We celebrate them
3 mile trail with extraor-
with festivals like Animas River Days, The Dolores
dinary views.
River Festival, Rhythm On The Water in Longmont,
As Coloradans we are
San Juan River Music Festival, Gunnison River
blessed to live in an area
Festival and many more, all of which include envi-
where we have access
ronmental education aspects to raise awareness of
to so many rivers, lakes
keeping our rivers clean and healthy for the future.
and streams that offer us
There are also many programs that monitor and
year round recreational
protect our waters that are in need of volunteers
activities. Colorado
like: Animas River Protection Work Group, River
is the headwaters for
Watch (a Colorado Division Of Wildlife program),
nearly two dozen major
Western Resource Advocates, San Juan Citizens Al-
rivers, including the
liance and many more. You can contact your local
Colorado River, Rio
college, BLM, DOW or State Parks to find out more
Grande, Animas River
or do a Google search for local water protection
and Arkansas River.
groups in your area in order to get involved.
Colorado is also home
Water is the most abundant compound on Earth's
to more than 2,000 lakes
surface, covering about 70 percent of the planet.
and reservoirs including
Water is the only common substance found natu-
pristine alpine lakes that
rally in all three common states of matter(solid, liq-
Does Your Dog Need A Bath?
will take your breath away and change your
uid, gas) and makes up 55% to 78% of the human
life forever. Fly-fisherman are always enamored
body. Water has been sacred ever since the begin-
Self-Serve dog wash adds convenient and needed
with our 168 miles of Gold Medal streams where
ning of time as it is the source of all life on Earth.
services to area
the fish are plentiful and the angling experience
Our forests thrive because of water, our daily life
The first time my husband Greg and I ever saw a
continues with a refreshing drink of water, our
self-serve dog wash was back in Idaho. It was fast,
We have much to celebrate when it comes to
dinner tables are blessed with the bountiful color of
easy, and extremely convenient, and it assured us that
the precious water of Colorado and we do. Not
fruits & vegetables to eat and our ears ring with joy
our dog was receiving the best treatment possible.
only do play hard in the summer sun letting the
at hearing the giggle from a child that is so happily
After Greg and I moved to Ridgway, we immediately
water slip over our skin while tubing the river,
splashing his sibling with this liquid life we call
noticed how many animal lovers there are in this town
we bask in the presence of our sparkling waters
and how few services are provided for their beloved
at sunset when the muted colors of the summer
So here's to H2O - 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part Oxy-
pets. We thought it would be a fantastic idea to open
evening calm the restless spirit of our adventur-
gen and 100% worth celebrating this summer!
a self-serve dog wash of our very own to cater to the
ous hearts. To us the clouds give us rain to make
(Written & Contributed by: Marcie Morgan, Vice
needs of the large population of animal owners here.
the rivers that course through our land like the
President of Frosty Pines Wilderness Education
So we opened Soggy Dog, providing a safe, clean
blood in our veins and we are connected to our
environment for both animals and their human com-
panions. We care tremendously about each and every
animal that comes through our door, and we want to
ensure the best possible experience for them while
they're here.
We provide all-natural shampoos that enhance the
coat of pets without the aid of harmful chemicals. Our
raised tub with restraints and temperature-controlled
warm water is specially built to guarantee safety and
comfort of animals being bathed and the humans bath-
ing them. We have a professional dryer that prevents
dried-out coats and overheating by blowing out room-
temperature air.
Additional services include, self-serve grooming, dog-
gie day care as well as a professional groomer available
Into The Wild
by appointment.
Soggy Dog has tremendous respect for the discipline
with Marcie
and loyalty displayed by service dogs and the dedica-
tion and patience shown by their trainers. To repay
them for their hard work, Soggy Dog offers free baths
for service dogs. Greg and I also have a soft spot for
those animals that have yet to find a home, so we offer
free baths to dogs and cats that are still living at our lo-
cal Second Chance Angel Ridge facility. For pet owners
who have just adopted, their pet's first bath is on us.
We also assist "For the Luv of Dogs" in their adoption
program and hope to see more adopted dogs and cats
with loving families in the future.
If you have any questions or concerns, you may call
the Soggy Dog at 970.316.1317 or stop by our facility
any time between 10a and 5p on Saturday, Sunday or
Monday. Call for an appointment for Tuesday - Friday.
(Lynn Campbell along with her husband Greg own the
Soggy Dog self-serve dog wash in Ridgway)
Into The Wild
Water - The Life Of Summer
Colorado summers offer a plethora of adventures for
everyone whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, rafting the
river, mountain biking or just taking in the view while
stretched out on a picnic blanket with family and deli-
cious summer foods to enjoy. It never fails that when I
think of summer water immediately flows through my
thoughts, mostly because one of my favorite things to
do in summer is to swim after a strenuous hike. There
is nothing like the sun shining down on your skin,
or that sudden breeze that blows gently through the
trees to cool you down and give you that extra burst of
energy. Still the most refreshing thing of summer is to
jump into the lake or river when it is