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2012 July
Vacation Rocky Mtn Style
Revenues Climb
The Cannabis Run, Colorado's first, legal,
State revenue forecast
Cannabis Vacation
improves by
5c's Events Founder, Peter Cahill, is just a guy
$239.5 million
who lives in a small town on the Western Slope of
The Governor's Office of
Colorado. How is one man going make a change,
State Planning and Bud-
The Cannabis Run, that's how!
geting (OSPB) announced
The Cannabis Run IS the nation's first, legal, Can-
June 20 state general fund
nabis Vacation. Seriously!
revenue is projected to be
When he started planning a new Medical Can-
$239.5 million higher in
nabis (MMJ) event, Peter wanted to try something
the current fiscal year than
different. You see, most of the people who attend
was forecast in March.
this type of event are already supporters of Can-
Under current law, the
nabis and Hemp. Peter's event was created with
excess funds will spill into
the intention of reaching the people who didn't
next year's budget and will
already support such things. The Cannabis Run is
be transferred to the State
bridging the gap between these two groups.
Education Fund based
The Cannabis Run involves Cannabis Centers
on current expenditures.
(MMJ) strategically placed in eighteen (18) cities
This fund supports per-
across The State of Colorado. Peter and the 5c's
pupil funding in Colorado
Events Foundation have managed to get forty-one
school districts.
(41) different Cannabis Centers (MMJ Dispensa-
"Colorado is seeing
ries) involved in this one-of-a-kind event already.
growth in a variety of in-
And why not?
dustries and is on the right
The Cannabis Run combines a Treasure Hunt,
path forward," said Gov.
and Medical Cannabis Judging Contest with a
John Hickenlooper. "But
Colorado Vacation to create this one-of-a-kind
we still have a long way
event. As an Official CANNA-PASS holder, you
to go to fully recover from
will receive 1 punch card that entitles you to pick
the recession. That's why
up sixty-nine (69) gram (minimum) samples
we remain laser-focused
at 41 different Cannabis (MMJ) Centers scattered
on making Colorado the
in eighteen (18) cities across the entire State of
most pro-business state in
Colorado. Canna-Pass holders will also receive an
the nation."
Official Score Card that they will use to score and
Despite the growth, state
High Distinctions
grade their favorites from among the sixty-nine
general fund revenue is nearly $1 billion less (when
(69) different strains available to them through
adjusted for inflation) than it was five years ago. The
Sarah Baltzer, a senior Elementary Education
this event.
budget forecast increase is mostly due to higher-than-
major at Grove City College, has been named to
The Canna-Pass is loaded with value! 5c's has
expected individual and corporate income tax rev-
the Dean's List with High Distinction for the spring
lined up discounts that average 25% on your
enue. OSPB reports:
2012 semester. Sarah is a 2008 graduate of Fruita
purchases at each participating center. The value
The foundation of Colorado's economy has grown
Monument High School and is the daughter of Mr.
doesn't stop there, Pete and his wife have ar-
stronger, with improvements in the long-struggling
and Mrs. Edward Baltzer from Grand Junction, CO.
ranged for you to receive discounts at Hotels,
housing market, continued growth in jobs, increased
Students eligible for the Dean's List have a GPA
Restaurants and a variety of attractions along
energy production, export growth, and reduced
of 3.40 to 3.59; for the Dean's List with Distinction
your cannabis journey.
household debt loads. The state also appears to be
a GPA of 3.60 to 3.84 and for the Dean's List with
The coolest thing about The Cannabis Run is that
adapting better than many other regions to the in-
High Distinction a GPA of 3.85 to 4.0.
it lasts all summer long. Underway now, the Can-
creasingly dynamic, information-driven, and technol-
Founded in 1876, Grove City College stands on its
nabis Run continues on through September 22nd,
ogy-intensive economy. At the national level, howev-
founding ideals of faith and freedom, made pos-
2012. Once you have completed your Cannabis
er, signs of weakening are becoming more apparent.
sible by an unwavering commitment to Christian
Run and turned in your completed scorecard, you
Global growth has also slowed. Europe's troubles
principles and rigorous academics at a price within
will be rewarded with a $50.00 gas gift card as an
present substantial risks and there is heightened
the reach of families with modest means. The Col-
additional reward for your efforts.
uncertainty over federal fiscal issues. Thus, OSPB is
lege, located 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pa., has
The Treasure Hunt element of the event has
maintaining a cautious forecast for FY 2012-13 as the
an enrollment of 2,500 students and teaches the lib-
participants solving riddles at select locations in
economy muddles through the heightened uncertain-
eral arts, sciences and engineering. It is an advocate
order to pick up clues. When participants have
ty and weaker global economic conditions. Colorado
of the free market economic system and accepts no
gathered all eighteen (18) clues they will become
should continue to outperform the nation. However,
federal funding. Tuition is about half the national
eligible to win a free Canna-Pass for the second
if the current headwinds and downside risks abate, or
average for private colleges. Grove City College
annual event to be held in 2013. (a $300.00 value)
if Colorado proves to be resilient against the national
has been named the Top Value in Private Liberal-
One of the ideas behind this event is the stimula-
and global slowdown, the economy and thus revenue
Arts Schools by Consumers Digest Magazine. The
tion of local economies. As the patient partici-
will perform better than forecast.
Intercollegiate Studies Institute has named the
pants travel throughout the summer months; they
"Our current outlook is tempered by the various risks
College one of 50 All-American Colleges, ranking
will be filling up with gas at local stations, eating
to the recovery," said Henry Sobanet, executive direc-
it high for increasing students' civic literacy. Grove
at local restaurants, sleeping in local hotels and
tor of OSPB. "However, we can see a scenario where
City College has been named a Best Value and
spending money in Colorado, thus supporting
Colorado remains relatively insulated and in that case
one of the best colleges in America by Princeton
our state's local economies. The forty-one (41)
revenues could be higher than projected."
Review and U.S. News & World Report. The Young
participating Cannabis (MMJ) Centers that are
America's Foundation calls Grove City College one
stepping up and supporting this event are also
of the Top Conservative Schools in the country.
saying "thank you" to the cities and counties that
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support them by their participation.
The Centers are giving up potential profits in
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order to help Peter and the 5 C's Foundation bring
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about awareness and change perceptions about
per stickers, t-shirts, travel mugs, as well as local
cannabis and hemp in our state and far beyond.
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Remember, there are already over twenty (20)
much more.
non-cannabis related Colorado based businesses
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supporting this event also!
the `Like' button to enter. If you've already `Liked'
Peter and his wife just completed the first ever
us, you're entered. At the end of each month, from
Cannabis Run. It took them just over a week. They
all the names and pages who have `Liked' our
used three (3) tanks of gas and stayed in four (4)
Facebook page, we will draw 2 lucky winners. En-
different cities. They both told me that they had
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Prize 1: U-Care Health
Colorado is a beautiful state. None of us ever
Screenings `Gift of
thought that we would see a day when we could
Life' discount card,
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