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2012 July
Rave Reviews For
Local Foot Expert
When a foot requires
medical attention, foot-
wear becomes a factor in
the patient's treatment,
recovery or rehabilitation.
It's a team approach:
While the doctors treat
your foot, a certified
Pedorthist addresses your
footwear needs. A certified
Pedorthist is a specialist in
using footwear, which
includes shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthoses
and other pedorthic devices, to solve problems in, or
by Sandy Lauzon
related to, the foot and lower limb.
Bounia in Charge
We are fortunate on the western slope of Colorado to
She came from an Eastern European culture
have such a skilled foot expert, to help us with our
steeped in tradition. Her marriage was ar-
foot and leg problems, and he is located in Grand
ranged. My grandfather and she were promised
Junction. R. Mario Calderone is a certified Pedorthist
in marriage at their birth, however they had
who has built quite a glowing reputation over the last
never met. My great-grandfather paid a small
30 years helping western slope residents to ease their
family. Included in their shoe selection are top
dowry to my Gege (grandfather), Joseph, and
pain and suffering.
of the line, technical running and walking shoes.
ship passage for Bounia, Mary. Joseph then left
"I can't say enough about him," says Dennis Vander-
These specifically chosen shoes can prevent inju-
for America and found employment in Rhode
wist, owner of The Boardwalk Shops in Montrose.
ries, neutralize current foot problems, and prolong
"I was in a motorcycle accident awhile back which
a customer's athletic career.
Establishing residency among the newly
resulted in me developing a severe limp. A visit to a
Mario also will repair, maintain and offer techni-
emigrated Ukranian community, he needed a
Podiatrist did not help, and he wanted me to spend
cal support for all of his footwear. Customers are
wife to help with cooking, cleaning, and all that
lots of money blindly, with no real assurances of get-
invited to return for adjustments to their shoes,
starting a new life in a strange country requires.
ting better.
insuring optimal comfort and fit. Home visits are
Mary was soon dispatched to America, landed
"When a friend of mine heard of my predicament, he
also available for those unable to get to Shoe De-
at Ellis Island, went through the system, was
referred me to Mario, who took one look and said, `I
sign. Hours are 9:30-5 Monday through Saturday
ushered out the gate to an inquiring lonely
can fix it.' And he did, he fitted me with proper shoes
or by appointment.
handsome man. "Are you Mary Klowan? We
at a reasonable cost and the limp is completely gone!"
Adds Vanderwist,
marry next week."
exclaimed Vanderwist. "I was absolutely amazed. I
"After six months
My grandparents went on to raise a family of
highly recommend him."
wearing my shoes
four, were happy and healthy and outstanding
Testimonials like this abound, and no wonder. Ma-
from Mario, my
citizens of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Gege
rio's Shoe store, Shoe Design, located at 648 Main St,
improved health is
was an accomplished violinist and played at
is the only store on the western slope that provides
noticable to others
the local church, and taught music at the local
these shoes and these services. "We're not just a shoe
and I feel great. Ma-
churches. He also recorded for RCA Victor in
store. We have the ability to custom fit your shoe to
rio's shoes make all
the late 1920's and early 1930's. He worked in a
your unique foot." says Mario
the difference in the
factory all his life.
Although shoes come in fixed shapes and sizes, the
Bounia was a tiny little woman with delicate
feet they cover don't. Feet, which lengthen and broad-
(By KingDaddy &
features and sharp blue eyes. Her courage and
en naturally throughout adulthood, come in assorted
R. Mario Calderone
tenacity more than made up for her size. She
shapes and sizes, and a pair of feet changes shape and
The Cortez Burst
had very little formal education, but her intel-
size with each movement. Feet experience enormous
ligence was beyond the norm.
stress during the daily routine, even on quiet days.
Cortez Burst Triathlon 2012, Wednesday, July 4,
And she was my very own.
Pedorthics, which uses footwear to provide therapy
7a, Parque De Vida/Centennial Park Complex, 803
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located
for the foot, can relieve the pressures and contribute
E. Montezuma Ave, Cortez. This is a family event
at 200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
to better health.
with a Sprint Distance and a kids race(3 member
"We take five measure-
teams also for adults/kids).
ments," says Mario,
New this year: High School Team Challenge, Over
"the arch, ball, length,
70 open, over 50 open. Come join us for a great
width and depth. As
race in the morning and then fireworks in Parque
soon as you try on a
de Vida later that night.
properly fitted shoe,
A 16 mile bike, 3 mile varied terrain run, male,
you'll feel the differ-
female, child, beginner, family, high school. Tro-
ence all the way to the
phy, medal, snake start in large outdoor pool, July
top of your head."
4th fireworks in park, HS Team Challenge, over
Mario can custom fit
50, over 70, over 15 open, child's 6 to 10 and 11 to
your shoes, with or
14 open and team. $20 to $100, Late fees apply,
without a prescrip-
Adult, Adult Team events, Kids single/ teams, age
tion, and can achieve
the great fit you want
Check-in: 6:30 to 8p, Cortez Outdoor pool on July
and need. His unique
3rd. Race Orientation session 7-8p, Cortez Out-
shoes address many
door Pool July 3rd. Race starts at 7a on July 4th.
problems, including
Marking and Time Chip 6:30a, July 4th.
plantar fascitis, athletic
The Steamboat Lake Sprint
injuries, pediatric cor-
rections, diabetic feet,
Steamboat Lake Sprint Triathlon July 22, 2012
pronation, flat feet,
The 2nd stop on the Colorado Triathlon Tour
arthritic feet, callouses
takes us to a picturesque venue that was the
and bunions.
surprise new event of 2011. The Steamboat Lake
Some of the wonderful
Seven Habits that Improve Thinking
Sprint is exactly half the distance of the Steam-
benefits of his custom-
boat Olympic Distance Triathlon that will take
Here are a few habits to build into your working and/or thinking
ized shoes are comfort,
place on Aug 19th at Lake Catamount. Whether
improved quality of
you're competing in your first ever race, prep-
life, injury prevention,
1. Eat lighter meals in the morning and during the working hours.
ping for the Aug 19th Steamboat Triathlon, or
health and healing,
2. Learn how to breathe more efficiently.
earning coveted Colorado Tri Tour points this is
increased energy and
3. Interrupt yourself to take breaks in the middle of your work.
the perfect event.
performance enhance-
Duck & Run!
4. Get outside as often as possible, regardless of the weather.
5. Spend 5 minutes at least twice a day staring at the sky, at wildlife,
Duck and Run Race, July 28, 2p to 4p, Inflatable
Shoe design fits feet
or at water.
kayak down the river and run the river trail back
of any size, shape and
6. Make sure you get proper sleep on a regular schedule.
to the start. We provide duckies or bring your own.
proportion, and have
7. Make sure you are physically active for at least 20 minutes each day.
Register at 970.247.4789. Ages 12+
shoes for the entire