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2012 July
skin care products are
applied influence how
well the products work?
Dermatologists say yes.
"Medications or treat-
ments should be applied
directly after washing
your face," said board-
certified dermatologist
Susan C. Taylor, MD,
"This ensures that the
medications or treatments
are properly absorbed
Remember To Eat Fish!
by the skin. Otherwise,
people may think a prod-
Why Does a Diet High in DHA Improve Memory?
uct isn't working because
We've all heard that eating fish is good for our
it's applied in the wrong
brains and memory. But what is it about DHA, an
omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, that makes our
To maximize the ef-
memory sharper?
fectiveness of skin care
Researchers with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentist-
products, Dr. Taylor rec-
ry discovered a possible explanation and just pub-
ommended people take
lished their findings in the peer-reviewed journal
the following steps when
Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.
caring for their skin:
Principal investigator Yves Sauve and his team dis-
1. Wash your face. Use a
covered lab models fed a high-DHA diet had 30 per
gentle cleanser and gently
cent higher levels of DHA in the memory section of
pat dry.
the brain, known as the hippocampus, when com-
2. Apply medication or
pared to animal models on a regular, healthy diet.
treatment. If you are us-
"We wanted to find out how fish intake improves
ing a medicine or other
memory," says Sauve, a medical researcher at the
treatment on your skin,
The Medicine
University of Alberta who works in the department
you should apply this
of physiology, the department of ophthalmology
right after cleansing
and the Centre for Neuroscience.
unless otherwise recom-
"What we discovered is that memory cells in the
mended by your derma-
Colorado Medical
hippocampus could communicate better with each
tologist. When applying
Marijuana Update
other and better relay messages when DHA levels
any cream around your
in that region of the brain were higher. This could
eyes, use your ring finger,
explain why memory improves on a high-DHA
A regular new feature
as it is the weakest finger
spotlighting positive
and will not pull too hard
Sauve noted it is a key finding that when a diet is
developments in the
on this delicate skin.
supplemented with DHA, that additional stores of
Colorado medical
3. Apply moisturizer
the omega-3 fatty acid are deposited in the brain.
marijuana industry,
and/or sunscreen.
His team confirmed this finding, a discovery other
including facts, news
4. Apply makeup, if
labs have noted as well.
and information about
Supplementing your diet with DHA, such as in-
educational efforts
"It's important for people
creasing fish intake or taking supplements, could
and events, research
to know that using sev-
prevent declining DHA levels in the brain as we
achievements and
eral products at the same
age, says Sauve.
breakthroughs, and
time may not only negate
This research was funded by Alberta Innovates -
inspiring stories of self-
the benefits of each
Health Solutions.
healing and relief.
product but also irritate
Earlier this year, Sauve and other colleagues
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the skin," said Dr. Taylor.
discovered DHA prevents the accumulation of a
with your business
"Using too many prod-
toxic molecule at the back of the eye that causes age
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ucts may cause redness,
related vision loss. He is continuing his research in
1.85"X3" and cost $35/
stinging and dryness of
this area. (source:
month. Email us at
the skin, especially if an
Get The Most From Your
anti-aging product is in-
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cluded. The signs of aging
Skin-Care Products
may then be more notice-
Did you know?
able. A dermatologist can
Consumers often spend hundreds and sometimes
Did you know that 16
address any questions or
thousands of dollars a year on skin care products
states and the District
concerns that you have
in an effort to improve the look of their skin. From
of Columbia have laws
about caring for your
anti-aging serums to acne medications, many adults
legalizing medical
and teens regularly apply medications or treat-
ments to their skin. But does the sequence in which