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Pg 8 - The Sunshine Express
2012 July
Nothing would be
more tiresome than
eating and drink-
ing if God had not
made them a plea-
sure as well as a
necessity. ~ Voltaire
It's difficult to
think anything but
pleasant thoughts
while eating a
homegrown toma-
to. ~ Lewis Grizzard
The belly rules the
mind. ~ Old Proverb
the highest rates of salt consumption. Comparing
Salt, A Nutrient Essential
the available data on salt consumption and lon-
2012 Farmers Markets
gevity around the world indicates that if we were
New research shows health benefits of salt
to actually consume the low levels of salt recom-
(ARA) - In a recent New York Times article, award
- Crested Butte Farmers' Market - June - October
mended in the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, our life
winning science journalist Gary Taubes describes
Elk Avenue & First Street, Sundays, 10-2p
expectancy figures would drop dramatically.
the considerable efforts and expenditures made by
- Cortez County Farmers Market - June - October
Taubes is far from the only journalist to have ques-
government public health agencies to support and
109 West Main Street, Saturday, 7:30a-noon
tioned the government's policy on salt. Scientific
promote salt restriction, despite clinical evidence
- Dolores Farmers Market - June - October
American reviewed the studies and summarized
which does not support population-wide salt reduc-
420 Central Avenue, Wednesday, 4p-7p
its findings in the headline, "It's time to end the
tion strategies.
- Durango Farmers Market - June - October
war on salt."
According to Taubes, a flood of new research pub-
259 W 9th St, Durango, Saturday 8a-noon
Paonia Treats
lished in the last two years has not only shown the
- Glenwood's Downtown Market - June - Sept
health benefits of salt but also revealed the risks of
Cherry Days Beer & Wine Tasting Classes and
Centennial Park, 9th& Grand Ave, Glenwood
low-sodium diets.
`Farm to Table' Dinner
Springs, Tues 4p-8p
"There was no disputing that salt is a natural, no-
Cherry Days will be highlighting local food and
- Glenwood Springs Farmers Market - June-Nov
calorie and tasty nutrient essential for life, but the
spirits on Saturday, July 7 in Paonia Town Park.
1412 Grand Ave, Sat 8a-3p
biggest nutrition story in recent years is the proof
This celebration of all good, local products will
- Farm and Ranch Market (F.A.R.M.) - June-Nov
that following the government's low salt advice
begin at 3:30p with a beer tasting class, followed by
28th & North Ave, Grand Junction, Wed & Sat
could actually shorten your life," says Lori Roman,
a wine tasting class and culminating with 2 `farm
president of the Salt Institute.
to table' dinners.
- Gunnison Farmers Market - June - October
Within the past year, peer-reviewed medical studies
Revolution Brewing's Mike King will conduct the
Corner of Main & Virginia Streets, Saturday,
have documented:
beer tasting class from 3:30-4:30p at the Storytelling
* Type 1 diabetes risk: In one Australian study on
Tent. Mike will educate what he calls the "average
- Montrose Farmers Market - May - October
patients with type 1 diabetes, low sodium intake
with interested" palate. He will explore the three
S 1st St. and Park Ave, Wed & Sat, 8:30a-1p
was independently associated with increased all-
dimensions of beer: bitterness, malty sweetness
- Norwood Farmers Market - June - October
cause mortality and ESRD (end-stage renal disease).
and alcohol and the way various recipes and styles
1165 Summit St, Saturday, 9a-1p
* Type 2 diabetes risk: In another Australian study
quite deliberately balance these three elements.
- Ouray Farmers Market -
with type 2 diabetes patients, lower sodium con-
At 4:30p Brent Helleckson of Stone Cottage Cellars
439 Main St Elks Centennial Park, Thurs 2p-6p
sumption was associated with increased all-cause
will lead the wine tasting class. He will demon-
- Pagosa Springs Farmers Market - July - Sept
and cardiovascular mortality.
strate how to taste and what to look for in wine,
Parking lot, Ponderosa Lumber & Hardware, 2435
* No cardiovascular benefit to salt reduction: A
highlight what is unique about the wines produced
Eagle Drive, Saturday 9a-1p
study published in the American Journal of Hyper-
from the grapes grown in the North Fork Valley
- Palisade Sunday Market - June - September
tension showed that eating less salt will not prevent
and those made in the Grand Valley by Palisade
Main & 3rd, Sun 8a-2p
heart attacks, strokes or early death. On the con-
and how they differ. He will also recommend food
- Ridgeway Farmers Market - June - October
trary, low-sodium diets increased the likelihood of
pairings with the various wines.
423 Clinton St, Fri 11a-4p
premature death.
After the tasting classes, the Storytelling Tent will
- Rifle Farmer's Market - June-Sept
* Increased risk of illness and death: The Journal
become the site for the farm to table dinners - 2
East Avenue, Downtown Rifle, Fridays
of the American Medical Association published a
seatings at 6 and 7:30p. Local chefs will take advan-
- Silverton Farmers Market - June - September
multi-year study on a very large cohort that con-
tage of the wonderful local bounty and offer delec-
Silverton Town Park, Tues 2p-6p
cluded that lower salt intakes resulted in higher
table dishes. Michael Gillespie of the Living Farm
- Steamboat Springs Mainstreet Market - June -
morbidity and mortality.
Cafe, Dava Parr of Fresh & Wyld, Kelly Steinmetz
* Negative effects of low-salt intakes: An analysis of
of the Flying Fork Cafe and Ed Vaughn of Delicious
6th St betw Lincoln & Oak, Sat 9a-2p
167 studies showed that individuals placed on the
Orchards will show off their talents. Michael will
- Telluride Farmers Market - June - October
U.S. Dietary Guidelines-recommended salt levels
prepare the apple wood smoked chicken and apple
South Oak Street in downtown, Friday 11a-4p
experienced significant increases in plasma renin,
wood smoked baked beans for the dinner. If Moth-
aldosterone, adrenaline, noradrenalin, cholesterol
er Nature cooperates, Dava plans to concoct a red,
and triglycerides - all risk factors for diabetes and
white and blue potato dish with a green herb and
cardiovascular disease.
goat cheese vinaigrette. A salad with a plethora (up
* Health risk of current U.S. Dietary Guidelines:
to 9 different types) of greens will also be on the
In a Journal of the American Medical Association
menu. Kelly's contribution to the farm to table din-
publication, an analysis of the association between
ner will be a garden dish that will include spinach,
sodium intakes and cardiovascular events in almost
zucchini, squash, pan-seared polenta and a zesty
29,000 adults, showed that CV risk was increased
puttanesca sauce. Ed will be doing the cherry pies
among those with the lowest levels, equivalent to
for the dinner. In all of his cooking experience, he
the current recommendations in the U.S. Dietary
considers the sour cherries in this region the most
flavorful, the cherries just speak for themselves.
* Nutritional risk of current U.S. Dietary Guidelines:
Proceeds from these three spirit and food events
The American Journal of Preventative Medicine
will go to the Paonia Chamber of Commerce,
published an article demonstrating that following
which promotes local business and the area's
the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for salt will result in
unique quality of life. The beer tasting class is $25
unbalanced and unsustainable dietary choices.
per person; the wine tasting class is $25 and the
* It is well documented that the Japanese and the
farm to table dinner is $25. Tickets can be pur-
Swiss enjoy among the longest life expectancy
chased via Brown Paper Tickets on the Chamber
rates of any of the world's population groups. Less
web site,, and at the
known however, is that they are also among
Chamber office at 124 Grand Ave.