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Pg 10 - The Sunshine Express
2012 August
23 - Transfer Trail to Windy Point - Hard work
pays off when riders reach the pinnacle of Windy
Point on the Flat Tops, high above No Name
Canyon. Sheer cliffs drop straight down, but there
are plenty of places to sit back and take in the
expansive views of uninhabited landscape. After
the steep ascent, riders can enjoy the miles of
20 - Boy Scout/Lookout Mountain Trail - No oaths
required, but mountain bikers swear this is the
best ride in town. Riders can choose to do the
entire loop by taking Red Canyon Road south of
town to Spring Valley and connecting to Lookout
Rio Grande Trail
Mountain Road, or they can drive to the parking
(Photo: Glenwood Chamber)
area on Lookout Mountain Road and take off on
mileage to the trail systems around Glenwood
Boy Scout Trail from there. Maps are crucial on
Springs is the Lower Valley Trails Group, known
this ride, as the trail splits in several places. Riders
as LoVa. The non-profit group is collaborating with
are rewarded when the jeep road morphs into
Garfield County to build a path that will ultimately
singletrack that dips and dives for five fast-paced
stretch the entire length of the Colorado River from
miles, dumping riders in the heart of Glenwood
Glenwood Springs to DeBeque, Colorado, a span of
Springs' restaurant district.
47 miles. Stop by the new Glenwood Springs Visi-
7 - Grizzly Creek Trail - Named in 1881 by the
tor Center at 802 Grand Avenue for detailed trail
man who killed the largest grizzly bear in Colo-
maps and information.
rado, Grizzly Creek Trail is still full of wildlife,
Add it all up and the answer is obvious: For hikers
though these days it's mostly songbirds, but-
and bikers in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, there
terflies, mule deer and squirrels. With plenty of
are close to 150 miles of trails, but the thrills, sights,
places to dip toes in the icy mountain stream, this
adventures and discoveries waiting to be explored
shady hike is ideal on summer's hottest days.
are infinite.
6 - Jeanne Golay Trail - This trail honors the Olym-
About Glenwood Springs
pic cyclist who competed in the 1992 Barcelona
Glenwood Springs is located between Aspen and
and 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and now resides
Vail, 165 miles west of Denver or 90 miles east
in Glenwood Springs. A favorite training route for
of Grand Junction on I-70 off Exit 116. For more
high-caliber athletes, the trail is also popular with
information about Glenwood Springs, Colorado,
less competitive types, especially those looking
call 970.945.6589 or go to
for a steady uphill climb on a compacted dirt road
For lodging reservations, call 888.4.GLENWOOD
with a raucous descent on singletrack. Overlooks
along the way provide views of Mount Sopris and
the Roaring Fork Valley to the south.
A Galaxy Of Trails
4 - Storm King Memorial Trail - July 6, 1994, will
forever be a day of indescribable tragedy for the
The Answer is 142.5, A Magic Number for Hikers
community of Glenwood Springs. This hiking
and Bikers in Glenwood Springs
trail is dedicated to the 14 firefighters who lost
For fans of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's book series,
their lives while fighting the South Canyon fire
the number 42 may be the answer to the ultimate
and defending the homes and property of people
question of life, the universe and everything, but for
they didn't know. Interpretive signs along the way
avid hikers and bikers looking to explore terrain in
explain what happened the day the fire flared out
and around Glenwood Springs, the answer is 142.5.
of control, and memorial crosses mark the sites
Totaling well over a hundred miles, and with even
where each firefighter perished.
more coming soon, there's a miniature galaxy of
3 - Atkinson Trail - This multi-use trail opened
trails circling Glenwood Springs and waiting to be
in 2011 as part of the Glenwood Springs' river-
explored. The time for launch is now, although as
Glenwood Canyon
(Photo: Glenwood Chamber)
trails master plan. The trail hugs the west bank
Adams' readers know, time is an illusion and lunch-
of the Roaring Fork River from the 27th Street
time doubly so.
Bridge near Rivers Restaurant and follows it to the
"Exploring Glenwood Springs on foot or by bike is
Glenwood Park area. Trail amenities that include
like finding a portal to another universe. You're sud-
benches, picnic tables, overlooks and beach access
denly transported to a place you didn't even know
make it a popular destination for families.
existed, to the serenity of an aspen grove, under the
2.5 - Hanging Lake Trail - A geological wonder
spray of a waterfall or standing on the soil of hal-
and one of the most popular hiking trails in Colo-
lowed ground," said Lisa Langer, vice president of
rado, Hanging Lake Trail is a popular destination
tourism marketing for the Glenwood Springs Cham-
for locals and visitors alike. While the end goal
ber Resort Association.
of this hike is to reach the pristine lake clinging
The mileage calculations below are for round-trip ex-
to the edge of a cliff, don't overlook the smaller
cursions except as noted and are tallied to the near-
vistas that abound along the way. Keep an eye
est half-mile. Satisfying outings depend on riders'
out for mossy groves, lush fern gardens, wooden
and hikers' ability to read and follow maps, to ask
bridges, dry-stacked rock walls and soaring
passersby for directions if lost and to bring sufficient
Hanging Lake
(Photo: Glenwood Chamber)
hydration, snacks, repair tools, gear and sunscreen.
canyon walls. Because
These notwithstanding, follow the numbers to Glen-
of its geological unique-
wood Springs' best hiking and biking trails.
ness, Hanging Lake
44 - Rio Grande Trail - Unless the urge strikes, riders
was listed as a National
needn't bother riding uphill all the way to Aspen.
Natural Landmark in
They can take the RFTA Bike Express, a customized
bus that can accommodate up to 14 bikes on the inte-
1 - Doc Holliday Trail
rior. The bus leaves stops in Glenwood Springs every
- Glenwood Springs'
weekend morning through September 2 and drops
most famous outlaw
passengers off in the heart of Aspen, where they can
rests somewhere in
connect with the Rio Grande Trail for 44 miles of sce-
Linwood Cemetery,
nic and mostly downhill coasting along the Roaring
though no one knows
Fork River.
the exact location. Hik-
32 - Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail - Visitors can
ers can enjoy the short
bring a bike, rent one or take a walk through one of
trail that begins at the
Colorado's most spectacular natural wonders. The
corner of 12th Street
trail follows the Colorado River and is interspersed
and Bennett Avenue to
with rest areas at No Name, Grizzly Creek, Hanging
John "Doc" Holliday's
Lake and Bair Ranch, making it easy to do smaller
memorial, then peruse
portions of the trail. Thanks to an engineering sleight
some of the markers
of hand, the interstate highway through Glenwood
of Glenwood Springs'
Canyon becomes an unobtrusive part of the land-
pioneer residents.
Adding even more