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2012 August
Roller Derby Rolls For Habitat
Local residents have the chance to engage in some rock `em sock `em Derby fun
Aug.11, when the Arkansas Valley Roller Girls arrive to take on the Grand Junc-
tion Derby team at the Montrose County Fairgrounds.
Come out for the pre-party at R&R Sports Bar at 3p, to meet the roller derby
girls in uniform and enjoy drink specials. Afterwards, head over to Friendship
Hall at 5p for an evening of rowdy fun, all to benefit a great cause, Habitat for
Humanity of Montrose County.
"This is our fifth annual roller derby event, and we are expecting a great turn-
out, as many as 450 people," said Colleen Burke, executive director of Habitat
for Humanity of Montrose County. "We hope you will join us, this is a great
way to have fun and give back to a non-profit that gives so much to our com-
Tickets are available in advance at the Habitat ReStore for $8, and will be $10 at
the door. Families and larger groups can also save money by buying a four-
pack for just $30. To learn more, visit
Once In A Blue Moon
August Blue Moon A Rare Treat
A lunar month takes 29.53 days. This is the amount of time it takes for the
Moon to complete a cycle through all the phases, from new moon to full moon
and then back to new moon again. This is very close to the length of a month in
the Western calendar, which usually have 30 or 31 days. Every month usually
has one of each of the phases. So a typical month will have a new moon, first
quarter, full moon and last quarter moon. But every now and then, a month will
have two of the same phases. When a month has two full moons, the second
one is called a `blue moon'.
Blue moons are rare, and that's where the phrase comes from, "once in a blue
moon". How rare? They only happen once every 2-3 years (2.72 years, to be
exact). It's this second moon in the month that's considered the blue moon.
This month, on August 31, we will be treated to a rare blue moon, the first one
since New Year's Eve, December 31, 2009. The next blue moon won't occur
again until July 31, 2015.
Does the blue moon actually turn blue? No. A blue moon is exactly the same
color as a regular full moon. The Moon can turn blue when there's a certain
amount of dust or pollution in the air, about 1 micron (one millionth of a meter)
wide, the right size to strongly scatter red light, while allowing other colors
to pass. White moonbeams shining through the particles emerge as blue, and
sometimes green, making the Moon appear more blue. For example, the Moon
appeared blue across the entire Earth for about 2 years after the eruption of
Krakatoa in 1883.
The Moon Dance
Libra- Emotional energy spikes; surprises or
Cancer- Morale and optimism increase, de-
intense situations, good or bad, will likely
spite some professional hurdles or apathy. A
manifest in the personal. Keep your courage
more positive and trusting energy takes hold,
and let reason temper emotions. Forward
allowing for love opportunities, that have been
movement professionally relieves some of this
awaiting their chance, to dance for you. Take
energy. Chances to relax outdoors also helps.
your time, avoid conflicts and keep smiling.
Scorpio- The planets demand that extra rest
Leo- How you communicate this month will
will surely be needed this month. Pressure
determine it's outcome. Take care to harness
professionally adds to the physical stress,
your ego as your star rises professionally. Di-
however, your confidence and knowledge
plomacy is better than force; kindness is better
adds allies. Personal relations and romantic
than sarcastic judgement. Action sometimes
love multiplies. Try and remember to just
has to be tough; the toungue does not.
enjoy it.
Virgo- Creativity at work helps move things
Sagittarius- If you are in a relationship, it will
forward. A good month to focus on boosting
strengthen; if not in one, you have a good
your immune system. Pamper and nourish
chance of finding love. Love is in the air, fed
your body and avoid toxins so that you can
by a spirit of freedom and romantic adven-
fully enjoy an increase in love and sensuality
ture. Doors open to new professional relations
energies that are beginning to manifest in your
or partnerships. Methodical action deters ir-
rational excess.
Aries- It may be easy to be hard this month as
Capricorn- Business or career advancement
outside influences test your patience. Staying
takes center stage. Goals become clearer and
focused on goals and objectives, both profes-
inspiration rises, feeding a strong desire
sional and personal, should keep things solid.
to reach objectives and succeed. Financials
Try to sneak in a little play time as well to
increase but so does stress, so make time for
refresh. Moments of solitude with Spirit will
resting. Socializing increases and love energy
ease your mind.
is very strong.
Taurus- Responsibilities increase or become
Aquarius- Physical energy is good. Profes-
yours unexpectedly, increasing your pace and
sional opportunities arise in areas of finance
stress levels. Do not allow yourself to be swept
and information that lead to improved effi-
into an accident causing frenzy. Meditation
ciency and revenues. Honest and open com-
and slow breathing exercises will be essential.
munication at home fosters enthusiasm for
Your sense of humor calms all waters.
romance and a new appreciation of differing
Gemini- You will be feeling stronger every
day; braver and more confident. Adventure
Pisces- Creativity and initiative drive you to
and fulfillment await the Gemini who is will-
new heights professionally. Money manage-
ing to invest brainpower and sweat during
ment and increased revenues become more of
this period. Dream big, plan ahead, act delib-
a focus, although love and passion energies
erately, work hard and your garden will grow
still pull strongly. Many opportunities for fun
and pleasure arise. Take time to enjoy them.