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Pg 10 - The Sunshine Express
2012 September
contributing a portion
feeding frenzies where material falls towards the
of all proceeds to the
black hole, heats up, and irradiates its surround-
ings. Bigger central black holes, up to a billion
Healthy Horse Bou-
times the mass of our sun, even may shut down
tique offers products
star formation in galaxies.
including feed, sup-
In one study, astronomers used WISE to identify
plements, and treats,
about 2.5 million actively feeding supermassive
as well as lotions and
black holes across the full sky, stretching back to
potions for horses and
distances more than 10 billion light-years away.
their riders. Healthy
About two-thirds of these black holes never had
Horse Boutique pro-
been detected before because dust blocks their
vides personalized
visible light. WISE easily sees these monsters be-
service and delivery
cause their powerful, accreting black holes warm
as well as training
the dust, causing it to glow in infrared light.
with Marian Nilsen
and the Rose Lane
experienced staff.
For additional infor-
mation visit www.
Healthy Horse, Happy Horse
NASA Finds Space `DOGs'
NASA's WISE Survey Uncovers
Healthy Horse Boutique, a health food store for
Millions Of Black Holes
horses, will host a Grand Opening of their new
August 29 - NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey
Riding Arena and Boarding Facility located at
Explorer(WISE) mission has led to a bevy of new-
489 Rose Lane in Carbondale (near the Rodeo
found supermassive black holes and extreme gal-
grounds) on Saturday, August 25. The facility
axies called hot DOGs, or dust-obscured galaxies.
has been thoughtfully designed as a caring and
1st Yampa Valley Crane Fest
Images from the telescope have revealed millions
nurturing environment that offers "peace of
of dusty black hole candidates across the universe
mind" for both owners and their horses and will
During this past Spring (2012), there was a
and about 1,000 even dustier objects thought to be
be accepting new boarders in September.
proposal to hunt Sandhill Cranes in Moffat and
among the brightest galaxies ever found. These
The event schedule is:
Routt Counties. These are the same Cranes that
powerful galaxies that burn brightly with infrared
10a-4p - Dressage clinics with Katherine Raine,
stop at Fruitgrowers Reservoir/ Hart's Basin.
light are nicknamed hot DOGs.
who helped the USET win the team Bronze
The birding community in the Yampa Valley led
"WISE has exposed a menagerie of hidden
Medal for the Dressage World Championship at
the opposition to the hunt, and now Steamboat
objects," said Hashima Hasan, WISE program
the 1994 World Equestrian Games in Holland,
Springs will host the first annual Yampa Valley
scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington.
1p-6p - Local vendor booths offering a variety
Crane Festival, September 15-19.
"We've found an asteroid dancing ahead of Earth
of horse inspired products including saddles,
The early events are at the Carpenter Ranch.
in its orbit, the coldest star-like orbs known and
jewelry, apparel, equine rehabilitation, catering
Then in Steamboat Springs, on Tuesday and
now, supermassive black holes and galaxies hid-
and training
Wednesday, there will be presentations plus
ing behind cloaks of dust."
4p - Free reception featuring complimentary ap-
Crane viewing opportunities.
WISE scanned the whole sky twice in infrared
petizers and beverages
These birds are arriving from their nesting
light, completing its survey in early 2011. Like
4:30p - Riding Demo with Karen Oberlohr &
grounds and there will be some juveniles such as
night-vision goggles probing the dark, the tele-
the one pictured above(Note no red crown).
scope captured millions of images of the sky. All
The free event is a benefit for the Valley's Pony
On Wednesday, September 19, from 7p-8p we
the data from the mission have been released
Club (donations accepted) with Healthy Horse
will be honored to have Dr. George Archibald,
publicly, allowing astronomers to dig in and make
Boutique and all participating vendors
co-founder of the International Cranes Foun-
dation and the world Crane expert/Traveller
new discoveries.
with us, who will speak about Cranes at high
The latest findings are
altitudes. This includes our Cranes as well as
helping astronomers better
the Black-Necked Crane of the Tibetan Plateau
understand how galaxies and
and the Demoiselle Crane that migrates over the
the behemoth black holes at
their centers grow and evolve
Since 1995, Evelyn Horn has been the volunteer
together. For example, the gi-
monitor for these birds as they migrate through
ant black hole at the center of
our area. For further information contact the
our Milky Way galaxy, called
Yampa Valley Crane Festival website, or call
Sagittarius A*, has 4 million
Evelyn Horn at 970.835.8391 or email to:
times the mass of our sun and
has gone through periodic