Nature & Wildlife
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
2012 September
Riding, Swimming, Music & Eats
recreation center, Club America; and, a great tee shirt.
is an entirely web based raffle for a building lot
There is a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. The
in Little River Ranch, located just west of Salida.
Westcliffe Charity bicycle ride entry includes
weather will be great. The aspens are turning gold,
The raffle site became active on Friday, June, 8th,
High Peaks Music Festival
the meadows are ripe with grain and the mountains
and will end on September 9th with the draw-
Register now for the 5th Annual Ride Westcliffe
are awesome.
ing to be held at Business After Hours at TLC
Charity bicycle ride. It happens on Saturday,
Proceeds help fund community youth fitness pro-
Pet Supplies, here in Salida on September 12, at
September 8, 2012. There are 5 different rides.
grams and our community radio station, KWMV-FM.
6pm. You need not be present to win.
The "Cowboy Century" is 100-miles with 10,000+
We hope you will join us for the Ride.
For only $25, you can purchase a raffle ticket
feet of elevation gain from Westcliffe to Colorado
Details are on Register on-
online at The prize is a beauti-
City and back. There's a `Metric Century' and the
line or via mail from the website. Links for accommo-
fully treed building lot with spectacular moun-
`Wet Mountain 60'. Enjoy the 25-mile `New Guys'
dations and area information is also on the website.
tain views of the Upper Arkansas Valley. Little
Ramble' or a 7-mile `Family Ride' around the old
River Ranch features all underground utilities,
$25 Wins A Building Lot!
silver mining district. The cost varies from $40.00
neighborhood trail system, mile of private
to $70.00.
fishing access, over 20 acres of open space and
Your entry fee includes an afternoon concert: the
The Salida Chamber of Commerce would like to re-
access to Forest Service and BLM lands.
`High Peaks Music Festival'; a pasta feed; access to
mind everyone that there is only one month remain-
To view the property and learn the details, go to
the sauna and pool at the community health and
ing to purchase raffle tickets.
The Moon Dance
Cancer- Feeling strong and courageous, and
Capricorn- Meditate, meditate, meditate. This
maybe a bit restless, you may be focused on
is a good month for rest, reflection, recharging,
making adjustments or changes. You know
re-evaluating, renewing. Passions begin rising.
what you want, time to go get it. Financials
Professional rewards start manifesting. Use les-
improve and your personal life becomes
sons learned and much spiritual guidance, for
30th   more robust.
you are at a crossroads.
Leo- Charming, affectionate, and playful,
Aquarius- Stress in the professional increases
you're ready for some good loving and just
as activity increases and you will have to work
plain fun. Your attractiveness this month
hard and face challenges. But this will strength-
will fulfill your needs with plenty. Social
en you. In the personal, conditions are very
opportunities grow. Monetary reward
favorable for love to manifest in many ways.
becomes more important than status. Your
Soak it up!
creativity should serve you well.
Pisces- Talk, listen, negotiate, communicate at
Virgo- In good health and with increasing
home and all will be well this month in the per-
energy levels you will be able to capitalize
sonal. As much as you enjoy your professional
on professional opportunites. Be aware to
life, try to avoid bringing work home with you.
speak kindly in all dealings to avoid con-
Financials will take care of themselves. Tap into
flicts that could arise from disappointments.
creative energies this month.
Life isn't often fair, but yours is getting
fairer, despite possible appearances to the
Aries- Professional advancements, financial im- Libra- A pleasant personal life. Social op-
provement, and collaborative results, combine  portunities increase. Beware possible money
conflicts with loved ones; work together
with easing personal life issues or tensions to
give morale a much appreciated boost. Remain  and all will be well. Financials may also be
methodical and rational, but remember to feed  at the forefront at work; a good time to get
organized and do research for clarity.
your spiritual needs as well as your physical.
Scorpio- Fierce passions and emotions rule
Taurus- Courage rises steadily this month,
the day. Your expectations still may be too
enabling much advancement in the profes-
sional arena, as well as feeding strong passions  high for others to meet. Work on building
patience and don't forget that gratitude
that also are on the rise. Go ahead, open up
and share feelings, but remain vigilant towards  always has gotten you further. Abundant
professional opportunities; try not to overdo
respecting others. Your smile will disable all
Gemini- With an exciting month ahead, avoid-  Sagittarius- Financial energies increase as
well as enthusiasm and stamina. Many new
ing stress and keeping nourished is essential.
opportunites arise for friendship and love.
Your ability to `ride the wave' so to speak can
help alot. Anticipate and plan calmly and you'll However, make sure your enthusiastic at-
titude doesn't substitute for common sense.
be rewarded. Don't forget your lover.