The Good News
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2012 September
Ah Haa School Presents
First Retrospective of Work by British Photogra-
pher, Michael Ward - Telluride, Exhibition runs
through September 28th
The Ah Haa School for the Arts, Shot Images, and
Simon & Kim Perutz are pleased to present the first
retrospective of work by acclaimed British photog-
rapher Michael Ward since his death in April, 2011.
Known for his prolific body of documentary pho-
tography work of musicians, actors, writers and
other Pop icons of the 20th century.
His subjects range widely from The Beatles to
Margaret Thatcher, The Rolling Stones, to Michael
Caine, Queen Elizabeth to David Hockney.
Michael Ward worked for many prestigious British
newspapers and magazines, including The Evening
Standard and The Sunday Times, and frequently
exhibited at notable galleries and museums, includ-
ing The National Portrait Gallery and The Victoria
and Albert museum.
When working, he often shot areas of conflict
abroad, focusing on the 1968 student riots in Paris,
troubles in Northern Ireland, and the Turkish
invasion of Cyprus. Yet many of his most moving
images show the beauty and simplicity in everyday
life in London.
Within relaxed environments he brilliantly cap-
tured the creative energy of some of Britian's most
well respected artistic minds. His oeuvre presents
a great multitude of sensual experiences, relation-
ships, and perspectives on the intricacies of British
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onymous with West-
ern," said President Jay
Hellman. "While our
This exhibition will highlight works from 1963
new name preserves
through 1987. There are shots of life in the street in
our Western Colorado
London, politicians under fire, irreverent self por-
heritage, it also reflects
traits as well as seldom viewed photographs of The
the broadening oppor-
Beatles, Rolling Stones and many leading social
tunities available to us
and theatrical figures of the day. His work subtly
as we move toward the
shines light on radical tensions, urban decay, and
future as Western State
wealth inequalities in a time of great social upheav-
Colorado University."
al in Europe.
Taking effect on August
One of his favorite subjects was his wife, Elizabeth
1, the name change cul-
Seal, an accomplished actor and dancer who won a
minates a five-month
Tony Award for her role as Irma, in `Irma la Douce'
plan initially approved
on Broadway in 1961.
by the school's Board
Exhibition runs through September 28. The Daniel
of Trustees in March.
Tucker Gallery is open Monday through Friday,
Colorado Governor
9a-5p. The Ah Haa School for the Arts is a dynamic
John Hickenlooper
Telluride center dedicated to inspiring all people to
signed bill HB-12-1331
discover, nurture, and celebrate creativity.
on June 4, officially