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Pg 6 - The Sunshine Express
2012 September
than that, the
father of this
family stopping
at the doughnut
store to buy 2
dozen doughnuts
to take to work.
He worked at a
hospital labora-
tory! The secretar-
ies would call me
on the phone to
rat him out! He
came home with
doughnut breath!
He was just like
my father, eat
the diet that the
doctor prescribed
and then eat a
full meal of what
Get Help Understanding Benefits
was not on the
diet! I have no
idea how the gal-
A free "Medicare 101 And More" program is
lon containers of
scheduled on Saturday, Sept. 22, at 10am, at the
ice cream found
Montrose Library, 320 S Second St, Montrose.
their way into the
This program, titled "Are You New To Medicare?"
freezer, or where
will be hosted by Mabel and Judy, who will help
the Cheetos came
those attending understand more about Medicare
from. They were
and the available benefits.
not in the grocery
This program is presented by the Colorado West
cart that I pushed
Retired Senior Volunteer Program, AeroCare, the
out of the market.
Colorado Health Foundation, and the State Health
Mystery sur-
Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).
rounded my life.
For more information, contact RSVP Colorado
The point is that
West at 970.249.9639.
Time For New Toilets
we have man-
aged to maneuver
The flush toilet was created in 1775 by Alexander
ourselves into a
Cummings. It led to a sanitary revolution that
nation that is over
helped keep deadly diseases like cholera at bay,
fed and under nourished. There is a 38% decline in
Kelly's World (continued from pg 5)
saving hundreds of millions of lives
the value of fresh food since World War II. Manu-
But the fact that 4 of every 10 people still don't
less imposed and more voluntary. I am resolving
facturers have put more preservatives in packaged
have access to flush toilets proves that it is a solu-
to find the joy of today, a quiet beautiful Saturday
food enough to last until the next ice age. Toma-
tion too expensive for much of the world. And
in late summer in the Montezuma Valley of south-
toes from the grocery store have little juice and
in an era where water is becoming increasingly
western Colorado. God has wrapped up the gift of
little flavor. 90% of diabetes is preventable - 90%!
precious, flush toilets that require 10 times more
joy in this day and it's a little small-minded of me
There is some good news in all of this. Colorado,
water than our daily drinking water requirement
to obsess over what's wrapped up in days to come
Massachusetts and California have the lowest
are no longer a smart or sustainable solution.
instead. So, let's get to unwrapping!
number of obese people in the nation, and I have
A year ago, the Gates Foundation launched an
Kelly Turner
lived in all three states. Born in Massachusetts and
initiative called the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.
(Kelly Turner is the station manager at KRTZ-FM
lived there for 25 years, lived in California for 38
The foundation on August 14 awarded prizes to
Radio 98.7/92.1 in Cortez.
years and here I am in beautiful Colorado. Bou-
three universities who responded to the challenge
and he can be reached at
nia must be looking out for me from her place in
a year ago to come up with solutions for capturing
heaven. Thank you, Bounia, for taking the time
and processing human waste and transforming it
to spend with me and sharing your wisdom and
into useful resources.
by Sandy Lauzon
The winners included: first place to California
Fat Pat the Water Rat!
Who mentored you in good dietary and health
Institute of Technology for designing a solar-pow-
Obesity! Of the 25 English words that Bounia did
practices? How do you share your knowledge with
ered toilet that generates hydrogen and electricity,
not know, obesity was a word that she never ut-
others? Are you willing to trade one poor food
second place to Loughborough University in the
tered! It is a word and condition that was not in
choice with a better choice at least once a day?
UK for a toilet that produces biological charcoal,
her world. Good garden food and lots of exercise
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at
minerals, and clean water, and third place to Uni-
just getting through her life. Who ever would
200 4th St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
versity of Toronto in Canada for a toilet that sani-
have even given obesity a second thought in my
tizes feces and urine
youth, certainly not Bounia. And, if anyone in the
and recovers resources
family had gained the slightest bit of extra weight,
and clean water. A
the taunt "fat Pat the water rat" or "Jeannie,
special recognition was
Jeannie 2X4, can't get through the kitchen door"
awarded to the Swiss
would be recited.
Federal Institute of
However the way society has evolved, and there
Aquatic Science and
is plenty of blame to share, it is in a big mess.
Technology and EOOS
Obesity is the number one health problem that
for their outstanding
leads to a myriad of other health problems for the
design of a toilet user-
young and old, wealthy and disadvantaged, and
all ethnicities.
Inventing new toilets is
Following Bounia's sage wisdom, I fed my
one of the most impor-
husband and children just the same way as I was
tant things we can do to
taught. Plain good food and plenty of it, that's
reduce child deaths and
the way you do. I was the mean mother who
disease and improve
never went to the fast food restaurants, the mean
people's lives. It will
one who put fruit in the lunch box, the ogre who
also conserve fresh
made you sit at the table and have dinner with
water for other impor-
meat, vegetables, salad, bread and butter, milk
tant purposes besides
and a glass of water.
Now, that did not prevent the trading of apple for
(source: www.thegates-
potato chips or Twinkies at school, or worse