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2012 September
Swanton New Spa Director
said Swanton. As the
spa director, Swanton
Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs
will be responsible for
Announces New Spa Director
providing leadership,
World-famous for its natural hot springs pools,
support and direc-
Glenwood Hot Springs is rapidly gaining a global
tion to the spa staff,
reputation as a top spa destination thanks in part
as well as managing
to the resort's award-winning Spa of the Rockies.
day-to-day operations
The landmark property recently named Megan
including retail, guest
Swanton to the position of spa director. Swanton
services, spa services
is a chiropractor and a Roaring Fork Valley native
and wellness program-
who has managed spas in the U.S. and around the
Swanton has always
Glenwood Hot Springs hired Megan Swanton as
been involved in keep-
the new spa director for its award-winning Spa
ing herself and others
of the Rockies on July 30. With a Doctor of Chi-
healthy. As a young
ropractic degree and a background in spa man-
girl in Aspen, she was
agement, Swanton brings with her an extensive
a competitive gymnast.
education and experience in the healing arts. The
In high school, she
former Aspen resident has also managed spas in
taught dance aerobics
French Polynesia and in Miami, and she owned
and yoga at health
and operated her own wellness business in Aus-
clubs near her home,
and after graduation
"Megan's skill set, creative spirit and multi-na-
she pursued her profes-
tional experience will be a tremendous asset to the
sional career, earning a
Glenwood Hot Springs management team and the
Doctor of Chiropractic
Spa of the Rockies," said General Manager and
from Palmer College of
Chief Operating Officer Kjell Mitchell.
Chiropractic in Daven-
"I've worked at and visited high-end spas around
port, Iowa.
the world, and I can tell you the Spa of the Rock-
For seven years, Swan-
ies is a top spa on an international scale. I am so
ton owned and oper-
thrilled to be here and to help promote this won-
ated her own successful healing arts business in Syd-
dynamic personality helped to strengthen the
derful place with so much healing history,"
ney, Australia, where she spe-
relationship with an outside spa management
cialized in chiropractic care and
company and increase guest satisfaction as
partnered with other specialists
well as company revenue.
to offer a variety of therapeutic
"My work has taken me all over the world
wellness services. As the region-
and has given me a deep appreciation for
al spa director for Mandara Spa
people from all walks of life. I've learned no
in French Polynesia, Swanton
matter where they are from, people respond
provided leadership and led op-
positively to the energy exchange that comes
erations with full responsibility
from human touch, whether it's from reflex-
for bottom line factors including
ology, massage or a facial. It's life-affirming
purchasing, staffing and retail-
and an essential component of wellbeing,"
ing. Back in the United States,
said Swanton.
Swanton most recently worked
The Spa of the Rockies encourages natural
for Steiner Leisure at the Elemis
health and wellness through the use of touch
Spa at the Loews Miami Beach
therapies and uses only top quality organic
Hotel, where she was the spa di-
products from around the world. In 1888,
rector. Her leadership style and
nearly 125 years ago, Glenwood Hot Springs
welcomed its first visitors. The tradition of
Sponsored by:
health and wellness continues today at the
Spa of the Rockies which has been recognized
for excellence with readers' choice awards by
both SpaFinder and Spa magazine.
The Medicine Cabinet
Humor Me
Public Policy Polling surveyed 779 likely Colorado
voters from Aug 2-5. The margin of error for the sur-
Bob was having trouble getting to sleep at
vey is +/-3.5%. This poll was not paid for or autho-
night. He went to see his doctor, who pre-
rized by any campaign or political organization.
scribed some extra-strong sleeping pills.
Amendment 64 is an amendment to the Colorado
Sunday night Bob took the pills, slept well
constitution concerning marijuana, and, in connec-
and was awake before he heard the alarm.
tion therewith, providing for the regulation of mari-
He took his time getting to the office, strolled
juana; permitting a person twenty-one years of age
in and said to his boss: "I didn't have a bit of
or older to consume or possess limited amounts of
trouble getting up this morning."
marijuana; providing for the licensing of cultivation
"That's fine," roared the boss, "but where
facilities, product manufacturing facilities, testing
were you Monday and Tuesday?"
facilities, and retail stores; permitting local govern-
ments to regulate or prohibit such facilities; requir-
Old Dr. Carver still made house calls. One
ing the general assembly to enact an excise tax to be
afternoon he was called to the Tuttle house.
levied upon wholesale sales of marijuana; requiring
Mrs. Tuttle was in terrible pain. The doctor
that the first $40 million in revenue raised annually
came out of the bedroom a minute after he'd
by such tax be credited to the public school capital
gone in and asked Mr. Tuttle, "Do you have a
construction assistance fund; and requiring the
hammer?" A puzzled Mr. Tuttle went to the
general assembly to enact legislation governing the
garage, and returned with a hammer. The
cultivation, processing, and sale of industrial hemp.
doctor thanked him and went back into the
If the election was held today, would you vote for
bedroom. A moment later, he came out and
or against Amendment 64?
asked, "Do you have a chisel?" Mr. Tuttle
For ......................... .47%
complied with the request. In the next ten
Against................... .38%
minutes, Dr. Carver asked for and received
Not sure ................. .15%
a pair of pliers a screwdriver and a hacksaw.
Did you know?
The last request got to Mr. Tuttle. He asked,
Hemp seed is highly nutritious and contains more
"What are you doing to my wife?" "Not a
essential fatty acids than any other source?
thing," replied old doc Carver. "I can't get my
instrument bag open."