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2012 September
Use Quality Ingredients
Directions: Evenly spread Hellmann's
or Best Foods Real Mayonnaise on roll,
Four simple tips to create delicious,
then layer with remaining ingredients.
quality meals at home
Visit for additional
(ARA) - As families become more concerned
ideas on how to incorporate real, simple
about the quality of food they are putting on the
ingredients into more of your classic
table, many are realizing that getting back to the
dishes. There you can find recipes, as
basics is one of the best ways to eat better and
well as behind-the-scenes coverage of
not compromise on taste. If you're looking for
the FOOD & WINE Classic from Aspen,
ways to improve your family meals it doesn't
Colo., where Hellmann's partnered with
require a major overhaul of your approach to
celebrity chef Tim Love to share every-
shopping or cooking. Often, just a few simple
thing from chef secrets, to the essential
adjustments can go a long way.
ingredients that you'll need to create
One of the easiest ways to upgrade a home-
your favorite dish.
cooked meal is to select the freshest form of the
recipe's main ingredients, and focus on the qual-
Pass The Salt Please
ity of groceries on your shopping list.
When your body runs hot, you
If you need some inspiration, here are four ways
need salt to stay hydrated
to focus on keeping meals simple and delicious:
(ARA) - Every day, more and more
* Using quality ingredients doesn't mean ev-
Americans are motivated to start exercise pro-
amount is not quite that high. Anyone can make an
erything needs to be made from scratch. Pack
grams. And while few will ever attain the fitness
alternative to commercial fluid replacement bever-
fresh vegetables into family favorites like classic
of an all-star athlete, we can all benefit from
ages easily by adding 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt per
salads and sandwiches. Complement these
increased physical activity and improved health.
liter or 32 ounces of water.
dishes with ready-made products that also focus
However, regardless of your level of activity, you
Both dehydration and sodium losses negatively
on quality ingredients. For example, a staple
still need to maintain good hydration.
affect athletic performance. However, it is diffi-
ingredient that makes classic dishes such as
Physical fitness is a state of good health resulting
cult to differentiate between the two because they
BLTs and homemade potato salads taste even
from regular exercise and good nutrition. When
occur simultaneously and have similar negative
better is Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. It's made
you exercise, your body's metabolism works at a
consequences. Dehydration, resulting from the
with high quality, simple ingredients such as
much higher rate, breaking down and regenerat-
difference between the amount of fluid lost and the
oil, vinegar, and now cage-free eggs. Dedicated
ing tissues and creating waste metabolites that
amount taken in during exercise is the most com-
to real, quality ingredients for nearly 100 years,
need to be flushed out of your system. That's why
mon cause of heat-related illness in athletes.
Hellmann's recently announced its commitment
the universal recommendation is to drink great
Remember, water alone may not be sufficient and
to transition all of its recipes to 100 percent cage-
amounts of water when you're working out.
could actually increase your risk of severe heat-
free eggs by 2020.
But you need more than just water for proper
related injuries. So the next time you're exercising,
* Pick out the main ingredient in your recipe
hydration. "You must also replace the sodium and
drink a lot of water to beat the workout heat, but
and aim for quality. Whether you're making
potassium along with the water, says Dr. David
also up your intake of electrolytes, particularly
steaks, chicken or eggs, try using farm-fresh
McCarron, adjunct professor at University of Cali-
sodium and potassium. Learn more about staying
products from a local producer.
fornia Davis. "This is why athletes drink sports
hydrated from the Salt Guru's YouTube channel.
* Build meals around vegetables that are in sea-
drinks rather than just water. Replacing water
My Wife The Gardener
son, such as midsummer BLTs when tomatoes
without sufficient sodium can quickly produce
are ripe for the picking. Plan a meal on the same
She dug the plot on Monday, the soil was rich &
hyponatremia, a potentially fatal condition."
day that you visit a local farmers market so you
When the body loses electrolytes, typically from
can use vegetables that may have been picked
But she forgot to put the dinner on, so out we went
perspiration, over-rehydration with only water
that morning, or better yet, cultivate your green
to dine.
can produce hyponatremia, which is a true medi-
thumb with a home garden for unlimited access
She planted roses Tuesday, she says they are a
cal emergency. Hyponatremia symptoms are simi-
to fresh, and inexpensive vegetables.
lar to those of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and
* Use fresh herbs as seasoning to add a burst
They really were quite lovely, but she forgot to
can often be overlooked. Symptoms range from
of flavor to your meals. Fresh garlic is a great
mild to severe and can include nausea, muscle
flavor booster, as it has a long shelf live and can
On Wednesday it was daisies opening with the sun,
cramps, disorientation, confusion, seizures, coma
be used in a wide variety of cooking styles.
All pinks and whites and yellows, but the laundry
and death.
The following Turkey & Avocado BLT recipe
wasn't done.
In 2002, a healthy 28-year-old runner collapsed
demonstrates how a few simple, quality ingredi-
The poppies came on Thursday all bright and
and died during the Boston Marathon as a result
ents can make for a delicious meal:
cherry red,
of hyponatremia. According to the British Medi-
Turkey & Avocado BLT
I guess she really was engrossed, she never made
cal Journal, 16 runners have died as a result of too
the bed.
little sodium and overhydration and another 1,600
1 tablespoon Hellmann's or Best Foods Real
It was violets here on Friday in colours she adores,
have become seriously ill. It is true that water in-
It never bothered her at all, the dirt upon our floors.
toxication is more commonly seen among extreme
1 ciabatta or soft roll, split and toasted
Saturday I hired a maid, I'd not admit defeat,
athletes, but older individuals are also at high risk
2 green leaf lettuce leaves
She can garden all she wants now and the house
for several reasons.
3 ounces sliced deli turkey breast
will still be neat
As we age, our kidneys become less efficient at
2 slices tomato
It's nearly lunchtime Sunday I cannot find the
conserving salt when the body is stressed and
3 slices avocado (optional)
common medications such as diuretics greatly
2 slices bacon, crisp-cooked
Oh I don't believe it. She's out there with her spade!
increase that risk.
That's why, during se-
vere high temperatures,
news accounts most
often refer to elderly
victims of the heat.
Ideally, anyone do-
ing fitness exercising
should drink eight to
12 ounces of fluid every
15 to 20 minutes during
a session. If exercising
exceeds an hour, a bev-
erage that contains salt
and an energy carbohy-
drate is far superior to
plain water. The recom-
mended concentration
of salt in a fluid replace-
ment beverage is 1/4
teaspoon per liter. Most
sports drinks contain
salt, although the