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2012 October
Here are some quick, but important elk hunting tips:
1. Decide on do-it-yourself hunting or an elk hunting guide.
2. Do some detective work to find your own good places to hunt.
3. Decide if you want to hunt a trophy bull, or a cow elk.
4. Decide if you want to hunt with a bow or rifle.
5. Get the most useful, economic hunting gear for your elk hunt.
6. Make sure you're fit for hunting season.
7. Go scouting on your computer with aerial & map software.
8. Scout your hunting area and know how to interpret elk sign.
9. Sight in your rifle correctly, so you can depend on it.
10. Now practice with your gun, so you shoot as well as it does.
Practice under real hunting situations and environments.
11. Fool the elk's nose practicing good scent control hunting.
12. Tune your bow and shoot consistently.
13. Be prepared to blood trail an elk that you shoot.
14. Be prepared to field dress an elk. It's a nasty job.
15. Be prepared for packing elk meat! Big game retrieval requires
a comprehensive plan.
Commission's September meeting in Glenwood
National Forest Color Hotline
The mission of the Forest Service is to sustain the
Springs. During the session, the Parks and Wild-
health, diversity and productivity of the nation's
Fall colors on national forests never fail to impress
life Commission also denied a citizen petition
forests and grasslands to meet the needs of pres-
Fall colors are about to burst all over the country
requesting that crossbows be approved for use
ent and future generations. The agency manages
and the U.S. Forest Service wants you to get out-
during archery seasons. Commissioners also ap-
193 million acres of public land, provides assis-
doors and enjoy one of nature's most spectacular
proved changes to falconry regulations to make it
tance to state and private landowners, and main-
seasons in your national forests.
easier for non-resident falconers to participate in
tains the largest forestry research organization in
"Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to plan
falconry events in Colorado.
the world. Forest Service lands contribute more
a trip to see the beauty of your national forests,"
Each year, the commission approves lion quo-
than $13 billion to the economy each year through
said Tom Tidwell, Chief of the U.S. Forest Service.
tas, which establish the maximum allowable of
visitor spending alone. Those same lands provide
"As tree experts, we have incredible resources on
harvest for lions in each game management unit.
20 percent of the nation's clean water supply, a
our website to help you plan a great adventure
The commission established a statewide quota
value estimated at $27 billion per year.
this fall season."
of 630 for the 2012-2013 season, an increase of 12
From coast to coast, state and local economies are
over last year. That includes an increase of up to
boosted because of the fall season and for many
four additional lions in the Hayman burn area
rural communities, fall color tourism is a major
where newly introduced bighorn sheep are being
source of revenue. Hotels, restaurants and local
impacted by lion predation. Quotas were adjusted
shops rely on the influx of dollars generated by
in 13 different other areas of the state. The 2012-
fall visitors. For example, the New England area
2013 season begins on Nov. 21 and runs through
receives an estimated $8 billion in local revenues
March 31, 2013.
annually due to fall activities. Throughout the
In other business, commissioners denied a citizen
Midwest, millions of visitors hit the road to enjoy
petition to the Parks and Wildlife Commission
the sights. In the West, the mountains provide
requesting approval of the use of crossbows dur-
destinations filled with tourists seeking a glimpse
ing Colorado's archery season. Currently cross-
Lizard Head Pass and the town of Rico are
of shimmering gold aspens.
bows are only allowed during the big-game rifle
filled with glowing Aspen trees each Autumn
Weather conditions in all areas impact peak view-
seasons. Bob Goode of Buena Vista, who submit-
ing dates, so information provided on the Forest
ted the petition, argued that allowing crossbows
Service website and phone hotline will help visi-
during archery season could help to recruit new
tors best plan their trips.
hunters. Several members of the Colorado Bow-
The Forest Service's Fall Colors 2012 website
hunters Association testified against the proposal.
( in-
Staff from Colorado Parks and Wildlife testified
cludes clickable maps that link to forest-by-forest
that the current structure, harvest and participa-
fall color information and to state tourism and fall
tion in the existing archery season seem to be
color websites. Some of our most popular family
functioning properly and, on those grounds, staff
friendly features include locations of scenic drives
did not see any biological or management basis
and trails, coloring pages for kids, the science
for the change.
behind the season, and links to a tree database.
Commissioners also approved a change in falcon-
Photographs from visitors nationwide will be
ry regulations to reduce the paperwork necessary
added to the site.
for falconers from outside of Colorado to par-
New Mtn Lion & Falcon Rules
Following tradition, the Forest Service has turned
ticipate in competitive events in Colorado. Birds
on its Fall Colors Hotline: 1.800.354.4595. The
PWC approves lion quotas; tweaks falconry rules
brought into the state for these competitions will
hotline provides audio updates on the best places,
The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission
still require a health certificate from a veterinarian
dates and routes to take for peak viewing of fall
unanimously approved mountain lion harvest quo-
before being brought into the state in order to pro-
colors on national forests.
tas for the upcoming lion season in the state at the
tect the health of native species.