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2012 October
Skate-A-Thon For `Can Do MS'
* Please note that all other pledge monies should
be collected before the Skate-A-Thon.
5th Annual MS Skate-A-Thon, Eagle Ice Rink,
On the day of the Skate-A-Thon be ready to
Eagle. Oct 13, 5p-7p, Fundraising Event, Every Lap
skate and bring the following items with you.
a) Completed pledge form(s) if you used one for
A national nonprofit organization, Can Do MS is an
donations not made online
innovative provider of lifestyle empowerment pro-
b) All monies (checks made payable to Can Do
grams for people with MS and their support part-
Multiple Sclerosis)
ners. The organization empowers people to move
c) Skates (rental skates will be available if
beyond their condition by giving them the knowl-
edge, skills, tools and confidence to adopt healthy
Going to be out of town for the Skate-A-Thon?
lifestyle behaviors, actively co-manage their MS and
No problem, you can still participate by col-
live their best lives possible.
lecting pledges and mailing them in before you
Can Do MS's unique philosophy, approach and
leave or have all donations made online.
learning model helps people with MS and their
For event or sponsorship inquiries, please con-
support partners maximize their life by realizing
tact: Tara Lane, Event Organizer, 317.339.0829,
they are more than their MS. The organization is
a unique educator that uses health, wellness and
lifestyle principles to empower people to transform
their lives.
Can Do MS relies on grants, fund raising events,
and donations to bring its lifestyle empowerment
programs to people living with MS.
All funds raised through the MS Skate-A-Thon will
Boo With The Zoo
be specifically used to provide scholarships to help
others attend the CAN DO Program who might not
Grand Valley Zoological Quest presents
otherwise be able to attend.
Boo With The Zoo!
Ask family, friends, companies, teachers, neighbors,
October 6, from 10a-3p, at the Dinosaur Journey
and anyone else you can think of to pledge or spon-
Museum, located at 550 Jurassic Ct, Fruita.
sor you for the Skate-A-Thon
Halloween Themed Family Life Science Event
Last Show of the Year
People can pledge per lap skated or a flat amount. If
with Creepy crawlies, things that go bump in
they pledge per lap, you will need to keep count of
the night, what glows in the dark. Costumes
Colorado West Paint Horse Club Show
the total number of laps skated in the 2 hours and
Encouraged. $8.50 for adults; $6.50 for seniors;
Oct. 20 is the last of the All-Breed Horse Show
multiply that by the amount pledged per lap. You
$5.25 for children; $24.50 for immediate family
Series for this year. 8a, Mesa County Fair-
will then collect the funds after the Skate-A-Thon.
groups. More info available at 970.245.6588.
grounds, 2785 US Hwy 50, Gr. Jct., 970.255.7100
Example: 75 laps x 1.00 per lap = $75.00
The Moon Dance
Leo- High physical energy, high profession-
Sagittarius- Physical energy and passion on
al motivation and initiative, and even higher
full steam. You must use control and cau-
desires and sensual energies. Rock and roll
tion in the face of impulsive fervor. Fortu-
with a smile on your face, but choose your
nately, excess energies can be tapped for
actions or paths very carefully.
professional needs. Exercise helps as well.
Virgo- A month of opening and opportu-
Capricorn- Possibilities for minor health
nity both professionally and in the personal.
issues; focus on nourishing body and spirit.
Charming, humorous and enthusiastic you
Clarity and relief arrive both at home and
will attract positive. Existing love strength-
work. A good month for recharging, vaca-
ens, singles keep your eye out for new love.
tion, family fun or just rest and meditation.
Libra- Lots of hard work starts to pay off.
Aquarius- Cooperation and communication
Problems or issues that have held you back
in the personal opens new doors to pleasure
give way, beginning a long term improve-
and satisfaction. Professionally, you need to
ment in financials. Emotional, sentimental
prepare for an inevitable, extended period
and/or romantic feelings predominate the
of extra effort and responsibility; make deci-
sions with this in mind.
Scorpio- Intellectual pursuits dominate
Pisces- Early perceptions of trouble are
the agenda, leading to understanding and
illusory. Keep smiling because love is in
closer relations, both personal and profes-
the air, as well as financial opportunity
sional. A good time to start new initiatives
and increase. There will be challenges. Tap
and find additional finance sources. Extra
into optimism and positive attitude for best
rest and meditation won't hurt.
Aries- Health improves which will boost
morale. Also helping attitude will be improve-
ments and clarity in your personal relation-
Night Time
ships as well as professional accomplishments
becoming manifest. Avoid waste and stay true
to your goals.
~ The Hunter's
Taurus- Finances improve as professional
Moon is the full
growth manifests; enjoy a more relaxed envi-
moon after the
ronment but avoid excesses. Sensuality and
Harvest Moon. The
love energies also step up and set the stage for
Hunter's Moon
rises at sunset, and
future possibilities. Dream big!
shines all night on
Gemini- Passions run high; avoid conflict and
October 29.
channel the fires into loving action, as you will
~ The next regu-
need rational and careful thought in the pro-
larly scheduled
fessional this month. Listen to your body and
meteor shower will
keep smiling.
be the Draconids
Cancer- Busy, busy, lots to do, much to plan
in early evening on
for, desires needing fulfillment, and all of it
October 7 and 8.
important. Your communication skills will be
Then try the Orio-
needed and will carry you. A positive focus
nids before dawn
on October 21.
plus humor keeps stress in check.